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Mirror Wars (RP Thread)



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    Happy New Year

    @artan42 may your smells carry on in 2017!

    I have no idea who you're on about...

    I have my eyes on you Mr. I-Want-a-Yeager Class- More- than- a- Typhoon!

    I'm watching you Artan ... always watching. :wink:
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    thay8472 wrote: »
    artan42 wrote: »
    thay8472 wrote: »
    Happy New Year

    @artan42 may your smells carry on in 2017!

    I have no idea who you're on about...

    I have my eyes on you Mr. I-Want-a-Yeager Class- More- than- a- Typhoon!

    I'm watching you Artan ... always watching. :wink:

    What it I told you I liked that?

    Norway and Yeager dammit... I still want my Typhoon and Jupiter though.
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    thanks to @starfarertheta & @galatt

    Will the insanity level be set to 11?
      "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
      -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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      U.S.S. Oudenarde (Prime) stardate 2411

      The Oudenarde was out on patrol in the badlands, her mission was to launch another cross border raid into Terran space. Objective one was to get intelligence on Terran movements and the second objective was to bring the I.S.S. Towton into combat. Admiral Valdez was running operations from astrometrics, he had it converted into a command and control centre for fleet operations.

      "Sir, we've got a communication from the R.R.W. Kopis" said Townsend over the communications console at her station. "Put them through to my command centre" answered Valdez. "Commander Sorul, how may I help you?" asked Valdez. The Romulan commander sent over the transfer papers for two Romulan republic liaison officers, Sub-Commander Bawal and Sub-Commander Tohel had been transferred to Valdez's command.

      After transferring the two officers over to the Oudenarde, the Kopis left at warp. "Sub-Commanders, my name is Admiral Valdez. Do your jobs and we'll get on very well." said Valdez. Bawal and Tohel were used to military discipline from their days in the old RSE. "Cadet, show the new officers to their quarters" ordered Valdez to Gal'azia. Gal'azia walked out of the transporter room with the new additions to the crew.

      "Valdez to CIC, cross the Terran border. Solat put us on Red Alert, all crew to battle stations" ordered Valdez. Teanna was waiting in the command centre as Valdez walked in and prepared his forces, "I can never understand military tactics" said Teanna looking concerned at the map. "This is an alliance operation, I've been put in command of a combined Alliance force. Three task groups are being deployed for this, one Federation, one Romulan Republic and a Klingon heavy battle group. We are to draw the Terrans into battle with us to draw out Trianna's counterpart." responded Valdez.

      The Oudenarde and her 3 battle groups crossed the Terran border into the Mirror Universe and formed up into their respective battle groups. "Trianna to Command Centre, computer systems have been locked down. They won't be able to get our prefix codes." said the call from CIC. The map suddenly lit up as Terran ships were vectored by the local sector commander to counter the incursion, "So it begins" said Valdez as Teanna studied the map. Valdez formed his ships into battle formation, the Federation group would be in the centre with the Romulans deployed covering the left and the KDF covering the right.

      The Terrans attacked head on at the Alliance battle groups, Valdez co-ordinating his forces from his command centre pulled his centre back to draw the Terrans into his trap. "I intend to let them advance into my centre, then I'll bring my flanks around to envelop both flanks at the same time. They will keep pushing the centre completely unaware of the danger about to encircle them, at that point I've got them right where I want them" said Valdez showing his wife a glimpse into her husband's world.

      Sure enough the Terrans kept focusing on the Federation force as the Romulans and KDF moved round the Terran flanks and attacked as they decloaked and streaked in on their attack runs, soon the Terran retreat route had been cut off and the Terrans found themselves encircled. "Valdez to fleet, all ships interlock your fields of fire. We're going to form a witch's cauldron of fire" he ordered. All ships acknowledged the order and linked their fields of fire. "Townsend, hail the lead Terran ship. Tell their commander to surrender or I will give the order to fire" ordered Valdez. Townsend reported the Terrans refused to surrender so Valdez gave the fateful order. Teanna watched the total annihilation of the Terran task group visibly horrified by the scale of the destruction wrought by the Alliance ships. "Sometimes these unpleasant things are unavoidable" said Valdez. Teanna understood, every time the admiral had to give the order, it was never an easy one to issue.

      With Terran forces near the badlands destroyed, Valdez pressed on and the Alliance fleet moved deeper into Terran space. Valdez looked through the list of targets, Betazed and it's shipyard were looking vulnerable due to the Terran Civil War. The Alliance fleet went to warp and 36 hours later they arrived catching the defenders unawares. Valdez moved in for the kill and reorganised his ships into wolfpacks before he opened his attack, the Terran defenders at Betazed were forced to split their fire as the Alliance wolfpacks drove home their attacks. Valdez and his command staff coordinated the assaults before putting a few Quantums into the Regent's palace on the surface.

      Valdez then withdrew before the Terrans could reorganise and counter-attack. "No civilian casualties" reported Teanna. "Good, military targets only" said Valdez, collateral damage was to be avoided if possible. "Send an open message, use the temporal communications equipment supplied by our RSU friends" said Valdez. The message read, "Trianna Marie, I'm here for round two. As you will have noticed, 18 Terran ships have just gone silent and Betazed's shipyards and the Regent's palace are nothing but ruins. The longer you refuse to hand yourself in, another Terran world will be attacked and more of your precious empire's assets will be destroyed. I am not bluffing, I will pick apart this empire to stop you. Admiral Valdez out"

      "That should get her attention" said Teanna, "I also asked our Trianna to add a few little surprises in that message, you may disapprove of her "hobby" but it's very handy to have around, Trianna helped develop a counter to the Iconian virus" replied Valdez. "That's why you made her your cyber warfare officer" responded Teanna smiling. "Teanna dear, you can pick the next target and I may have to atone for attacking Betazed when we get home" said Valdez.

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        "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
        -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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        I.S.S. Astute (Yellow Empire) (MU)

        Admiral Valdez looked through his reports, Nayta Lot had left him in charge of her operations while she was away helping Sito. "Any intel on Leeta's movements?" asked Valdez to his staff, "Not for several weeks admiral" replied Solat. "Your Federation counterpart has made another incursion into our space and hit Betazed though" reported Solat. "He's after Trianna, he's of no concern to us plus we've got new orders from Naynta" replied Valdez.

        Lot had assigned Valdez and the two task forces on a delicate mission, they were to return to Betazed immediately for debriefing at the Regent's new command headquarters. The Astute and both task forces went to warp and six hours later they were back at remained of base. "Your counterpart sure did a number on us here" said Teanna looking at the destruction. Valdez and his senior staff took a shuttle down to Rixx and landed by the remains of the Regent's palace.

        "He knew precisely what to hit, no civilian casualties" noted Valdez to himself, "He has honor, he only hits military targets" said Teanna. Valdez knew the Regent was not happy about this incident, she already had her orbital defense commanders publicly shot because of the attack. "Valdez, your counterpart has just made an eternal enemy of the Lot family and Betazoid people. Your loyalty is not being questioned so don't worry" said Regent Lot still quite angry at the destruction of her palace. "Regent, with respect he Pearl Harbored you. We intercepted a open message sent using a temporal communication device" said Valdez as he handed over the PADD to Regent Lot.

        "Pearl Harbored?" responded Regent Lot, "Terra's World War II maam, it was a naval air raid on the US Pacific Fleet when they were in port." Regent Lot understood the reference after Valdez explained the term, "Your counterpart has audacity, if he wasn't an enemy of the empire I'd have some respect for that move. Politically it's become a problem, Valdez I need you to run an investigation into the attack" said Regent Lot barely containing her anger. Valdez knew better than to argue with the Regent, on Betazed it was a matriarchal society and Betazoid women were terrifying when angered. "Teanna, deploy the MACOs to assist the security forces, Solat get a team together and round up any witnesses. Get the propaganda crews down here, lets call it an unprovoked attack on a civilian target. Carragher, get your MACO team and go to the prison." ordered Valdez.

        "Regent, I'll need a list of prisoners on death row, we'll need "proof" of a deliberate attack" requested Valdez. "Give him the lists Commander" ordered Regent Lot. She knew what Valdez was thinking, first cover it up using propaganda to keep a lid on what really happened and then her secret police and Betazoid military forces would find out the exact truth. One hour later Carragher and her two MACO teams brought in 2500 prisoners all dressed in civilian clothing and putting them into groups gave the order for her MACOs to fire. Regent Lot watched smiling at Valdez's efficiency and soon the cameramen arrived and Regent Lot gave a speech demonising the attack as a unprovoked cowardly attack on non combatants.

        "People of Betazed, today is a tragedy for our people and the Empire. We were suddenly attacked without provocation by those Federation cowards, 2500 loyal citizens are dead with thousands more wounded. We'll get our revenge for this outrage, we will not yield to these cowards but instead use this as a rallying cry for total war on the Federation. Our fleets will block out the skies of Federation worlds in the Alpha Quadrant and we'll show no mercy. The Federation fired the first shots here and we will make them pay with their lives, no quarter will be asked nor given."

        Everyone in the plaza let out a mighty cheer shouting "Revenge,revenge,revenge". Regent Lot made sure that this was broadcast throughout all loyal systems in the Empire. "Valdez, I'm promoting you to Vice Admiral and I'm assigning you the 3rd Fleet. You are to lead an attack on the Federation, show them no mercy." said Regent Lot. "Will Naynta be going on this punitive expedition?" asked Valdez, Regent Lot said no to Valdez's question, instead Naynta would be assisting Sito in more pressing matters. "You achieve results, that's why I'm putting you in command plus you call Betazed home and will avenge it" said Regent Lot.

        Valdez saluted the Regent and got his troops ready, all were beamed up to the Astute and Valdez ordered his fleet to move out. "This is the Vice Admiral, we are to launch an attack on the Federation. We will show them no mercy, every Federation colony and outpost will feel our anger and rage as we carve a path of destruction. They sowed the wind and now they will reap the the whirlwind" he said in a speech to his troops.

        The 3rd Fleet moved out and set course for the Badlands.

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          "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
          -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
        • galattgalatt Member Posts: 707 Arc User
          I.S.S Enterprise

          Four people were in the Captains ready room
          One sat calmly drinking a cup of tea while the other three took turns raging at them.
          "UNFORGIVABLE!" screamed Jodi at the seated figure. "WE HAVE TO HUNT THEM DOWN AND STRING THEM UP!"
          "For once I think Jodi isn't going far enough," Naynta added. "We have to make an example of this person so that no one ever dares to ever try something like this again."
          The seated figure took another sip of tea before addressing the third figure.
          "And your opinion?"
          Admiral Sito Thay said with barely restrainted hatered.
          "They destroyed the home I grew up in. No, they destroyed the home WE grew up in. How can you sit there so calmly?"
          "Oh my dear sweet girls," Regent Papela Lot said smiling up at them. "You always did mistake my calm for complacency. Let me asure you that while I am the former, I am most certainly not the latter."
          She set down her cup, and crossed her legs and placed her clasped hands on her knee.
          "Now this Federation Captain that had they audacity to attack our home... *sigh* I spent so much time decorating it. All those images of you all growing up... As I was saying, this Captain, you've had problems with hm before?"
          "Yes," Naynta confirmed. "He is... crafty for a Fedrat in combat."
          Naynta relayed the history of her encounter telepathicly to her mother.
          "I see. Then we will not do things the way he expects."
          "What do you mean?" asked Jodi.
          "Why engage his ships when all we want is a single man dead?"
          "He is surrounded his ships," Sito countered. "How do you propose to get through all that to kill him?"
          "Gather together your worst captains."
          "Worse?" Sito repeated in shock.
          "Yes. The ones you won't miss or wish would go away."
          "I can do that. But Why?"
          "He is looking for something or someone. He is threatening to continue these assults until he finds it. These undesirables will call him out to stop his progress."
          "And then what?" Jodi demanded.
          Papela smiled and said a single word.
          "You called," came a voice from the back of the room.
          The others turned and as one smiled at the newcomer.
          Kestrella walked forward and stood in front of the regent.
          "While they are engaged in their shooting, you are to board his ship."
          "How will she get near let alone on board," Jodi asked.
          "My ship has a lovely cloaking device," Kestrella answered. "And I can block them from feeling my presense. Once close enough I'll determine their shield frequency and beam aboard."
          "Once you do, kill him." The Regent ordered. " If he has family, and if you can, make sure their lifeless bodies are the last thing he sees before he dies. But kill him."
          Kestrella Lot smiled and bowed.
          "As you command, mother."
        • thay8472thay8472 Member Posts: 5,951 Arc User
          I.S.S. Enterprise / Sito's Quarters
          (30 minutes after Mirror Wars 3 [IV])

          "You lied to me!" Sito said aloud for Vaylin and Oylumi to hear as she barged into her quarters. "You knew I was going to Dewa III, Why didn't you tell me my mother was there?! I killed my own mother because of you of you!"

          "I never lied to you, Sito!" Regent Lot responded in a calm demeanor slowly following Sito into her room. "Your mother was my best friend; her final wish was for me to raise you as my own." Regent Lot said while gesturing for Oylumi and Vaylin to leave. "The Iconains of our universe were as much of a-"

          "But why?! We could have saved her!" Sito barked back at Papela interrupting her.

          "No, we couldn't," Papela responded while gazing at Sito. "Your actions that day made sure of that!"

          Provoked by the words of her adopted mother, Sito took a swing at Lot with her right arm, only for Papela to dodge it at the last second. Exposed from her attack, Papela Lot was able to get a grip around her Bajoran daughters neck.

          "That might work on Naynta and Jodi, but it won't work on me. Your thoughts are as clear as day." Papela remarked before releasing Sito. "You need to focus on the mission."

          "How can I focus?" Sito asked pointing her finger at Papela. "You're manipulating me!"

          "No, my dear, I would never do that to you." Papela said as Sito turned her back to Papela. Taking something from her pocket, Papela moved closer to Sito. "However in your current state, you're putting our mission at risk of failing."

          Walking up next to Sito, Papela placed her arms on Sito's shoulders moving Sito to face herself, placing her hand on Sitos cheek catching a tear on the tips of her fingers. "I'll make the pain stop now."

          Confused Sito's eyes were drawn to a bright light emanating from a device held in Papela's over hand. "What is that?" Sito enquired.

          Papela smiled. "It's a device created by a species called the Satarrans. Look at the light my daughter and know If your mother was here she would be proud."

          Silence consumed the room as the light flashed into Sito's face temporarily stunning her. Confused Sito looked at Papela. "Are we on the Enterprise?" Sito looked around astonished at her surroundings. "The last thing I remember is ... finding the Iconian gateway!"

          Saddened by what she had just done Regent Lot checked to make sure Sito was okay. "Yes, my dear, you completed the mission; however you were injured shortly after the gate was destroyed."
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          U.S.S. Oudenarde

          "Half the Terran fleet is out hunting us" said Teanna, "we've intercepted a broadcast from Betazed" she finished with. Valdez knew that the Terrans wanted revenge after hearing Papela Lot's speech, "lets deny the Terrans the one thing they are after, we avoid direct engagements with their forces from now on. "Another Terran fleet is on it's way to Federation space as well, this complicates matters" said Valdez.

          "They must really want me dead but they will make sure to kill you and Trianna first just to get at me" said Valdez, "The logical step for them would be to bring us to battle and board us, we must train the crew in close quarter combat to counter that move" said Solat. "The enemy of my enemy is also my friend" said Valdez smiling, he had an idea. "Leeta, she's keeping the loyalists occupied. I propose we find her and we negotiate a temporary alliance with her." proposed Valdez.

          "We cannot trust her, she'll stab us in the back at the best opportunity given the chance" said Teanna. "We avoid major Terran worlds and attack the remote outposts where reinforcements will not arrive until it's too late. Military convoys as well" said Valdez. Teanna had already picked the next target, the Empire's hold on Cardassia was tenuous at best, Teanna proposed pin point strikes on the prisons in order to release as much prisoners as possible. The Terran forces pursuing them would have to divert resources and troops in order to put down the riots and uprisings. Valdez approved the plan and his ships set course for Cardassia under cloak.

          The Alliance fleet arrived several hours later and opened up on the prisons, thousands of Cardassian prisoners broke out and started attacking Terran troops. Valdez withdrew when the Terran fleet was detected on long range sensors. "That should keep them busy for a while" said Valdez smiling. "All ships, set course to Celes." was his next order. He intended to keep the Terrans guessing to what his next move was.

          I.S.S. Astute, 3rd Fleet flagship (Federation space)

          The 3rd Fleet was approaching it's first target, Valdez's orders were clear and to the point. He was to attack any soft targets he deemed necessary, The Federation had a trade station in orbit at Celes. Valdez brought his fleet out of warp and attacked destroying both Starfleet vessels and civilian vessels before turning his attention to the station itself. Valdez showed no mercy as he systematically destroyed the communications array and life support systems, any shuttles trying to escape were shot down before they could run.

          "The Federation will find a lifeless station with no clue to the attackers" he said smiling. Papela Lot had unleashed her bloodhounds on the Federation and they were beginning to make an impact. "3rd Fleet, good job. Next target is Risa." said Valdez laughing. The fleet went to warp and arrived at Risa 15 hours later and opened up a fearsome bombardment of the planet. On the surface, there was panic and confusion as the photons and quantums rained down sowing terrible destruction on the people below.

          "Revenge for Betazed" said Valdez as he relished the casualty reports. He was making the Federation pay a terrible price for their audacity. Soon 3rd fleet left orbit and withdrew to prepare their next assault. "Send a secure message back the Regent, give her all the casualty reports from this punitive expedition so far. We're not finished with the Federation yet" ordered Valdez. "What about the Sol system?" asked Teanna, "call it a stab at the heart of the Federation". Valdez green lighted the operation, it was crazy but also unexpected. "Utopia Planetia, we destroy those shipyards and we've crippled them" said Valdez smiling.

          The 3rd fleet went to warp and set course for Sol.

          Betazed (MU)

          Trianna (yellow empire) had finished analysing the data recovered from the attack, she had been assigned to the Regent as a liaison officer. "Regent, my findings so far. We now know how they bypassed our defenses, our computer network was brought down by an Iconian worm programme." Regent Lot listened to what Trianna had to say and asked how long it would take to purge the computer network. "I'd have to run a complete systems check to find out, until then it's guess work so no definite answer" said Trianna.

          Trianna had been recently introduced to the Regent by Admiral Valdez, the Regent trusted Trianna's father so she approved Trianna's system check. "Your father's counterpart is hunting you" said Regent Lot to Trianna, "He's after my other empire counterpart" replied Trianna. "You know your father better than anyone else, what would his counterpart's next move be?" asked Regent Lot.

          "He'll avoid direct confrontation with our forces, he fights in an intelligent way. He'll manipulate us into making a mistake." responded Trianna. Regent Lot thought about what Trianna said and asked her, "Why is he hunting your other empire counterpart?". "He's been working with the RSU, they called him in to help against our invasion" answered Trianna. Regent Lot had got the answer she was looking for, "Thank you Ensign Valdez, that's what I needed to know." said Regent Lot smiling. "One thing Regent, killing my father's counterpart won't end the Empire's problems with the Federation, if you really want to hurt him you target my Federation counterpart. He'll do anything to protect her" advised Trianna.

          "Your family's loyalty will be rewarded, get a team together and purge our computer network of this insidious programme" said Regent Lot. "Already onto it" said Trianna as she saluted the Regent. "Trianna, may I call you by first name?" asked Regent Lot, "Regent's prerogative" replied Trianna. "Trianna, your father is a good officer. I need more officers like him around and I'm putting you up for promotion. How does Lt Valdez sound?" said Regent Lot as she pinned the extra chevron on Trianna's shoulder. Trianna thanked the Regent for the promotion and got to work on the computer core.

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            "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
            -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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            Levto system, Defera sector (Prime)
            New Val'Rikith, Palace

            Queen Entara Zepoli silent entered the military command center below the royal palace in the capital city of Valaria pleased to see it was empty save for the guards. She approached the main console, and dismissed them with a thought and wave of her hand; telling them that she had a private matter to attend to and they were to wait outside.

            "Personal log- Entara Zepoli
            Admirla Valdez has recently returned with what remains of our forces from the Mirror Universe. Soreth has been shaken to the core, and the remaining forces aren't taking the loss of the Star-Commander well. These veterans are being removed from active duty after the current operation I'm allowing them for recuperation, and well deserved rest. The information we'd been provided with made defeat appear unlikely, but for the Empire to have so quickly broken us.... At first I couldn't believe it, but then to learn that that a Summoned has it putrid claws involved it made sense, especially given the beasts choice of host."

            Entara paused, closing her eyes, taking a breath, feeling the flow of telepathy moving across the planet is great waves... Her peoples energies had always been a comfort for her, but there was something disquiet today- a fear plaguing the populace. One of the 'beasts' was still strong enough to take a vessel in reality. - Or perhaps it was to weak to manifest itself physically with it's master destroyed? It didn't matter this threat to her people and to all living things needed to be found before it reared it head again.

            "I've ordered the survivors returned by Valdez to the badlands along with ten Paladins." She continued. "High protector Soreth agrees with me in this regard. If the Federation means to strike the other side of Imperial space to try and remove this danger, we will do our best to ensure that when they retreat the way will be clear. the Tsunami will be remaining here in the system in case the Breen get any ideas, while it's visible... I'm not foolish enough to think they're not watching.... Now the question is how do I inform Zal'Kor of this? the master may have some insight I do not." She chuckled once. "We're still trying decided if this planet is intelligent or just has rudimentary senses with the eye-stock plants, I had hoped all the summoned would be so weak after the Shadowed Terror's recent defeat they'd retreat beyond the galaxy.... Regardless if the badlands are secured enough we will allow our alllies the reprive they require.... We'll do our part."

            "This will hopefully help our relationship with the Federation, become more trusting... What am I doing?

            Computer delete recording."

            20 minutes later 15 Paladin battleships and were on course for the badlands.... Five were going to cross over, under cloak, if their allies were trapped they'd need to cut them out of the net.
            Vanguard Station
            A. Soreth walked into one of the many cloning modules on the fortress her boots noisily stomping into the ground as she approached the lead project director. She leaned over the table as the Vorta pushed hte chair back fearfully looking at the Changleing supervisor.

            Noticing the startled look she turned as well. "Will you walk with Founder?"
            "You need only ask, my friend."

            Side by side the Romulan and the shape-shifter walked through the halls it was nearly ten minutes before either spoke, the question that need to be said.

            "Can the Star-Commanders mind be salvanged?" Soreth inquired.

            "I do not know. We've never attempted something like this before- and SC Veel'Riz's body is so badly damaged... But we will try Altithia. Even if it takes a decade.... There's enough brain matter that we could bring him back intact. This will take time- even if it works." The Miror Universe Dominion leader smiled.

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            Why do I still play and put money into STO?
            The Foundry, and my love of Star Trek
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            Terran 3rd Fleet, Sol (prime)

            The 3rd fleet got into attack position for their assault on Utopia Planetia, using stolen access codes Valdez infiltrated the defenses before he opened his attack. Forming his ships into wolfpacks he signalled the assault and the Terran ships commenced their assault on the shipyards. The Federation defenders valiantly held their ground but the weight of Terran numbers eventually broke the defense, Valdez had put his weakest captains as the first wave to absorb the defender's fire as he used the distraction to attack the shipyards themselves.

            Valdez's ships took a terrible toll on the Federation ships in drydock as ship after ship exploded taking the docks with them. Valdez knew what the Federation response would and signalled the fleet to withdraw, his more bull headed captains wanted to finish the job but they were over ruled. The 3rd fleet withdrew from the system inflicting heavy damage to Jupiter Station on the way out.

            Valdez now gave the order to withdraw back to Terran space and the fleet moved out at transwarp to avoid the Federation fleets hunting him, 48 hours later the fleet arrived back in Terran space and set course for Betazed arriving 12 hours later. Valdez and Teanna beamed down to Regent Lot's command headquarters to hand in the report personally.

            Betazed (MU)

            Regent Lot read the reports of the punitive expedition, she was impressed. To hit the Federation capital system and get away with it was an achievement any Terran officer would be proud of, "Regent, the Federation will feel the consequences for months to comes. They thought Sol to be impenetrable but the 3rd fleet proved otherwise." said Valdez in his debriefing. "Celes, Risa and Sol, over 100,000 dead and their fleet production crippled for months, I'm impressed Admiral" said Regent Lot smiling.

            "I had a good talk with Trianna, she's has some unique talents I could put to good use. Kestrella, meet Vice Admiral Valdez, you will treat him with the utmost respect because you'll be assigned to 3rd fleet. Admiral, your new orders are to join the hunt for your counterpart. He has just caused an uprising on Cardassia" said Regent Lot, "He knows he's being pursued and hunted, he'll use every dirty trick in the book to elude your forces. Deception is his style, he deceived Naynta and damn near killed her. I was the one who rescued Naynta and her crew, she complained at the fact she had to be rescued" pointed out Valdez.

            "For which I thank you, you even swore an oath of loyalty to her." pointed out Regent Lot, Naynta and Jodi were stood in the room listening. "What Valdez got the 3rd fleet!!!" growled Naynta. "You were otherwise occupied respectfully" replied Valdez with his usual sharp wit. Naynta did not answer but stayed quiet instead, Jodi on the other hand was as vocal as ever. "Valdez, you are crazy. You actually attacked the Federation capital system and lived to tell the tale" said Jodi in amazement. "That's why my crew are nicknamed the expendables, we do the jobs that no sane captain would even consider." quipped Valdez.

            "At least 3rd fleet is in safe hands" said Naynta begrudgingly, Naynta knew how Valdez fought using every dirty trick in the book to achieve his goals after all he had appointed her as acting first officer when both the Oudenarde and Los Lobos crews were stuck together on the same ship and he had taught her a few tricks. "I'm not calling you sir" joked Naynta at which Valdez laughed. "Commander Teanna Valdez, first officer on the Astute. Your name has crossed my desk before." said Regent Lot, "it's a pleasure to finally meet you, always the dutiful officer, wife and mother." Teanna simply said, "Regent, you and my father have had disagreements in the past over the path our people should take, he was a lousy excuse of a Betazoid." replied Teanna openly and truthfully. "Something we can both agree on." responded Regent Lot, "Admiral, the family that fights together is stronger than the family who don't fight together, don't forget that."

            Trianna entered the room and handed Regent Lot the new computer security upgrades, "Jodi, make sure these are put in place" ordered the Regent. "Yes mother" said Jodi leaving the room. "Naynta, you are getting 5th fleet, you'll also join the hunt for the Federation intruders and do not underestimate him, the Admiral's counterpart is highly dangerous."

            "Kestrella, when our forces engage the intruders, your primary target is Trianna Valdez. Take her alive, it will force the intruder's hand into acting recklessly in an attempt to rescue her. Trianna, you'll be liaison between me and our forces" ordered the Regent. Everyone knew their orders and departed to join the hunt. Regent Lot now had her best people on the hunt and they would hound the intruders at every turn.

            "Regent, my father never breaks an oath, I swear loyalty to house Lot" said Trianna, Regent Lot accepted the oath of loyalty. "Miss Valdez, you'll be the first to interrogate your counterpart, you will enjoy it." said Regent Lot smiling.

            In the Command centre on the Astute, Valdez put a request through to command. "Get me Emma Roy, her talents will be needed here."

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              "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
              -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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              Betazed (Mu)

              Trianna Valdez was at her station in the Regent's command centre, "Lt Valdez, progress report." snapped Regent Lot, the Regent was watching the strategic situation with her fleet movements. "Intruders last spotted heading to Celes Regent." reported Trianna. "Your father's counterpart is not taking the bait, hmm what is he up to?" wondered the Regent, "avoiding direct engagement, he's starving your forces of the one thing they want." replied Trianna, "He only fights on his terms not ours"

              "Lt Valdez, walk with me. How many people have you personally interrogated?" asked Regent Lot, "None Regent" responded Trianna. "Then you will learn, I've seen Jodi break people in record time. Can you beat Jodi's times?" said Regent Lot as she walked into the holding cells and picked out a random prisoner from all the witnesses rounded up by Solat. Regent Lot telepathically signalled a guard to bring over the condemned prisoner. "Sit him down guard." ordered Trianna. The guard looked confused for a second but Regent Lot cleared it up and the guard obeyed Trianna.

              "Go back to where you crawled out of, you half breed mongrel " snarled the prisoner, Trianna simply bounced his head off the table face first. "People who use the M word about me usually end up injured so let us begin." she snarled with a smile. "You were the ranking command officer on the only defense platform not to be destroyed on the day of the attack, you will tell the Regent everything you know about the attack. Failure to comply will mean immediate injury." said Trianna with that gleeful look on her face.

              The prisoner refused to cooperate so Trianna broke his left arm in 4 places before threatening to randomly choose another limb. Regent Lot smiled when she saw Trianna's vicious streak emerge, "If you are hoping for a happy ending, you've clearly not been paying attention." said Trianna opening a case on the table. "Why did you leave your post in middle of an attack?" asked Trianna looking the uninjured right arm. "Our defenses were down, if we had stayed, me and my crew would have been dead. I was protecting my crew." answered the prisoner when he saw Trianna's tools. "You mean you deserted your posts and failed to protect your own people" snarled back Trianna.

              Regent Lot brought an end to the interrogation, the prisoner was telling the truth. Regent Lot passed the death sentence for that entire platform crew to be carried out immediately. "Guards, you know what to do, make it quick." ordered Regent Lot as a call from the command centre interrupted them. "Lt, nice work" said Regent Lot, "we're needed back at command, the intruders have just been spotted."

              The Regent and Lt Valdez now went back to command and immediately looked at the map.

              U.S.S. Oudenarde (MU)

              "We're being herded" noted Admiral Valdez, both he and Teanna saw more and more Terran forces moving to join the hunt. "Our retreat route is blocked and they are pushing us deeper and deep into their space." replied Teanna. "Communication from Betazed sir, it's the Regent and she wants to speak to you" said the call from from CIC. Valdez had the call diverted to his command centre. "Audio only, I do not want her scanning us" ordered Valdez.

              "Regent, how may I help you?" asked Valdez sarcastically, "No visual communications admiral?" asked Regent Lot. Valdez answered back with, "Just taking precautions, especially around Betazoids. Is this the part where you ask my surrender or is it to find my location?" said Valdez. "You are outnumbered and outgunned, think about all those brave soldiers under your command and your family. You humiliated me and my family, you are now an eternal enemy of the Lot family" replied the Regent.

              "Regent, you are no different to any other opponent I've locked horns with and I've faced far worse than you." responded Valdez. "Admiral, why the belligerence? I know you are denying my forces battle. Clever strategy but it won't work, you will eventually be forced to fight and it's a fight you cannot win. Do the decent thing and surrender to protect your soldiers and family." replied Regent Lot.

              "Not going to happen, threatening my family won't force a surrender." responded Valdez before he abruptly closed the channel. "Teanna, I need you to train with the MACOs, if they board us, you'll have to defend yourself. Carragher is a former MACO instructor, she'll teach you how to defend yourself and take Trianna as well with you, she needs practice." suggested Valdez. "CIC, get a secure message to the Molindrans, if we have to retreat we'll need cover." ordered Valdez. "The Klingons have been itching for a fight, they're request permission to wheel back and launch an attack on our hunters." noted Teanna.

              Valdez deployed two bird of prey squadrons to draw away part of the Terran pursuit force, he knew it was a suicide mission but the Klingon captains in both squadrons all volunteered their ships to fight and die with honor. "Songs will be sung of this heroic stand, may you die well with a blade in you hand." said Valdez to the two volunteer squadrons.

              I.S.S. Astute

              Vice Admiral Valdez coordinating with 5th fleet commander Admiral Naynta Lot was closing the net around the intruders, "Communication from 5th fleet flagship" reported Commander Teanna Valdez, "Put Naynta through" ordered Valdez. "Nathan, the enemy has deployed 2 Klingon squadrons to slow us down. They're on their way to you now." said Naynta Lot. "Thanks for the heads up Naynta" replied Valdez. "Defiant squadrons 3 through 7 move to intercept those bird of preys, the rest keep pushing forward." ordered Valdez. "I've deployed 3 squadrons of Hestias to assist you as well, good luck Naynta out" said Naynta.

              "It's a suicide mission for those Klingons, they'll make us pay a heavy price" said Teanna looking at the map. "They're a rearguard, which means we're not far behind them. This the flagship, all ships prepare your MACOs for boarding operations. Kestrella, I need to see you in my command centre." ordered Valdez. Kestrella arrived onboard and was escorted to the command centre. "Admiral, you wished to see me" said Kestrella. "New orders for you, I'm putting you in command of the 173rd MACO. When we catch up with the intruders seek out and terminate Teanna Valdez, bring me Trianna Valdez alive. I need her as leverage plus the Regent has something special planned for her." said Valdez.

              "Consider it done" said Kestrella before she beamed back to her ship. "We've just engaged their rearguard" said Teanna looking at the map, "Encircle and destroy them" ordered Valdez to the Hestia and Defiant squadrons. The squadron commanders acknowledged the order and engaged the 2 bird of prey squadrons covering the intruder's rear. "Dispatch a secure communication to Betazed, tell the Regent we've just engaged their rearguard." ordered Valdez.

              The Klingons held their ground as wave upon wave of Hestias and Defiants swarmed around them, Teanna was right about the Klingons. One Defiant squadron was that badly mauled, Valdez had to send them back to Betazed for repair and replacement. "Acceptable losses but at least their rearguard is gone. All ships keep pushing them towards the Briar Patch. Battleship groups 1 through 8 move to the Briar Patch, we'll cut them off there and bring them to battle. The rest close all other routes, we want to funnel them to the patch." ordered Valdez. "5th fleet, move around them but do not engage until they are pinned against my forces in the patch." Naynta approved and redeployed her forces accordingly.

              "Send my mother an update on the situation, make sure it's on a secure channel" ordered Naynta to her communications officer.

                "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                2411 mirror universe

                ISS astute

                Emma walked though the halls at a brisk pace, she had a lead on her assignment and she wasn't going to pass it up....

                Rematerializing on the Astute Roy taped her combadge. "Admiral Valdez, would you kindly join me in your ready room?" She deactivated her communications. "Computer activate Shadow protocol two in 3 seconds." Emma said as she approached the bookshelf(?).

                A moment later the admiral and a small security team opened the door, to the darkened room. "Computer lights!" "Unable to comply."

                ".... Computer lights." Emma stated quite bored of having to put on this show when she had no intention of killing the Admiral- waste of her time. As the room came into the visibility, she ran her gloved finger over the shelf revealing a layer of dust and turned it to her eye sight.... She almost held back her sneeze.... Almost.

                Turning the assassin rolled her eyes. "If you value your lives, put down the phasers."
                The engsin moved to slow for her liking- his mistake. As she vanished the Andorian fired where she'd been standing hitting and melting a trophy.

                Before he managed to comprehend that he'd missed, he was pulled forward kneed in the stomach, and was screaming on the floor with a broken wrist. "Word of advice," Emma as if scolding a child, "when a shadow gives you an order- obey."

                She took a seat "It is fortunate that our missions currently coincide Valdez. I think we can help each other."

                "How so?"
                Are you aware of what occurred in the Sythius Nebula? The Romulan situation?" Roy inquired.

                The admiral stiffened. "Anyone without captain level clearance wait in the hall."

                "How much of the report is a coverup?" Nathan said, taking a seat.
                "Nearly all of it.... The eleventh fleet was in indeed destroyed by Romulans, but there was no rebellion, there was an invasion. Which I'll note was barely prevented. Romulans from another timeline, and the future, went on the attack. The fleet was lost in just over 40 seconds, and these Romulans were led by one -technically two I suppose- highly skilled commanders.... One Star-Commander Veel'Riz- Romulan, and one Nathan Valdez- human. There was a massive starbase inside that nebula, which has been reduced to a standard Romulan station now, claimed by the empire of course."

                "The Emperor has granted me permission to give you full access to the report; In addition to all other intelligence we have on your counterpart from the incident. You should know that a version of you perished in battle with Veel'Riz when he rammed his ship into the Romulans at Ancaris, after some kind of temporal event.... From what I could tell your counterpart was trusted by the Romulan leader, you could use that against him. What should concern you also is the allies the Romulan had, if you see vessels matching the descriptions I recommend falling back. I can't confirm if they're with the Federation force."

                "I see the benefit of knowledge but what do you need?"Valdez asked, surprised at how forthcoming Roy was being.

                "After the battle and the death of Veel'Riz, several large groups of Romulans spit off from the rest and fled all across Terran space. Most formed up around your counterparts ship and retreated.... These others-"

                "Are a potential threat." Valdez finished.

                "Correct, I hope your counterpart might have some idea of their orders but if they're smart it's a waste of my time. I need to ask you to try to take your counterpart alive or get me access to his ships logs. IN exchange I get you what you need."
                Why do I still play and put money into STO?
                The Foundry, and my love of Star Trek
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                I.S.S. Astute (MU)

                "What concerns me is this incursion into our space, as you have noticed we are hunting my counterpart. Special mission from the Regent on Betazed. You've heard of the attack on the Betazed defense grid and Regent's palace by now, I had my people do cover up operations to keep all intel on a need to know basis. As you can see Shade, we are herding the intruders into an ambush at the Briar Patch." said Valdez briefing Emma on the current situation.

                "For which the emperor is grateful, he's been following events as they happen. I don't need to remind you of the cost of failure Admiral." responded Emma, "the emperor has dispatched additional forces to aid you but be careful, the remnants of the RSU will try to link up with your counterpart and Imperial intelligence has picked up Molindran ships in the Badlands. They are there to cover your counterpart's escape." said Emma looking through the latest reports.

                "Shade, can you track down an individual for me?" asked Valdez. "Who" responded Emma, Valdez replied with "Trianna Valdez, she is the key to all this. She'll be on a Paradox dreadnought, the I.S.S. Towton, I need to speak to her about my counterpart problem" said Valdez passing over a PADD of his counterpart's message. "Betazed and Cardassia, interesting choice of targets." noted Emma to herself. "So far he's avoiding battle with our forces so we intend to funnel him into a trap where he has no choice but to fight. We are to board his flagship and capture both Trianna Valdez and her father alive before I make them watch as we execute Mrs Valdez. The Regent wants Trianna alive for something special" said Valdez.

                "I hear Papela Lot named you counterpart an eternal enemy of her family. The admiralty keeps demanding action over this intruder matter, the emperor takes a different view on this however. He's happy to let you and Vice Admiral Lot handle this your way." said Emma. "The admiralty has no idea how dangerous my counterpart is, putting pressure on their field commanders to act hastily will only lead to disaster, we need to play this cautiously." replied Valdez, "they really have no clue from those offices back on Terra."

                "Admiral, your results have got the emperor's attention, bringing traitor systems into line and the attack on the Federation capital system. Propaganda is having a field day over the Sol attack." responded Emma. "Flagship to all Terran forces, Admiral Valdez is to be taken alive at all costs." ordered Valdez. Naynta replied "Mother wants him dead". "Naynta, the emperor has sent instruction for my counterpart to be taken alive, the emperor's order over rules the Regent's." said Valdez. "Understood but I will need to see those orders" said Naynta Lot. "All in good time Naynta, Valdez out" responded Valdez. "Shade, could you get a copy of the emperor's orders to the Regent on Betazed?, she'll need to be updated on the situation"

                "Shade, now that's cleared up, who's commanding the forces from Terra? asked Valdez. "Jorel Quinn, he wants to take over command of this operation" replied Emma. "You mean take all the credit for me and Naynta's work, we've got the situation under control. All systems in my counterpart's path have been warned and have deployed their defense fleets and locked down their computers to stop any attack before it develops" said Valdez. Emma Roy now satisfied with Valdez's chosen course of action and beamed back to her ship.
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                  "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                  -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                  I.S.S. Astute Briar Patch 2411 (MU)

                  Valdez got his 3rd fleet into position, him and Naynta Lot had hounded the intruders all the way to the Briar Patch and the trap was set, the intruder fleet had been funneled into the patch and Naynta Lot's 5th fleet closed up the entrance behind trapping the intruders. Valdez now gave the order to attack, 3rd fleet would engage the Federation group, 5th fleet would deal with the Klingons and the reinforcements from Terra cut into the Romulans.

                  For 6 hours, both sides slugged it out with heavy losses to both sides. Putting Teanna in charge, Valdez and Kestrella lead their teams in boarding actions, all the while Teanna destroyed the secondary command processors on the Oudenarde to stop any auto destruct attempt. Fighting their way through the ship, the Terran boarding teams secured engineering subduing the engineering crew. Their next objective was CIC and the command centre, Krestrella stormed the CIC and took control of the ship. "Admiral CIC secure, we've apprehended Trianna Valdez. "Nice job Krestrella" said Valdez as he blasted open the doors to command.

                  "Admiral Valdez, order your crew to stand down. I won't ask again said Mirror Valdez pointing the phaser pistol at Teanna. Federation Valdez refused to surrender so Terran Valdez stunned him and posed as his counterpart, ordering the crew to stand down. Mirror Valdez got a message from Naynta, it read "Klingon forces destroyed, the Romulans are falling back in retreat along with Federation Forces. "Let them go, we've got what we came for, CIC set course for Betazed, all Terran ships follow us back to Betazed. Both the 3rd and 5th fleets arrived at Betazed 36 hours later.

                  Betazed 36 hours after the battle

                  Regent Lot could not have been in a happier mood, her bloodhounds had captured Federation Valdez and his crew alive with their ship intact. She ordered the captured crew to be paraded through Rixx escorted by Valdez's MACOs. "They plan on executing us all apart from you and Trianna" said Teanna looking very worried. The Betazoid people jeered and spat at the Federation crew as they were force marched into the the plaza.

                  Mirror Valdez separated Federation Valdez and Trianna away from the rest of the crew and divided them into groups of 50. "Now you rat, you will witness the public execution of your crew" said Papela Lot who sensed a connection between Clemens and Trianna. "Her first" snapped Papela and Clemens was dragged before the Regent. Naynta walked up to Trianna and forced her to watch her life partner's execution as Krestrella shot her through the head along with Flores, Townsend and Gal'azia. Trianna cried out screaming as tears rolled down her face.

                  For 8 long hours, Federation Valdez and Trianna were forced to watch as the Oudenarde's crew were shot like animals before Papela brought up Teanna and shot her in front of her prisoners. "You made it personal when you destroyed my home, now I've just killed your crew and your wife" said Papela smiling. "Take these rats to holding" ordered Papela and Federation Valdez and Trianna were marched at phaser point into captivity. "Admiral, a job well done. You and Naynta avenged my family honor and netted us a high ranking prisoner" said Papela to Valdez. Trianna looked at her counterpart and smiled before saying "I'm going to have fun with you". "I HOPE YOUR PEOPLE BURN!!!!" shouted Federation Valdez spitting at Papela Lot as he was force marched past her.

                  "Regent, I merely serve the wishes of the empire" replied Valdez still savouring the victory. "Valdez, we work well together" said Naynta smiling, it was her victory as much as it was Valdez's. Imperial intelligence and the Inquisition gathered as much intelligence from the Oudenarde as possible to take back to the emperor on Terra. Valdez could now finally take a break and he gathered his crew and congratulated them on a job well done.

                  Papela Lot had got her revenge and she made sure to keep Federation Valdez and Trianna alive, she wanted them to suffer more, she was not through with them yet. Papela now publicly decorated Valdez, Naynta and their captains with medals. From now the 3rd and 5th fleets were known as the twin hammers of Betazed. The Valdez family were also rewarded with lands and titles as House Valdez of Cateria, Papela always looked after her most loyal servants.

                  "Nathan, your crew did an excellent job in dealing with this crisis in a cold calm manner, defeating an enemy by not engaging them directly in order to herd them into an ambush. Well played." said Papela happy with her commander's conduct. "Just doing my job Regent, consider my counterpart my gift to you but I'll take custody of Trianna. I'll raise her as my own, she'll hate me for a while but eventually she will be remoulded into a loyal citizen." replied Valdez. "Done" responded Papela Lot, "usually I don't grant requests but in this case it's an exception. You've earned it."

                  "Trianna, you will treat your counterpart as a sister." said Valdez, "But father, you cannot do that, that cripple is a Fedrat" protested Trianna. "Trianna Marie Valdez, don't argue with your father" snarled Teanna, "Mother, let me have my fun with her." protested Trianna only to be shut down by Papela, "You will listen and obey your parents, they know more than you". Trianna backed down without protest, "Admiral, a bit of advice about looking after daughters, keep a firm but fair hand with them" advised Papela. "Thank you Regent" said Valdez.

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                    "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                    -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                    You Fedrats are going to try and side with Leeta?
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                    thay8472 wrote: »
                    You Fedrats are going to try and side with Leeta?

                    I re-edited it. The crew of the Oudenarde are dead with Fed Valdez Papela's prisoner and Trianna now in Mirror Valdez's legal custody. The remnants of the Alliance fleet are running for their lives. The incursion has been decisively smashed by the team of Valdez and Naynta Lot. Sito and her captains get the honor of hounding the survivors.

                    @galatt, How would the Federation Los Lobos crew deal with the fact that Starfleet officers and crew were massacred on Papela's orders publicly

                      "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                      -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                      Prime Universe
                      U.S.S. Los Lobos

                      Heath(addressing her staff) : Like most of you, when I heard what happened my initial response was "kill them all and let the Prophets sort them out", but that's not how we act. We're Starfleet, we're above that. *sigh* Never make war personal. When it becomes personal, they won't stop until you're dead. The Cardassians learned that the hard way. And so did he after his attack on Mirror Betazed. He made it personal for the Regent and after that there was no way they were going to let him get away. And now after that, Celes, Risa, and the Fleet Yards I'm going to propose to Starfleet that we mine the entire perimeter of the Briar patch. And from now on, kill anything that comes out of there
                      Yes, the desire for revenge is there but as some human once said "If you keep doing an eye for an eye, soon everyone is blind." So unless we want to commit wholesale genocide and kill everything over there and become worse than them, keeping them out of our universe is the best option. There's been enough death already. Dismissed.
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                      Location: I.S.S. Reginald

                      Yaral entered a darkened room, only a monitor display on the far side of the chamber was illuminating enough for Yaral to make out the presence of her commander. "Ma'am, I have the reports from the Astute, Los Lobos, and the Stadi."

                      The figure turned to face the nervous Trill. "And?" the voice from the figure quietly mumbled.

                      "Admiral Lot reports victories at Celes, Risa, and the Federation shipyards at Sol IV." Yaral responded holding out a padd towards the figure.

                      "Fools, the lot of them!" The figure turned to face Yaral, snatching the report from her hand. "By attacking the Federation, they're risking everything! We cannot spare any more ships while the threat of that Bajoran wench remains."

                      The figure glanced at the report then back at Yaral. "Take this back with you to the Enterprise. Tell Admiral Sito I've completed my work on the 2409 incident; we now have access to the I.S.S. Molly's black box."
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                      Betazed 2411 (MU)

                      "You asked to see me Regent" asked Valdez, "Trianna Valdez, I've just read her dossier from the captured Federation files. I now know why you spared her" responded Papela. Valdez and Lot discussed how to keep Trianna under constant surveillance. "I've put her under house arrest, she cannot exactly go anywhere on one leg either" replied Valdez.

                      "Good, that's a problem that can deal with itself, some within the Empire considered the punitive expedition too risky, considering the Leeta problem. "What has my Trianna and Jodi got out of my counterpart?" asked Valdez looking at the latest reports on Federation fleet movements. "He's strong willed, both of them have been interrogating him for the last 14 hours and they've not broke him yet. Well at least those two are having their fun. Admiral, I'm reassigning 3rd fleet as a sector defense fleet, since you and Naynta work well together 5th fleet will join you. Your orders are to seize any worlds that try to secede from the Empire, any world that considers joining Leeta will also be seized." responded Papela.

                      "As you wish Regent, I've been working on a few ideas for planetary assault landings" responded Valdez, "My MACOs are always up for these jobs, been considering using all Betazoid MACO units". Papela knew about Valdez's past from his empire, "Admiral, I was looking through pre timeline change Enterprise files and I found this, You will get your Pathfinder groups. You've used them as heavily armed and shielded landing craft recently" said Papela handing a PADD over to Valdez. "It was a theory I was working on" replied Valdez. "I need that theory put into large scale practice, that's an order" responded Papela handing over the list of targets she wanted secure. "Admiral, you are dismissed" said Papela, Valdez saluted and got to work immediately.

                      I.S.S. Towton (MU)

                      "You can run but you cannot escape" said Trianna laughing at her hunter's demise, she had been watching the situation closely. She had been taught well by her late father and Solat, she simply sat back and waited. "Solat, who are the two fleet commanders hunting dear old "father" down?" asked Trianna sat on the captain's chair, " Admiral Nathan Valdez commanding the Terran 3rd Fleet and Admiral Naynta Lot commanding the Terran 5th Fleet. "Very logical strategy, the hunted is being herded down the only clear route. The hunters are not engaging until they are ready to. Nathan, well played" said Solat.

                      "Should we pay my homeworld a visit? I need to speak to my father's imperial counterpart." wondered Trianna. "Not yet, there are more pressing issues we need to deal with." advised Solat. "Ah yes, the RSU survivors, I feel like a Romulan hunt, though the fleeing Fedrats and Romulan forces from the other universe are fleeing for their lives. Helm set course, let's make sure they don't leave Terran space alive." said Trianna. The Towton activated her temporal drive and jumped into the path of the fleeing Alliance fleet.

                      "Bring them to impulse, fire a series of subspace shockwaves to disrupt their warp fields" ordered Trianna. The Towton's subspace shockwaves had the effect she was looking for. "Tactical, take us in close but hold fire until I order otherwise. Helm take us to 1500m" ordered Trianna, the Towton closed the distance using the recently installed enhanced battle cloak. "Can you see me?" said Trianna smiling, "1500m mistress" reported the helm officer. "Wipe them out" ordered Trianna and tactical opened up everything on the Alliance fleet.

                      The Alliance fleet tried to punch forward and engage but they couldn't find the source of the weapon fire, Trianna used her father's tactic of phasing in and out of cloak to good effect. The Alliance fleet was cut to ribbons as more Terran ships were vectored in to finish the job. "Withdraw, we've done enough damage" ordered Trianna and the Towton activated her temporal drive. Solat had been watching the whole fight and observing Trianna, "Excellent work Trianna, your father would have been proud of a performance like that." said Solat, "Your next lesson is the art of strategy."

                      "What do we do about "mother"?" asked Trianna. Solat came up the safest option, "We leave her somewhere with no technology" advised Solat, Trianna had a look through the timelines and picked out Betazed somewhere around the mid 14th Century. "My mother once said she could trace her family's history to around this time, "mother" won't escape from here" said Trianna. Trianna put her plan in motion and dropped her "mother" off on Betazed, the year 1346. The Towton left orbit and activated her temporal drive, "Find me some RSU" thought Trianna.

                      U.S.S. Peleliu, the great retreat. Badlands (MU)

                      Captain Cerys looked nervous in the captain's chair, morale was at an all time low. They had been hounded by Terran ships all the way to the Badlands, their breakout group had consisted of 5 heavy cruisers at the start. Now Peleliu was the last survivor from the fleet, no one knew where the next Terran attack would come from.

                      "How far in are we?" asked Cerys, her helm officer reported "20000 km to the rift." Cerys knew she was running a gauntlet to get to safety. "Sensor contact, 15 ships, unidentified signature" reported her ops officer. "It couldn't get worse" thought Cerys. Suddenly the unidentified ships opened fire on the Terrans, Cerys ordered "hail them", Coms opened a channel to the lead ship, "This is Captain Cerys of the Federation Starship Peleliu. We request aid".

                      The ship's commander told Cerys to keep moving, they would cover her retreat. Cerys finally got to Federation space and safety 2 hours later. "Come on, keep together old girl" said Cerys aloud as the Peleliu groaned from the stress of recent events. The ship was beginning to come apart, Cerys facing no other option put out a distress call to any Federation and Alliance ship in range then ordered her crew to the escape pods. Cerys was the last to leave as she jumped into the last pod.

                      The pods flew away as the Peleliu eventually broke apart and exploded. Now the stranded survivors of the Peleliu were on their own until help could arrive. They were rescued 4 days later by the U.S.S. Agincourt and U.S.S. Zulu. Out of the Peleliu's crew complement of 500, only 80 were left, "You look like you've been through hell" said the captain of the Agincourt. Cerys was too tired to notice and would not speak about the ordeal. "This cost us dear, 100,000 dead and our fleet yards decimated." she noted with gloom reading the reports of the devastation at Celes, Risa and Utopia Planetia.

                      "Captain Cerys, you got your crew out, 80 survivors is better than total loss." said the captain of the Agincourt. "I had a crew of 500, now I have 80. You have no idea what we've been through" responded Cerys angrily.
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                        "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                        -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                        GSS Crester
                        Stardate 2411
                        Badlands (mirror universe)

                        Battle-Commander Nar'Goth Yarloop dropped his spoon into his soup covering his face in a orange citrus, as he felt his little sister die.... His world seemed to stop, he didn't notice his crews stares, as he stood up, and slowly walked to the window of the mess-hall.... He heard nothing, save his own slow breathing, and his heart pumping in his ears. He was alone- completely alone.

                        "All hands to battlestations." He telepathically ordered to the crews of all five of his battleships. He then marched to his bridge.

                        Once at the CIC the blue skinned male. Ordered the fleet to move into subspace. The Terrans lacked the technology to find them there, and he had a murderer to find!
                        His communications officer began monitoring imperial channels and observed a recap of the recent killings on Batazed. He'd spread out his ships and wait 32 hours for any survivors.

                        Yarloop's communication specialist called him to his station the next day. "I discovered something inside the Empire's communication's signal," the woman began. "I put the transmissions into a visual format, and then amalgamated them, what the computer discovered when I merged a select group of streams was this."

                        She muted the propaganda, and a yellow sphere began rapidly appearing, in short bursts, sometimes for a few seconds more than others, then repeated. "I can see your confused, it's an old Human form of communication called morse code. Someone went out of their way to hide this message, perhaps to well. It roughly translates to: 'I live Shadow.'"

                        "A Federation sleeper agent? Using a code name... This person might be able to help us, who knows how long they've been here. Excellent job." The Commander was glad to have a potential source of information.

                        Yarloop then sent ten of the Paladins back to their universe, along with the majority of the female officers. If this became a one way trip he'd be darned if he didn't try to do something to keep their numbers at what was currently a sustainable level- he hoped.

                        A moment later the remaining five Battleships- although their allies and foes typically classified them as dreadnoughts- emerged out of a wormhole, and quickly decimated an Imperial Starbase 621, without firing a shot. Their minds crushing, the structure into twisted broken scrap. The destruction complete, four of the Molindran ships activated their subspace cloaks, and set course for Ferenginar- someone there could hopefully lead them to information on this 'Shadow'.

                        The Crester hit transwarp 35 and was quickly in stealth above Betazed....
                        Feeling his leaders anger, and sharing in his friends sadness the first officer looked to the man he'd long considered his brother worry etched on his face, his spines slopping downwards. "What are we doing here?"

                        "In this reality our counterparts, are possibly extinct and that fault lies with the Terran Empire."
                        "What do you intend to do to that planet, Captain?" The first officer questioned worriedly.
                        He looked his XO in the eyes. "I will tear it apart." He growled... "If I were strong enough, I'd personally rip Batazed's tectonic plates asunder! But I'm not, and would never ask you or anyone else to help me with such a task... No there are other ways to end a civilization.... I'll drown them."

                        "Na- Nar'Goth," the First officer stuttered. "Your family wouldn't want-"
                        "My family is dead! Someone needs to teach the Terrans that attacking our species is a bad idea, that there will be consequences."

                        Their conversation was brought to an end as sensors detected Molindran DNA, moving to what seemed to be a remote lab. Yarloop focused on the moon, bending all his thought on cratered surface.... And began to push. He hissed under strain, never having even considered attempting to move anything so massive on his own, or at all really! He stopped suddenly sensing his crews astonishment, and looked down at the sensor readings out of breath, and wondering how he hadn't passed out.

                        He'd managed to alter the moons orbit so that it was an entire 50 centimeters closer to the planet.... With a single energy beam incinerated his fallen siblings body, and then vanished into the stars as fast as his engines could move the ship.

                        Why move the moon?
                        He doesn't need to make the moon crash into Batazed, he hopes to move it over time so that the tidal budge increases so much and turns enough of the planet into under-ocean property. As the moon gets closer the amount of gravitational effect it has will increase, making high tide greater, as more water was pulled towards the moon on the close side of the planet and away on the far side. (Earth's oceans are slightly egg shaped because of the moons gravity). The moon being closer would also cause more earthquakes, as the crust and mantel would also be effected.
                        Synthius Nebula (Mirror Universe)

                        Shadow-agent Roy, figured that the best place to try and find the I.S.S. Towton would be to start where it had been last encountered... Thus far she'd had no luck, in tracking the ship... Valdez could have given her an idea of Triannas goals so she knew what her target wanted.

                        She signed in defeat and frustration... How do you track someone who can travel in time?

                        "Keep trying to follow warp trails... If it's another pirate just kill the salvagers." He went to get some sleep it had been almost 48 hours at this point and there was nothing to show for it!

                        She awoke as she took a slap to the face...

                        "Come along now Emma, I'm helping you out." Rishis chided.

                        O'Brien snapped her fingers and Emma found they now occupied what looked to be a bridge.... Emma did a double take for a second- she' couldn't be more thankful for falling asleep in her uniform. She turned her head upon hearing a crash, seeing Rishis had pinned Trianna by the throat to a console, the red-head's locks slowly turning black as the void.

                        "Did you think to supplant me Wretch?" O'Briens voice seemed inhuman as she spoke only turning her head slowly as RA Solat gave the back of her neck a Vulcan pinch... Emma saw her eyes glowing like embers, her skin had turned deathly pale nearly gray, and held disgusting black veins. It was in a word- terrifying. "Even shattered as I may be now, there is only one master to my servants, Summoned... Me..." Valdez grasped at Victorias hand trying to release the pressure.. O'Brien was suddenly thrown backwards, and Valdez angrily got to her feet raising her hands and a blast of energy flew outwards. This was met by a similar one from Rishis, the two met for a moment, and then Trianna was pushed over backwards, only to suddenly fly accross the room for O'Brien to pin her to the wall. "Should I fail in preventing what you have experianced creautre, know that when I am restored your suffering shall be eternal... End this resistance, and obey me!"

                        The two 'freaks' didn't break eye contact for several moments, and then Victoria released her hold. "You will accompany this one for a short time, and I will return you here... Remember you place beast. I promise you you will wish I had destroyed you today."
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                        Why do I still play and put money into STO?
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                        Cateria Province, Betazed, 2411(MU)

                        Papela Lot had ordered Valdez to take some time off. Admiral Valdez was sat in his library working out the first step for Trianna's reeducation. To tell the two Trianna's apart, he used Marie as a first name for his adopted daughter. "My father taught me to make the best of a bad situation" said Marie still visibly upset. "You are safe here, you will be treated no different than I treat Trianna" said Valdez, "You mean I'm a hostage" responded Marie. Valdez was astonished at first but decided to take a different approach. "You will want for nothing, all your needs will be provided for." replied Valdez.

                        Marie sensed sincerity and honesty, "Maybe this is not so bad after all" thought Marie. "Oh it's the cripple" said Trianna walking in. "Mongrel" thought Marie and Trianna nearly lost it, "Both of you, stop antagonising each other" said Valdez. This was one challenge Valdez needed to overcome in reeducating his adopted daughter.

                        "Trianna, I'll deal with you later" said Valdez after being interrupted by a call. Valdez signalled his guards to escort his adopted daughter out before he took the call. "You wanted an update on the pursuit" said Naynta over a secure channel, "Only one ship got away and according to intelligence broke apart and exploded. Only 80 Fedrats survived out of that fleet." Valdez smiled satisfied that honor had been restored, "What's the Federation response to these disasters?" asked Valdez.

                        "They've put an end to incursions into our space, those survivors are terrified soldiers who will spread panic." replied Naynta. "Damn near perfect, I hope this is studied in years to come." said Valdez. Naynta agreed, the strategy they had employed had won a decisive victory against the Alliance for the Empire. "How's your mother taking the news?" asked Valdez. "She showed the intercepted orders to your counterpart, she reminded him that he had been abandoned by his own government. I've never seen mother happier" responded Naynta, "Jodi has been teaching Trianna the art of interrogation, she is a natural talent at it. I saw her break a man in less than 15 minutes, impressive work. I hear you are having problems" said Naynta laughing. "They keep antagonizing each other telepathically, I never faced a situation like this before." said Valdez. "Good luck with that Naynta out"

                        U.S.S. Agincourt (Prime)

                        Cerys now had the hard task of explaining what went wrong, "It was damn near perfect how they got us. If we tried to break out either way, we would be intercepted. We had no choice but to go down the one clear route, we were herded into a trap." The gathered Admirals listened to the testimony of the survivors and returned the verdict, in light of recent events the matter was quietly dropped and the sensor logs and witness testimony were classified. No one was to know of this disaster.

                        Cerys was angry, she felt she and her crew had been stabbed in the back and betrayed. "A cover up, too many people have been lost only to be forgotten" said Cerys to her first officer. "We all deserved better, it's politics. Politicians are the weeds of the galaxy" replied her first officer Lt Cmdr Forster. "I want that on my desk as a plaque" joked Cerys.

                        "Any idea what happened to the Oudenarde?" asked Cerys, Lt Cmdr Forster showed Cerys the footage. Cerys ordered "Turn it off, I don't want see it", everyone on the bridge were sickened by what they saw. Some officers even had to leave the room traumatised by the massacre, "I want to know who those two Terran commanders were, they were very good" asked Cerys.

                        I.S.S. Towton (MU)

                        Trianna was watching the Betazed massacre, "I could watch this all day, computer make a recording" said Trianna laughing. "I should thank the Regent, she acted exactly how I wanted her to and the best part is she does not realise it. Wait best bit, boom!!" laughed Trianna at her "mother's" demise. "Trianna, don't get distracted" advised Solat.

                        "I set the seed that led to these events, what better way of removing a problem than getting someone else to do your dirty work for you?" quipped Trianna. "Can we trust my father's other imperial counterpart?" "You mean recruit him?" asked Solat. "He's more useful to us where he is" replied Trianna. "I need to speak to him and Naynta. Helm set course for Betazed stardate 2411". The Towton activated it's temporal drive and jumped into Betazed orbit.

                        The Towton's arrival tripped the new defense grid and Terran ships were deployed to meet any attack. The Towton identified itself as friendly and the Terran ships stood down letting the Towton through. Papela recalled all her command officers to duty and Valdez beamed straight into the conference room, Naynta was also at the meeting. "Put it up onscreen" ordered Papela. "When did it appear?" asked Naynta. "20 minutes ago". "I know that ship," said Valdez. "We encountered her once and her captain is a counterpart of Trianna".

                        "How much do we know about her?" asked Papela, "not much, she's an enigma" reported Valdez. "She must be here for a reason then, we need to play this one safely" suggested Naynta. "Regent, I'm in agreement with Naynta on this. We don't know this ship's capabilities and fighting a ship we don't know will lead to disaster." responded Valdez. Papela took it under advisement, she ordered "open a channel".

                        "Just the three people I need to speak to" said Trianna, "You and I have a common enemy, Leeta. I want her dead, in my reality she paid an assassin to murder mother" Papela and Naynta were knocked back with headaches, "Trying to scan me is futile, I wouldn't try that again" said Trianna. "Her mind is locked to us, play it safe" communicated Papela telepathically to Naynta. "What's in it for you?" asked Valdez, "The usual revenge and watching the universe burn and you've lost systems to the traitors. As a gesture of good faith, I will give you a list of high value targets and their locations" replied Trianna. "What about Leeta?" asked Papela.

                        "Regent, let's talk business. Wait a second, why's that moon 50 centimeters closer to the planet than it should be?" said Trianna, "Hold on I'll fix it". Trianna using the combination of a tractor beam and telepathic energy to boost the beam moved the moon back into it's original position. "That's better now back to business, in exchange for information, I get to use your facilities and services." "Close channel" ordered Papela.

                        "Can we trust her?" asked Papela, "I wouldn't" said Valdez, "she's an enigma". Naynta was in agreement on the matter. Papela reopened the channel, "My officers don't trust you, I don't trust you." Trianna decided not to pursue it any further after Papela closed the channel. The Towton left orbit and activated it's temporal drive

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                          "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                          -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                          USS Los Lobos
                          Escorting relief convoy to Risa

                          Heath Layress sat at her desk in her ready room tapping her fingers.
                          I hate waiting, she thought.
                          "Yes R'shee?"
                          "I have the Wyvern," her First officer reported.
                          "Thank you. Put him though."
                          The screen on her desk lit up as the face appeared on it. The visor he wore made his face hard to read but his voice very clear.
                          "Hello Draigon..."
                          "Layress, you can't be serious," the Captain of the Wyvern addressed her. "These specs are ancient . They're older than we are."
                          "I know..."
                          "These self-replicating mines may have been state of the art during the Dominion war, but now they're just laughable. Why did you send them to me?"
                          She smiled.
                          "I wanted to know can you update them and make effective again."
                          "Since the attacks I literally have a thousand other things I need to do..."
                          "But you love a challenge."
                          "... I may have an idea or two..."
                          "But I want to know what you're going to use them for."
                          The smile left her face.
                          "I'm going to mine the Briar Patch to keep them on their side."
                          Draigon was silent for a minute.
                          "Any kind of specific features you want?"
                          "Undetectable, unsupresable, unhackable."
                          "Have they given you approval to do this?"
                          "Not yet."
                          "I see. And if they say no?"
                          "You know my reputation. It's easier to get forgiven than to get permission."
                          "You never change."
                          "Don't plan to."
                          "Give me a couple week. I need to make these particularly effective. Maybe I'll throw in a Thalaron emitter to truly discourage them..." He trailed off as he began running through concepts. He didn't say goodbye, but and walked off still talking to himself.
                          Heath closed the channel.
                          And now, I wait again
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                          U.S.S. Peleliu NCC 78314-A, Utopia Planetia (Prime)

                          Cerys was getting settled into her new command. The new Peleliu was a Pathfinder class vessel, Cerys insisted on retaining her 80 friends and veterans. She had a puzzle to solve, how had a large Terran fleet managed to hit these targets and get away with it? "What do you want to do Captain?" asked Forster, Cerys had decided to start following the trail of destruction from the initial incursion to get her answers.

                          "This is the captain, I know most of you are tired and demoralized but we have a job to do. Our new orders are to return to the systems attacked by the last Terran incursion, we cannot allow an incursion like this again. Information only people, Cerys out", she ordered her helmsman to set course for Celes at maximum warp. The Peleliu arrived at Celes 24 hours later and Cerys began her investigation of the attack.

                          Forster led his teams on the station, "Away team to Peleliu, we're seeing nothing but bodies here. Whoever this Terran commander was, they knew precisely what to hit. The station logs report that communications was the first system destroyed then life support. We're downloading the logs now." reported Forster. "Beam on back, we'll analyse the logs on the way to Risa. The alway teams were beamed back and Peleliu set course for Risa and went to maximum warp. 12 hours later they arrived as a Federation aid convoy was entering orbit.

                          "Activate the IFF, we don't want a friendly fire incident here, hail the lead ship." ordered Cerys. The comms officer hailed the lead Federation ship, "This is Captain Cerys of the Federation starship Peleliu, tell your ships to stand down, we need to speak with your captain". The U.S.S. Los Lobos answered the hail, " This is Captain Heath Layress, what is the nature of your visit to this system?" asked the Los Lobos' captain. Cerys explained her mission, "Me and most of my crew are the only survivors from our failed incursion. I'm trying to piece together who this mystery Terran commander was because they seemed to know where and how to hit us."

                          Heath listened to what Cerys had to say and asked, "Captain, "What evidence do you have to support your investigation?". "I'm sending you the station logs from Celes, you'll find them enlightening and you've got my logs from the incursion" replied Cerys.

                          Betazed, (MU)

                          Admiral Valdez was sat in his command centre on the Astute, he had decided to bring his biological daughter with him while Teanna stayed at home to look after Trianna's counterpart. 3rd Fleet and 5th Fleet had been reactivated for Papela's planet hopping campaign through traitor space. "First target is Cardassia, we've got a rebellion to clean up" said Valdez to Naynta.

                          Naynta got her fleet into formation and linked up with 3rd fleet, both fleets left Betazed for Operation Judgment. Operation Judgment had been devised by Papela Lot, Valdez and Naynta were to land troops on Cardassia and put down the rebellion. In the command room on the Astute, Valdez and Lot worked out their plan. "You expecting heavy resistance Nathan?" asked Naynta, "Always expect resistance Naynta" replied Valdez.

                          Naynta smiled, "The best kind of resistance" she said. "We're going to thin the planet's population to a more manageable size, we will wipe out all cities with a population of more than a million." suggested Valdez. Naynta could sense what Valdez was planning, "Before Betazed was coerced into joining the Alliance, the Cardassians did terrible things to my people. I say we do to them what they did to us" suggested Naynta. "Naynta, as a young man, I took part in a raid on a prison camp at Lake Cateria. I saw first hand what the Cardassians did on Betazed." said Valdez.

                          "500 prisoners were liberated that day and we never knew who planned and led the raid. The Cateria raid is celebrated on Betazed." responded Naynta. " Kestrella, put your MACOs through tactical exercises. I need them ready for landing operations." ordered Valdez. "As you wish Admiral" replied Kestrella Lot, "Jodi, you seem quiet over there." said Valdez. "It's nothing Admiral" replied Jodi, Valdez knew otherwise, he'd served alongside Jodi on a number of occasions and knew something was bothering her.

                          "Something is bothering you, I don't need to be a mind reader to know that." said Valdez, "Jodi, I value honesty from the people I work with." Jodi was blunt about it, "You kept Trianna's counterpart alive, I get it she's more valuable alive but to adopt her as your own is risky" said Jodi. " She's cooperating, I let her and her father have an hour to talk, under supervision of course. He told her to cooperate knowing she was being well looked after and treated. He told her to accept her situation and make the best of it." said Valdez, "I think he knew he did not have long left to live once the Inquisition gets their hands on him"

                          Jodi accepted that, "Me and Trianna spent a full week interrogating him, he was strong but always concerned about his daughter and where she was. Trianna used that to break him." "Jodi, besides she was already broken, your mother saw to that." said Valdez. "Breaking him was fun" said Trianna, "every man has his limits and we pushed him past those limits. The Regent made sure to keep twisting that proverbial dagger even further by marching him under armed escort past the bodies of his crew all strung up on the road into Rixx."

                          "The Regent has her ways of making people suffer" said Valdez.

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                            "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                            -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                            wait ... we're in 2411 now?
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                            Kinda makes sense.
                              "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                              -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                              Cardassia System, 2411 (MU)

                              The 3rd and 5th fleets were approaching Cardassia, Valdez and Lot had deployed their skirmish screens to soak up any defensive fire. "They've turned the orbital defense grid on us" noted Valdez looking at his tactical map, "Naynta, the orbital defense grid is active and hostile" warned Valdez. "Thanks for the heads up" replied Lot, "That defense grid will be a problem and costly to assault". "Noted" said Valdez over the secure fleet command comms.

                              "Asteroids" said Trianna, she was looking at the asteroid fields on the edge of the system at science. "Naynta, Trianna has an idea, you may want to hear her out." reported Valdez. "Admiral Lot, we don't need to attack that defense grid. Are you familiar with the concept of a mass driver?" "What are you thinking?" asked Lot. "We harness the asteroids as weapons, Using our tractor beams, each ship tows a haul of asteroids. When we get into range, we use tractor beam repulsors to propel the asteroids into the planet. The defense grid might get some but some will get through" suggested Trianna.

                              "It would be a message to our enemies, rebel and we decimate your planets, Lt Valdez start your preparations." ordered Lot. "Nathan, I'll be keeping my eye on her" said Lot. "She's somewhat unorthodox" said Valdez. Both Terran fleets now assumed attack position as their cargo of asteroids were pulled into slingshot position. "Naynta, you get the honor of firing the first volley" said Valdez. "All ships, commence volley fire in 3,2,1." ordered Lot. Hundreds of asteroids and meteor fragments were flung at the planet, both fleets rolled volley after volley until they were out of power for the repulsors.

                              The response was swift, the Cardassian rebels surrendered after only an hour of bombardment. Both Valdez and Lot were satisfied with the results, Lot finally got to see Cardassia burn. "Send the footage to mother, she'll want to see this."

                              U.S.S. Peleliu, Risa (prime)

                              "Words cannot describe this" said Cerys to her first officer, the Peleliu's crew were shocked at the devastation but they knew they had a job to do, Cerys split her crew up into teams to cover at much ground as possible in their investigation. "Search teams, leave no inch of ground uncovered, we need as much information as possible. Search and Rescue teams, assist with the authorities in recovery and treatment. Medical teams set up a hospital and prepare to receive casualties. Everyone, you know your jobs, let's get on with it." ordered Cerys.

                              Everyone understood and got to carrying out her orders, "Number one, I need you to work with the authorities. Put out an appeal for witness, they might have the answers we need" said Cerys, Forster got to his duties and carried out her orders. "We leave no stone unturned, we need to find out what happened." said Cerys briefing her junior officers, "I know that this is difficult and unpleasant but we are Starfleet officers and we have a job to do".

                              Cerys' patience paid off, her investigation of the Risa attack was bearing fruit. Using blast patterns and witness accounts, she had worked out the precise angle of impact. "The attackers had attacked from the direction of the star, by time the Risians found out, they were already under attack" surmised Cerys, "20,000 at Celes and 70,000 here, our mystery commander prefers soft targets."

                              "So why attack Sol IV?" asked Forster, "Good question number one, something I intend to answer" said Cerys.

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                                "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                                -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                                I thought someone advanced a it somewhere I simply put the entry it corresponded with at the same time. I will be going back to the right place in the timeline shortly.
                                Why do I still play and put money into STO?
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                                Cateria, Betazed (MU)

                                Valdez had just returned from the Cardassia mission, already the suppression of the Cardassian Rebellion was all over the news. "Admiral, why are people watching me" asked Fed Trianna, "I read your file, very interesting reading. Those people who are watching you are people you do not want to get on the wrong side of." warned Valdez. "My father's last order to me was cooperate and I'm duty bound to obey that last order. Must be the retired soldier in me" said Fed Trianna.

                                The part of her comment got Valdez's attention. "Earth, Klingon Home system, Vaad'duar Prime, Starbase 234, wounded at New Romulus and rejoined fleet just before Iconia. Awarded the Terra Star for saving your ship and crewmates." said Valdez reading aloud. "Well informed Admiral" replied Fed Trianna, "but the only reason you spared me was not an act of mercy. I have information in my head your empire needs and that makes me valuable." "How did you do that?" asked Valdez, "you got right into my head".

                                "I'll reveal that in good time" said Fed Trianna, she still had one last secret and wanted to keep off the sensor grid. "I have respect for soldiers. I've been reading up on your encounter with a race called the Molindrans, very fascinating" said Valdez, "A lot of people would kill for what you've got in your head and they would not hesitate to hurt you to get what they're after" Fed Trianna heeded the warning and asked for Valdez to call in a favour, "I'm willing to talk to your intelligence people, I'll cooperate. The Federation claim to leave no one behind, where were they when my friends and loved ones got slaughtered?" yelled Fed Trianna, "They abandoned me and tried to deny it ever happened. Your intelligence people will get everything I know"

                                "You're like your counterpart, you easily bear a grudge. Remind me never to get on your bad side." said Valdez smiling.

                                Valdez opened a secure channel to intelligence, "Get me Emma Roy, Trianna is willing to talk and what she has to say will be of some interest. I would request to be at that meeting, it would be useful intel I can use, Valdez out. Trianna came storming into the room in her usual fit of anger, "The Regent put me in the booth earlier", "I've been ordered to discipline you off the Regent, you've had it easy so far. Everytime you step out of line, you will be reminded of your place. Playtime's over young lady and yes I entirely support the Regent's decision" said Valdez in a stern cold tone of voice.

                                Before Fed Trianna left the library, she said, "Admiral, I know you are friends with Admiral Lot. Keep her out of my way, if I see her, she's getting a right hook from me. I owe her that at least for my crewmates and family"
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                                  "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
                                  -Lord Commander Solar Macharius
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                                  Betezed 2411. (Mirror universe)

                                  "Your Intel had better be good, E, or we can all kiss our hides goodbye." said the Terran to his human co-conspirator.

                                  "Your doubting me now? I'm shocked Archer, personally I thought you'd have asked if I felt up to field work still... After so much time behind a desk that is." Emma said. "Shut your mouth and let's get what we came for." she playfully punched the males shoulder.
                                  "Cobra to Phantom, we are in position... Ghost and Bat begin!"

                                  The five teams on the roofs ducked as a remote explosive went off, and guards started mobilizing. Then Bat group began snipping imperials, drawing further attention before they went to disappear.

                                  The team on the roof of the compound began their move, rappelling down the side of the structure. Once at ground level, the team incapacitated the two patrols, and entered the building- silent as death.

                                  Once inside E smirked, as the lights went out, the emergency systems kicking in.

                                  10 minutes until the virus destroyed itself.... Plenty of time.... Dagger signaled in: Imperial communications were offline- time to move!

                                  Archer and Roy ran past security check points, leaving nearly 30 surprised commando corpses in their wake. Most never had the opportunity to know what killed them.

                                  The starfleet intelligence agent tackled the last MACO slamming her head into the console on the wall.
                                  "Thanks for your help..." Roy said as she removed the armored glove, a moment later the forcefield went down. Emma walked into the cell and out of her smoke screen. "Admiral Nathan Valdez?" She looked down at individual slouching on the floor who slowly looked up at her.
                                  "Took you long enough..."
                                  "I've been here for 21 years Admiral, your the one who's late." she retorted. "Now let's get out of here."

                                  "Wait, wait my"

                                  "I have my best people going to get your daughter, Sir. We could join them if we hurry... Now I have a question: Phaser rifle or pistol?"
                                  Why do I still play and put money into STO?
                                  The Foundry, and my love of Star Trek
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