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  • arigon3
    why are the non bundle items in Mudd's Market still full price?
    June 10
  • strathkin
    Lots of people seeing Game Crashes or Black Screens at times since 5/25 update as well.
    June 3
  • laughinxan
    So far, characters who've been hit seems to be nearly everyone i played that I actually took into missions, so the latest one and also worst offender:

    [email protected]

    Dyson Sphere Voth Battlezone(Not the Undine one)
    All but the third aft weapon got stuck, flying a Legendary Command Dreadnaught Cruiser T-X.

    Reslotting weapons let me get one volley after then they got stuck again, reloading the map worked, but even then the last aft weapon got stuck.

    Vivninaa (Second worst offender, same global, first day of patch I think)
    Mission: Delta Flight
    All but first Fore weapon and also one aft weapon(and experimental) were disabled at the end of the mission vs the Iconian Dreadnaught.

    Most other times at LEAST 1-2 weapons were getting disabled every so often.
    May 30
  • westmetals
    I have six characters that are unable to use Destabilizing Resonance Beam training manuals. Ticket #517, 408.

    There has been numerous reports of this in the past, including a previous ticket from me, and the thread in the Support forum dates back to 2018.

    I would like to know whether or not the developers - not just support - are aware of the issue, and if there is an intent to fix it, or if it is planned to be left permanently broken.
    May 26
  • wraithknight#4461
    Please alert the developers that the Ominous Device for Legendary D7 un-equpped itself of the ship and can't be put back on. This happened on Xbox One.
    May 8
  • awesomeweasel
    was just wondering if you could clarify this prize from the champaign event for me as it is a little misleading:
    Option 1:

    "Any Infinity Promo or Infinity Lock Box T6 Ship
    This ship will be a once per account unlock, for a single ship only.
    Note: Contents only include premium starships that were released before 12/31/20. Starships released after this date will not be included as options."

    so is this a for an account unlock of a single ship or is it a one time unlock for a single ship?

    because the way my friends and i are reading this is we can unlock a single ship for the account, which can be reclaimed on all our characters on out account.
    May 1
    • strathkin
      If you hadn't heard, it's account-wide (only) so you can move it to one character who desires it, in case you finish the event early on the wrong toon. It's other wise just a single character unlock as stated once the box is open.
  • strathkin
    After having disbanded Adepa on when I was visiting temporal agent to claim the rewards I thought I had earned, somehow I got her despite not having earned her yet.

    I hadn't thought I had unlocked the Sword yet on my Klingon Recruit be given to all yet, yet I received Adepa too early.

    Realizing this was in error I deleted her, yet now that I've fully unlocked Maurauding 4 my only Klingon that has her is my Recruit. None of the others can claim her still months after unlocking her.

    The only one who managed to recieve her was my new Delta Recruit, and I don't even know how he got her.
    May 4