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  • Still, what a wonderfully broken thing to have haha!
  • Any word on if this particular skill made it into our version of the Gunner? If so I'm glad I started one rotflmao. 2:52/6:35 https://youtu.be/cXSpbfN4kH8?t=172
  • I originally thought the same thing, however take a closer look at the so-called mount. A closer look makes the mount look more like an energy projection similar to the Barb's Mighty Swing skill. Until we know for sure I'd place a bet that the mount itself is part of the skill animation. We're probably witnessing the…
  • @jsxshadow So basically at an Endgame level with equal gears current meta EAs will outshine SBs in mass any day of the week. Is Sb good for anything these days? Predictable and easily block-able combo in 1v1s and dies too much from hardly any focus in mass. Where exactly does the class fit? Go sz every 5mins while ulti is…
  • We had same issue on a p.server that I play on. The tornado was scaled down by a player to about the size of a char. The range itself is still the same but the animation doesnt totally kill your FPS. Granted you have to be a bit more careful to keep in mind the range of the skill compared to the animation. But if a player…
  • Yea i've seen that thread before. But my friend said he read something about the passive reducing any physical damage no matter the range not just auto atks. At this point I wish I had a friend with a better memory. :s
  • Can someone post screen shots of the demon primal skills? Thanks :)