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Connection To Server Timed Out Apon Login/Really Bad Delay and Rubberbanding All Over

Hi! As title suggests today not sure what deal is but keep getting timed out when logging into char and once into my char. My char is rubberbanding all over any map his on ground/space and even sector space. Pressing interaction buttons is delayed by enternity and even my deavs take ages to show up. Just stays 0/1 bugged out untill it reveals itself. I've closed cilent and ran repair tool (verfiy files) I've also checked my speedtest and all is ok. I don't seem to have any slow connections else where. Is anybody experiencing this stange issue aswell? Thank You
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  • rattler2rattler2 Member Posts: 57,412 Community Moderator
    Unfortunately its entirely possible that the path between you and the servers is getting bottlenecked, in which case its not on either you or Cryptic, but whatever is in between.

    Think of it like city streets. Home is your computer, your destination is the STO Server. And every intersection between the two are nodes controlled by other entities. Any one of them could be the cause.

    Best way to figure out where the problem is I think is to do a traceroute, which should bring up nodes along the way and might reveal any network congestion along the way.
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  • razartrek1razartrek1 Member Posts: 141 Arc User
    I have attached a traceroute as follows
  • chrisccw315#4958 chrisccw315 Member Posts: 62 Arc User
    From Malaysia here; currently 8:40pm as I'm typing. In the morning I have no issue login; coming back from work and its been more than an hour now I still couldnt get the launcher to load up fully

    Did all tracert, ping test (both submitted to support), even gotten service provider to diagnose and restart my connection, nothing wrong here; not a thing works to be able to get me in the game; tried login using launcher and through Arc, at one point Arc Launcher even failed to load

    Currently the launcher stuck trying to load :


  • tariser12tariser12 Member Posts: 23 Arc User
    The trace I did also was tied up at the akamai.com location, It seems to be a internet security site.
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