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  • It's just... it's like calling the Titanic a dinghy or Dwayne Johnson a small baby.
  • Is it weird that my biggest concern about this is that they called Bortasqu' a "5'000 ton starship"? That's low for an actual irl ship nevermind a space-dwelling battleship. The Galaxy class is given at about 1000 times that mass and the Bortasqu' is quite a bit more sizeable according to dialogue.
  • I actually wrote above that I did it with the tool that copies characters to tribble. Took about 2 hours plus the effort put into grinding 700k endeavor xp with a Klingon recruit.
  • @rattler2 I was going for a list of known bugs that players may encounter during the event to inform as many players as I could. I doubt a lot monitor the bug forum. At least 2 bugs in the list are already reported and I'm still collecting some reproduction info on the others. @leemwatson Superior Infiltrator makes for…
  • Well, to some extent the Odyssey and Bortas from anniversary are (re-)claimable because you can buy them for 200k Fleetcredits in the shipyard if you're fleet got a T5 shipyard.
  • +5 I guess... Me and 4 from the .eu Forum. One of which stated to be Swiss, too. --- I am also using Swisscom. Made less problems than most of the other stuff until today.
  • As you can read in two other subforums, one under bug reports the other in discussion, the accolades obtained by completing a story arc don't exist on tribble. Therefore, a character with this accolade contains data invalid on tribble. This happened as tribble was cut off to test season 10 and redshirt became the new…
  • To me it seems more like Characters with the new accolades given upon completing a storysection can't be copied over. One character I could copy over before I logged in on Holodeck and obtained the accolades. Because as far as I can see THIS ACCOLADES AREN'T IN THE SYSTEM OF TRIBBLE
  • Yes you can't click and use the assignements any more. This is the same for temporal beacon. BUT you can still start them. Maybe this is even the way you are supposed to do it. You place them in you inventory and you can then
  • I know it is some time since the thread was written but it took me so Long to find it again ^^' There are several of those "black boxes" in the 7th and 8th slot of our fleet bank. About 9 only in one slot. We are the "Diplomatic Solutions Beta" If you could remove or fix them, one thousand thanks in advance.
  • Can somebody, just to be sure, join me in exploiting the xp granter? I'm currently trying out if this theories are true: -After a setback from the broken xp granter you can regain the level and get again the level Bonus like a bridge officer. -Because you can go under lvl 50 again you can fill out your skill tree to the…
  • I can confirm it. Is the same for toons copied to tribble as created on tribble.
  • Oh come on. That's a very funny toy. Copy over your lvl 60 toon, get him/her all state of the art gear, let him/her be levelled down to 10 and go blowing stuff up with one hit.
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