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  • startrekron
    I would like to know for sure why my posting ability has been blocked, I have asked Badmoonrisin and get a cryptic response that give broad generalizations that make no sense.
    October 14
    • startrekron
      I have run message boards before and had to block, suspend, or end memberships for various reasons but I could ALWAYS provide specific details about what happened. I've been with this game since just after the beta ended and feel like I am owed some sort of explanation beyond that I was gatekeeping or trolling, both of which I wholeheartedly disagree with. How I am supposed to avoid future incidents if I don't know what was so egregious in the first place? If you are not going to help please let me know one way or the other.
    • startrekron
      Unbanned now but I'd still like an explanation so I'm not accused of Trolling or "gatekeeping" again, please respond so I can use forums without fear of banishment again.
    • startrekron
      Still waiting for an answer.
  • loucosta
  • koppster
    Can you please reign in your volunteer moderator, Badmoonrisin. I appreciate it must be helpful to have unpaid hangers-on to do the job that trained and paid staff should be doing, but when you allow them a free hand to be judge, jury and executioner on your forums, it can cause conflict where none needs to be and in a game that relies on micro-transactions as a funding model, creates resentment on the part paying customers. He recently removed a post of mine and accused me of "trolling", which was posted in response to flamebait. There is clear bias here, as this individual is also a part of the Sto DPS League circle. If he cannot be impartial, he should not be doing the job.
    July 24
    • lexusk19
      100% agree.
    • lexers615#4253
      I've been having the very same issue with the very same person and have filled 10+ tickets about said person, each time getting a response that this issue was to be addressed.

      It never was and he's back at it.

      As per your own policy, I pm'ed you last week and haven't received anything yet.
    • spielman1
      Issue is moderation is never really impartial why they have friends and dont wanna har that and when they get that going good luck but i do agree either remove him or tell him to stop just had an issue with him over why i leave TFOs and he blames for doing it cause i dont get what i want on marks when that had nothing to do with it.
    • startrekron
      Have a similar issue, got a forum ban without specific reason as to why.
  • startrekron
    Recently was banned from forums but don't know why. I've asked but haven't received a specific answer, please enlighten me so I don't repeat whatever error I made. Thank you for your time.
    October 11
  • spielman1
    No, I played on, because SOMEONE needed the TFO and was counting on their team to help.
    rest of the message nice way to lose support for the game the forums is bad enough with cyber bulling already now mods can do it as they please.
    September 28
  • spielman1
    Sad when your moderatrs harass the community over why they levae a TFO

    spielman1 wrote: »
    That is the thing I don't mind helping a landing hand to players in TFOs and such but if they start to lose I leave, they don't get the secondary's then I leave, The do rush in leave I leave, same mission 4th time ina row I leave. So yeah don't me wrong I don't mind helping and such and do the whole random but don't bore me with a hundred missins that is the ame map same team I left in the first place. The extra reward isn't worth the headache nor my time.

    Then don't click on "random" if you don't intend to stay for whatever RTFO you get, regardless of what you get. Seriously, it's this attitude that's the biggest problem with RTFOs. "I didn't get what I want so I'm leaving." Last night I wanted Fleet Marks and randomed for the extra rewards, twice I ended up in Borg TFOs, which don't reward Fleet Marks (seriously needs to change). Did I bail, because I didn't get what I want?
    September 28