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Update on Rule Wording



  • rattler2rattler2 Member Posts: 54,619 Community Moderator
    "lorien506 wrote: »
    As I understand it, "someone" wished one of the staff to loose his job because he was not ok with the work done bye the recipient.
    I'm not sure this qualifies for such a drastic action on your behalf.

    I think you missed a large portion of this thread, as this was in direct response to threatening the life of a Dev. Not just their job, but their life.
    I can't take it anymore! Could everyone just chill out for two seconds before something CRAZY happens again?!
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  • westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 7,176 Arc User
    edited August 29
    lorien506 wrote: »
    Hello folks,

    There has been an update to the rule regarding real life threats. Previously, it was worded poorly and seemed to indicate that only fellow users of the forum were protected from real life threats. This was never the case, and now the rule is clear. It reads:

    Real-Life Threats
    You may not create posts and/or private messages that allude to, contain language, comments, references, links, symbols, terms and/or imagery about and/or promote and/or otherwise support, in any manner whether directly or indirectly, violence or threats against another user, a member of the development team, or any other human being.

    As players of STO, you are passionate and engaged and we love you for that. But threatening violence, real, imagined, or "just as a joke" will never be tolerated here. To be clear, threats also include wishing someone would lose their job. Let's be civil, and act like Star Trek fans.

    As I understand it, "someone" wished one of the staff to loose his job because he was not ok with the work done bye the recipient.
    I'm not sure this qualifies for such a drastic action on your behalf.
    It is very clear to all the players of STO (that are playings this game longer than just a few month) that the quality of it's content as well as the quality of the community management has degraded over the time.

    Long time players and their complaints aren't heard or recognized as it seems. Major issues aren't deald with. So it is very clear that the community isn't to happy about that. To be clear, I'm talking about the part of the community that actually spends money or did spend money on that game. So basically they are responsible that a lot of those guys working on the game can still do that and have a job to pay their bills.
    So if they are individuals that do their job very poorly and are still get paid instead of said incompetents and don't improve I really can feel why some people might write something like said outburst.

    In my opinion, this should be take as a wake up call to the guys of CM and the crew of STO in general, to improve their working ethics.
    The game only has a future if the players are satisfied with the game and it's content.
    This satisfaction is declining constantly during the last couple of years and not because of the new area of Trek that begun with Discovery. The game has it's own big issues and it's time they are going to be fixed ASAP.

    There was an actual and graphic death threat, actually. Including details of how it would be carried out.

    However... I fully agree with the sentiment of your post. Specifically, the accuracy of information given in the blog posts. While I know that the actual decisions are perhaps not being made by the front-line person writing advertising copy (which is effectively what the blog posts are)... that writer DOES have the capability, and I think the responsibility, to ensure that the information they are presenting is accurate.

    However, for the last couple of years, it's wrong more often than not. In very basic ways: the dates, or the name of the thing being announced, or (in the case of events) the rewards. These are things that could be easily corrected with a simple proofreading pass.

    We've complained about that for months, and while most of the offending blogs have been retroactively corrected... this shouldn't be happening on such a regular basis that it's literally become a joke that "it's not an official blog if there are no errors". And there seems to be no effort to address the problem... except to change the rules to suppress complaints.
  • evilmark444evilmark444 Member Posts: 6,480 Arc User
    edited August 31
    what are you proposed solutions to make sure there are no issues within reason?
    For one thing, whoever writes a blog, launcher banner, or loading screen should do a simple proof read before submitting it. It's no secret that repeated event blogs get copy + pasted and that itself isn't a problem, they just need to quickly verify the dates, times, and rewards listed before saying it's done. It shouldn't take more than a minute or two to compare the important information on the WIP blog to the information they have on their internal documentation. It's a very low effort solution that would solve most of the communication issues.
    coldnapalm wrote: »
    For folks saying he needs to validate information better and check for inaccuracies, what are you proposed solutions to make sure there are no issues within reason? What are your proposed solutions that don't overload him or any folks that may help him? From statements I've heard him make in the past on streams and elsewhere, he doesn't just draft everything himself all the time. Otherwise this thread has gone way off course at this juncture.

    It isn't, but if you actually want something to be fixed it's always better to include potential solutions with your complaints.
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  • ambassadorkael#6946 ambassadorkael Member, Administrator Posts: 2,398 Community Manager
    edited August 31
    People in this thread are continually assuming this rule change is about me. It is not. My job is to be the public face of the company, I understand that mistakes will be laid at my feet, especially when they're my fault. :) (Although I take issue with the idea that blogs have been wrong "more often than not." They've been wrong more than they should, absolutely, and I'm continually working on that, but more often than not would mean there was a mistake like, five times a week and that hasn't been happening.)

    This lack-of-change is being written because I want to make sure our developers feel safe coming here and the forums are a safe space for their mental health. That is important to me. Criticism is fine. Going beyond it is not. That's the end of it.

    I am going to close this, because the discussion has become a circle of folks who want to harp on my mistakes, rather than discussion of the actual rule clarification happening.
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