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  • Your avatar's familiar...maybe we've met, or I've at least seen you about once before on the forums way back? Either way, I agree with your sentiments regarding the game. While I still love the locations and lore behind the world,things are anywhere but a good spot right now with the cash shop's prominence, gear disparity…
  • Man, on one hand...Huge freaking map to roam and lots of potential lore to go with it On the other...I can already feel the grind and imagine the "best" runes either being in packs or the Cash Shop Meanwhile, any gaps in gear imbalance will never be addressed in a good way and only widened. I really want to be excited for…
  • The Text on the right is hard to read. ​​
  • ^Banned for being the last post in this thread since a month has passed~ :
  • Not sure if its Share the Stealth, but it looks like: You enter stealth for 8 seconds (could be Shadow Walk/Esc?) with an additional +12 stealth level added Cannot be targeted for 2 seconds after(?) (or unable to be detected) Attack Speed reduced by 200% during your time in Stealth. That "Roll back the throw" part is…
  • >Disturb Soul That's actually neat that it can deal some damage, but I worry that it'll trigger Purify Spell on hit sometimes, completely negating its secondary effect. Would have also been great if it were an 8m AoE at least, even if it didnt deal damage. >Red Tide Lowering the Spark cost helps, but its still not really…
  • To be honest, the only thing I want for the anniversary (this one or the next) is something good being introduced that will last through the rest of the game's life. That said, I also wouldnt mind the Anni-emecee being brought back and the House of Resentment being open for the entire month of the Anniversary, too~
  • I'm honestly surprised it took this long. Congratulations.
  • >Allowing anyone to directly image link (like above) could lead to something problematic >Lacking Sweetiebot >No link next to any particular subforum showing the most recently bumped thread/discussion (at least in Class Discussion) >Search function is kinda messy >Forum sigs size limit is 2huge >Forum avatars are 2tiny >No…
  • The older ones were comfier, but this, I don't see them undoing anytime soon....
  • The Eye of the Jungle Ornaments are belts. The Puzzle Badges are necklaces. If you want to compare two high end belts, that would be between Warsong Barrier/Lock and Heart/Eye of the Jungle. Personally though, I found the Jungle belt to be cheaper (to acquire the material for) than the Warsong one. The Jungle belt's…