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  • Here's a somewhat optimal way to level, based on expediting the process of reaching levels at which you start unlocking key dailies / events: **There's usually a code for a free pack that nets you pots and more importantly, free hypers - 10 free hypers to start out makes your levelling much easier. **For all levels, free…
  • Purchase, free from guildies (people stash a LOT of **** in this game), or EU at 95 are the only options.
  • When grinding, remember that TIME is your most valuable resource. Having recently made the run from 90 to 100, I can say that the most time-efficient quests to be doing are (I won't put the level ranges here as other posts have already commented): 1) Spring awakening: 750k+ exp for ... 10 minutes of work 2) Bounty Hunter…
  • I got it too after I charged 20 gold to my account.
  • Kind of a newbie question here, but does anyone know the highest level Herc-soloable TT is (unevolved, for simplicity sakes)?
  • I don't see this game as something you grind for hours on end. Maybe just a 30 min to 1 hour type deal where any time spent after the first hour doing dailies and events provides severely diminishing returns. Mid level instances need to provide worthwhile rewards .... (not nuemas catering to high levels only ffs), and they…
  • Seems there is a lot of negativity surrounding this latest event. I think the prizes are okay for the rewards they give (exp is the more important one, mostly). But I didn't have a lot of trouble turning into the animal they asked for... just waited for the lemur to turn me into an animal, and it never took longer than…
  • R2 as in... ranked equipment!! And pve would be any of the end-game dungeons that would hopefully accept someone without ranked equipment!
  • Okay, please disregard. I was just being an idiot and the characters are still there after all. Thank you for responses.
  • Ever heard of the stock market? And for those trying to monopolize a market, that happens all the time irl as well. It's debatable whether it's ethical or not, considering it's a game of the rich getting richer, but such is the state of the world today. At any rate, monopolizing a market is DAMN hard in this game, where…
  • Don't understand all the QQ about merchants. If NOBODY merchants, then how would you expect to find half the **** that you want when they're off sale? On the flip side, the very existence of merchants rely on people are willing to buy. That in itself means that merchants play an important role in the economy. Of course…
  • Thanks for all the great insight!
  • Lol XD. So basically, solo mode > squad mode... and is doable with a walker in your 60s. Interesting...
  • Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! On a related note, if I were to shard my gear in the 5X-7X levels, and keeping in mind future selling value, would it be best to go pure cits, pure garnets, or a mix of both? I'm rolling with about 500 pdef at the moment, and physical mobs are usually hitting me for 400-500 hp. How…