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ambassadorkael#6946 Community Manager


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  • marty123#3757

    I know you’re the community manager but I have a problem I need help with
    August 3
  • leemur1202
    Thank you for informing us about the tribble special. Unfortunately I did not know til right now by reading the forum that the large tribble I ordered did not include the bonus in-game tribble code. Arc told me that they are unable to "fix" the issue for me. But thanks in any case.
    July 31
  • koppster
    Can you please reign in your volunteer moderator, Badmoonrisin. I appreciate it must be helpful to have unpaid hangers-on to do the job that trained and paid staff should be doing, but when you allow them a free hand to be judge, jury and executioner on your forums, it can cause conflict where none needs to be and in a game that relies on micro-transactions as a funding model, creates resentment on the part paying customers. He recently removed a post of mine and accused me of "trolling", which was posted in response to flamebait. There is clear bias here, as this individual is also a part of the Sto DPS League circle. If he cannot be impartial, he should not be doing the job.
    July 24
  • ichaerus1
    To Ambassador Kael-
    I wish to file a complaint about a community moderator who has been deleting posts or censoring them without warning, nor communication. Badmoonrisin, to be specific. has been removing posts that are on topic, and not trolling/flaming/inciting. Over the past day, I have noticed multiple posts of mine fully erased, or censored, despite the posts having no ill intentions, nor containing material against the currently stated rules. Posts made in good faith, and applied to the subject at hand. Posts, which have the context explained simple and precise. I feel it is an over-reach of the power and responsibilities of being a moderator, one who ignores context that has been explained, instead inserting his/her interpretations instead. As such, I wish to dispute the censorship and post elimination, or at the very least, call for an investigation into the conduct.

    I would appreciate a reply or to open a line of communication regarding this situation.
    June 26