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  • Sighs. Figured we’d eventualy get g17 armor but just thinking about the +2/+3 shards I’ve bought the last few months makes me half wish I’d waited
  • Sounds like your asking when to charge, the best time is when there is a charge rewards promotion or bonus gold/(zen) offer going on. While I doubt anyone gives away gold in the homestead a lot of people buy it that way in order to take advantage of spend promotions.
  • Heard they fixed to $200 per toon this afternoon.
  • The christmas, Valentines day, and easter evens were all non cash shop, had story plot, quest etc.... Also gms events occasionally its not all cash shop events, just most.
  • It it makes you feel any better mine disappeared too lol, I have free spaces and Im postive I didnt sell it because I put it in the top riht hand corner of the bank when i got it and havent taken it out... It disapeared about 2-3 wks ago, but i didnt bother submitting a ticket because they never seem to get back to me and…
  • I've done this with both offers, we are going on 17 days for the first and 4 for the other.... I can honestly say this turns me away from the game, as its bad management by both companies. I've beena heavy charger on my main account, but I do not foresee any more charging when you have to wait this long for the reward for…
  • I dont want to double post, but i just posted the answer to this problem in the glithc thread in which you also posted
  • If you read what I wrote: both offers say awarded in minutes... Im on 2 wks for one and 2 hrs for the other.. I wanted to know how long the support should take to investigate it. also confused about how this fits in cash shop lol... Maybe technical difficulties but its a bit ambiguous for cash shop.
  • well quite frankly im pissed... I dont get my check till tom which was perect.
  • You still have to be 75 to get in, I tried to take a lvl 70 cleric and it told the player they were too low to accept the quest.
  • How do you sell a none tradeable mount?
  • The quests have all changed to reflect the new frostlands... I personally agree, at least before I could farm the curvades, and get some decent experience and pots by myself... I wouldnt mind so much if I could still open it in solo, but having to get four ppl over lvl 75 is annoyning-especially when you like to run solo.