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  • @brofisters Tempest dragon rushed Echo in first 5 minutes of battle completely ignoring PvP so don't pretend that Tempest was using last resorts or whatever they are just as guilty as Crisis and every other faction that attempted to do this for guar…
  • Joe just wants an excuse to trash talk people with endgame gear he's been whining over gear in literally every thread and youtube video. I saw him even try to trash talk one of the wiki admins nvm the fact that they did all this work for pwi players…
  • Eh I will wait a week or two to see what pwe does before I decided what to do
  • I saw no difference fighting people with that gear free jades had a bigger impact to the game imo all them are big CSers anyway genesia can delete me with or without arena gear lol and i'm a jaded seeker they wont ban that guy
  • Maybe they closed it to sort out the rankings lol
  • @blazerboy You missed brawls satyrion prolly juliya and not sure but there is another team from vindi but i dont know if they crafted anything yet but their names on rankings
  • Thats not why you get hate and dislikes mate if you didnt notice almost everyone in pwi agrees sins need nerf but 1. You are very extremely disrespectful to other players unless its ruby and kitashi who I guess are your BFFs 2. You never give credi…
  • There are more than 3 people with final cast arena gear lol prolly some of them just hide it in bank. They should just disqualify 6v6 completely or do a datapull and disqualify all characters that were are less than 1 year old aka pill alts
  • @jsxshadow why don't you move in the middle of a forest since you clearly don't need any human to carry you and society is pointless? build a house and hunt for food easy life
  • They really need to bring back sc mats to dailies its ridiculous that pw made sc harder and harder to get instead of making it easier like how old content is supposed to be
  • Ah yes the gear excuse. Serga said echo NP sins can 1shot half crisis but crisis has same gear NP sins too. I guess crisis leader thinks his own members suck since apparently crisis NP sins can't 1shot anyone ok.
  • pwi gives crappy gifts = QQ pwi gives nice gifts = QQ pwi = QQ
  • There is a reason lost city was full of vit build demon venos but ok let's give IW to all classes it's not broken guys all good lel.
  • I like how you are using multiple alt accounts to make the same thread over and over. Pretty obvious who you are now go report them if their pixels bother you so much... oh wait youre also breaking the tos and made an entire video qqing over getting…
  • Arigora is made for China's big playerbase but pwi doesn't have that so they gotta understand we need changes. I guess a pwi-only npc or forge would work and remove or lower score limits by a lot. Problem is we don't have many people doing arena. Mo…
  • This game really needs to make account selling legal and make PWE put a tax or fee on the account selling so they gain money too. I know A LOT of people who quit but want to buy an account and come back but they don't do it cause ppl will report and…
  • Tbh I don't think joe, ruby or kitashi are bad players. They clearly have some skill and can pull some combos, they much better than some other players I've seen. And idk anything about kitashi but joe and ruby have an attitude, a fragile ego that g…
  • Ppl are suddenly worried about small factions? they werent worried about small factions getting good fights when they attacked them in tw to quickly gain lands so whys xtw different? lol isn't xtw sipposed to be about the best factions of each ser…
  • Last i heard China players were complaining about demon ironwood especially in the arena so i dont know why they dont nerf this skill already. Demon venos can do just fine without it. Seekers i think are not a popular class in China? so i think the…
  • Don't worry someone will surely come and say it was just class balance so its all excused it makes all gear and teamwork irrelevant
  • PWE has no devs only china does and if archers are fine in china then they will not get any updates especially not pwi specific ones. It sucks but thats how it is and we gotta deal with it.
  • you were in hoorah when vindi beat them in tw, your tw strategy was garbage and you raged worse than a baby on vent cussing ppl and then got offended when someone talked back at you and you ragequit faction, i was there when all this happened i als…
    in US vs. THEM Comment by booker27 May 2017
  • > ppl say vindi beating echo in xTW is not an achievement since echo is clearly a weaker and worse faction > wadzio starts talking about beating origin in TW #NiceLogicMate i should have known it was you lol you havent changed since we were…
    in US vs. THEM Comment by booker27 May 2017
  • theres a big difference between boasting over beating an actual challenging enemy and beating someone weaker who you can beat 100% no problem but you do you mate I take you also celebrate beating no shows lel such achievement much wow
    in US vs. THEM Comment by booker27 May 2017
  • theres a big difference between boasting over beating an actual challenging enemy and beating someone weaker who you can beat 100% no problem but you do you mate I take you also celebrate beating no shows lel
    in US vs. THEM Comment by booker27 May 2017
  • imsorry but its hilarious that vindi is boasting about beating echo when echo was clearly weaker and nowhere near close to the power they had as origin or hoorah lmao even outsiders like me can see that maybe they are stronger now with new members b…
    in US vs. THEM Comment by booker27 May 2017
  • people still care about tw spawn killing in 2017?
  • i dont think we ever had an xtw season that didnt glitch or break at some point lol
  • lmao this convo is hilarious If a db loses 1v1 vs anything thats not a sin then the db is just bad. dbs are literally the top 1v1 class excl. sins lol you 100% sound like you rolled db for ez wins then wow surprise you have to actually learn how to…