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  • strathkin
    Yea, I'd love the Walker bridge for the Garagin, or Titan to allow for Lower Decks access. The same would be nice for the Romulan Scimitar Bridge, or the default Origin Bridge for each faction slightly modernized, given a little Aquarius treatment with Holo displays.

    Saw Ten-Forward, regarding interiors customization. Be however nice to customize through expanded Trophy Mechanic to replace Chairs, Desks, Rugs, Lights, Paintings, Artifacts, Musical Instruments, Beds, and others as they do in Ten Forward, Ready Room for Wall or Floor Trophies. If they allowed Trophies being acquired another way, with Zen, Lobi, or GPL & DIL, or something else. I think it be a nice to reflect more of the Captain's personality in those 3 rooms of Starship interior; if not changing textures, floor colors, etc..
    January 17
    • strathkin
      While replacing specific sized rooms of a blank canvas (empty holodeck example), filled with a graphic overlay base template, till changed at ship tailor for rooms purchased or acquired rooms be ideal; or changing floor, or wall textures colors won't occur from Ten-Forward. Still think most be happy with the above... ...love to show our Captain's personality more on their ships!
  • motito78
  • notlawrence
    Trying to report a bug so forgive me if this is the wrong place to send this

    Nov 24th 2020 from 1:47 pm EST to 2pm EST (and still ongoing)

    Season The Delta Quadrant
    Mission The Kobali Front
    Kobali Crisis III, Breaking the Wall, Open mission "At The Gates"

    Mission fails to progress. The point changes colors (red, yellow, blue) but the CHOKE POINT CONTROL does not progress at all.

    This was attempted on multiple accounts with multiple players some who have completed the missions before and some that have not, it was attempted with those who were in a group and those who were by themselves, it was attempted with alien races and human races all regular star trek online federation and federation discovery.

    I was playing a human female Star trek online regular federation, I have completed this mission before.

    November 2020
  • gerry787
    Hello I played before this mission with a difeeent characters. But I started the game again and the temporal ambassador mission when I get to the Enterprisse C it will not let me get onboard. Something about map error or can’t find map. I can’t remember the exact message. It’s writes I had played it with other characters and it work. Can you guys please check I can’t continue until I pass this mission
    November 2020