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My character shields are 0

deathrexrodeathrexro Member Posts: 1 Arc User
Ever since I finished the feature episode my character shields have been 0 no matter what I try to do (switching shields around ,
equipping and unequipping them, relogging, relogging without shields then equipping them)


  • welcome2earfwelcome2earf Member Posts: 1,746 Arc User
    Yeah I'm seeing this too with my toon that is running Elite Fleet shields. I'll need to see if my other toons are doing this too. Removing and re-applying the shield doesn't help.
  • marctraiderzmarctraiderz Member Posts: 539 Arc User
    Do you have any missing abilities in your Available power list? (press P on ground)

    My na'uhl set for instance is not enabing the 3rd piece bonus, and the blue bar for shields stay black as in non-equipped
  • trv13trv13 Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    This was fixed in the last patch.
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