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  • Lol obviously you can't rely on quests only for a solid income....20M itself is massive compared to what quests gave back in the day. ~ Ruby_Inferno
  • Ok so does that mean we have a choice to refine the tome: Either we use the old school dragon orbs or a new method that will be introduced solely for refining tomes? Thanks Wyvooo <3 <3! ~ Ruby_Inferno
  • What I'm still curious about is this new window we see with the Emperor Tome in it, it says we refine it at the elder - is it going to be the regular refining way? or will they add some more BS to it? (as if refining isn't already excruciatingly expensive). ~ Ruby_Inferno
  • "Players can practice the Heavenly Mantra. After refining will increase the amount of gas. Gradually, the higher the wish after the refining. Refinement at the elders of the city" -First level of 100 rebirths - The realms of the military to reach the White Army - Imprisonment missions will open the new area Liu Huỳnh…
  • I just really hope it doesn't introduce more lag....if it is actually optimized for efficient GPU usage I'll be more than happy.... :/ This. At this point this game's FPS is a massive issue. Nothing is worse than watching it run at 10FPS on a machine that is a massive overkill for it already....lets hope they actually…
  • You, sibyllin are the real Joke here, 24/7 Nuema Portal CatShop garbage. Stick to your CatShop or uninstall and **** off. ^^ ~ Ruby_Inferno
  • Thanks Aster! Any info on Wizard skills will be appreciated! c:
  • A Chinese friend from PWCN just linked me some images of the skill changes/new skills, any translations would be nice: https://tinyurl.com/y6wh5usp ~ Ruby_Inferno
  • How? can you explain a bit :o and you didn't quite get my point when I talked about 100% weapon damage vs 800%, I knew the ratio of increased damage via 800% weapon damage to 100% remains the same. I was talking about it in terms of actual damage dealt. For insance: With constant damage adds ignored: At some low level you…
  • I am not LiquidLove :D Yes I know the ratio of increased damage from 800% weapon damage vs 100% will remain constant, same Weapon Attack is being used in both cases. That was not what I was saying I was talking about the multiplier itself, as in 800% (or 8x) vs 100% (1x). and yeah, very good. 63.6% higher damage extra from…
  • Oh so you mean that the % weapon damage added remains the same despite the refines? I thought the % weapon damage is affected by the current value of weapon attack (refine inclusive). Edit: I just checked the equations on PWpedia and according to them refines do affect the % of Weapon Damage (seen as weapon attack on…
  • No problem my man! Yeah, that was just a typical scenario that came to mind, but sure with PvE it doesn't really matter much so you're good! :)
  • Choice of skill during fights is going to be highly subjective in every situation. In some situations you might be forced to use skills with longer channeling despite having other options (which would be inferior in certain cases), for instance, facing a Wizard (who has Pyroshell enabled), your choice of skill usage will…
  • At this point, doesn't matter. Just mix some Citrines and Garnets. You'll be fine. Once you are nearing end game, you should aim for JOSDs, all over. Cheers
  • Sure bro! I'm down for it whenever you wanna, would be happy to discuss this with you. :) Yep! exactly, and I would definitely recommend R9r3 for yoloing myself! :D Cheers <33333 c: EDIT: Never-mind, tested this R9r4 weapon thoroughly & even saw there's no damage difference between R9r3 and R9r4 which makes R9r3 massively…
  • LOL XDD IKR! I'd do it too but then again, there's only so many cues that scream "TROLL" that I just look at the pablum of garbage that passes before my eyes and laugh...xDD This! (in Bold) Eir you've literally summed it all up nicely in a few lines, props for that! - I pondered a lot over this & finally concluded there…
  • You are a true veno!! you just like living dangerously! XD <333 B)
  • I didn't say that! I said compared to the 2% channeling, they're more significant. :P On their on, nope xD ~ Ruby_Inferno
  • @jsxshadow Anytime my man! <3 and yesss!! I think those extra 2 attack levels are way more significant compared to the loss of 2% channeling which should virtually make no difference at all XD So its all good! :D :# ~ Ruby_Inferno
  • Big GZ to my man again! <3 but yeah omggg! it spins my head just thinking about 14 rolls .... XDD @[email protected] ~ Ruby_Inferno
  • YASSSS!! Mangooooo <33333 (Its Marengo but I had to say it! XD :3) @shade13 ~ Ruby_Inferno
  • Welp! I still love my damage boost + that 5% crit <33333 Not going back to R9r3 & certainly not Warsong again. XDDDD ~ Ruby_Inferno
  • Wait....what? so you keep the +12ed CN Weap AND get a free R9r3? is this officially happening or is it a mistake? xD ~ Ruby_Inferno
  • Alright, my take: Archer: BatYeena (I see a lot of potential in this guy, a sharp and capable fighter) Assassin: WIcked, Incursio, Sizzz Barbarian: Joe, flameofwar, Akira_Green Blademaster: Xiyie Cleric: Yuyi Psychic: Kaizuko Wizard: Auragen, gnar Seeker: Seeker_King, Vyrrg Mystic: xJosey Venomancer: kitashi Duskblade:…
  • You too my man! I'm not a fan of living in fantasies but I hope you sure have a blast! <3 n_n
  • I honestly have no interest in such posts but you compelled me to do so ..... but whatever, we're done here lol, have a good day dude. o/
  • Very cool stories, stories is all you are, just like your main protagonist Ararat. :) Sorry, he's not better. My proofs are spot on & you're just a mentally challenged idiot with an IQ of a fish stick. ^__^ Bye proof-less tard, cool stories! o/
  • Yeah you're absolutely right, everything this guy has said is a joke to begin with, just all talk. Thanks for the positive words! @dregenfox <3 :)
  • Yeah the fact is still there. You make absolute statements like: "All videos are edited, manipulated, yadda yadda" & stories with no proof, telling others to "Go see for yourself", things expected from chip idiots like you. The fact is definitely still there. You're a fraud & he's definitely not better! You're the one…
  • You really are amazing, with these vague statements claiming my 200+ videos are "all edited", lol ok. My videos are not edited. You make no sense and I couldn't care less *shruggs*. Anyone like you can come up and say "XYZ is better" & that has 0 credibility. I'm the proof, you're a fraud. No he's not better. Thanks :)