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[LEGACY] Measure of Morality - Feedback and Discussion



  • phoenixc#0738 phoenixc Member Posts: 3,739 Arc User
    edited September 2020
    Actually, possible continuity problems with the Delta stuff aside, Burnham and Seven were great for the episode. They played off each other rather well, Burnham's ivory tower outlook and Seven's snarky pragmatic view came out to the classic angel/devil's advocate/main character deciding structure that Star Trek would have had if The Cage was picked up instead of the complete changeover to Kirk and company.

    Tilly may have worked in place of Burnham, though she seems a bit too naïve for that particular role. And DSC Pike along with the original number one might have worked since she was just as much a psychopath as Seven under her rigid adherence to Kantian ethics calculations, but the DSC version of her is not like that at all as far they have shown so it would have thrown the classic configuration of the main character balance off.

    Also, Burnham wasn't "traitorous", she was an over hubristic TRIBBLE-up who got her captain killed and started a war, but that wasn't her intention. She was trying for the exact opposite of that until it blew up in her face because of her (then) execrable social skills.
  • foxrockssocksfoxrockssocks Member Posts: 2,456 Arc User
    I am pretty sure I said it earlier, but I hated Seven in the episode, and she really made it a lot less fun to play. Snark overload was the primary issue and as mentioned, she was completely unrecognizable from her Delta persona. It was like seeing the affable nerd from high school 20 years later as a drunk A-hole slob, except it happens in 2 days, because in game we can jump from Delta missions with Seven straight to this mess.

    But as I said, the snark was the real issue. She was nothing but a snarkbot. There was no range to her character in this mission, even on seeing what should be sobering, herself as a Borg queen. It took me out of it completely when I played it, and since it doesn't really offer anything interesting as rewards, I don't think I've played it since.

    Burnham was a little annoying, as I recall, with her overly pie in the sky idealism, but it was also clear that they were using her as one side of a morality shoulder critter. And in that regard I agree Seven and Burnham played a good contrast to each other, but Seven didn't need to be an obnoxious snarky brat.
  • faelon#8433 faelon Member Posts: 61 Arc User
    So some honest opinions, the Good the Bad and the Ugly. Because you asked for them.

    The Good;
    It's a fun adventure that calls back to an obscure but pretty good TOS era story. In it we get to interact with a number of mainline characters.
    Also Good it is a challenging pair of missions with some actual morality choices well done.

    The Not so good;
    I'm completely confused with regard to the Super Magical Rock People? Back in the original show they seemed to crerate simulacra of famous people from diferent cultures. Yet here they seem to be reality bending gods on par with the Q. And halfway through I started getting confused as to what was actually going on. Do we now have a borged up Hakeev being led by a borged up Iconian, who have assimilated the Krenim, and is lead by the new Seven of Nine clone Borg Queen. That may also be the red angel armor... I think? Is this just a little reality bending test. Or did these all slip the leash and are now running around loose in the STO universe? Because it was getting really really silly.

    The Bad
    It's nice seeing 2 mainline Star Trek Actresses together. But dear god the difference in abilities really came through. Voice Acting is a diferent skill than TV acting. Geri Ryan was masterful at it. Shonequa Martin Green... not so much. Seeing how smoothly Geri delivers her lines, all while clearly imparting how her character has changed and evolved since Voyager, without the need for exposition. She's great. Which makes the nonstop font of flatly delivered exposition sitting next to her to seem all the more lame. But that's my opinion. I'm sure she has lots of fans. Some people appreciate exposition delivered as a blow to the head.

    Bonus points for the Rock Aliens assigning Mickey Burnham to as as a fellow representative for "Good". Ummmm? Did none of these people actually watch Discovery?
  • murkalael#7691 murkalael Member Posts: 184 Arc User
    I hated so much. Is a 2 part of long, boring and tedious ground missions only, wich I try to avoid at any cost. Few years ago a player suggested that ground missions should be a part of an assignment like admiralty, not a thing for captains be involved with. And I totally agree with that.
  • sthe91sthe91 Member Posts: 3,547 Arc User
    edited January 13
    I hated so much. Is a 2 part of long, boring and tedious ground missions only, which I try to avoid at any cost. Few years ago a player suggested that ground missions should be a part of an assignment like admiralty, not a thing for captains be involved with. And I totally agree with that.

    And I totally do not agree with that. I would support a ground revamp though. Ground missions are present in the Star Trek TV shows and there captains got involved in them. With that said I liked these missions and did not find them boring or tedious even though I died several times. Good test for ground builds.
    Where there is a Will, there is a Way.
  • protometal77#2604 protometal77 Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    Part 1. is broken. Bluescreens on map load after following Lincoln through the portal for the first trial. This bluscreen is similar to the one that affected Butterfly sometime ago. I now for the foreseeable future have a DSC toon that I bought the Legendary Walker for and done the fast level up stuck on Excalbia. A shame if I have to delete that toon since the extras with the bundle can only be claimed once.
  • fcedfced Member Posts: 385 Arc User
    Agreed PArt 1 is broken, at least on PS4, each time i want to go through first portal the game crash.
    Same problem with another mission in delta quadrant "What's left behind" in Delta quadrant.
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  • marcoramius2marcoramius2 Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    I just finished playing part1 and part2 as a KDF. Which I had a thought for the space battle for KDF instead of having Fed legends, why not have KDF legends. Such as Martok, Worf, Kurn, Kahless, T'kvuma, Korr-D7, Clang-D7, Koloth-D7, and Chang-BoP all in their respective ships. That would be fitting. Of course all of the aligned would have their corresponding side show up.
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