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just wanted to throw a small tip out there...

elinshoeelinshoe Posts: 12 Arc User
edited June 2015 in Cleric
Throughout my years of playing the game, I have noticed that towards the endgame, most clerics tend to get a set of defense gears, which is especially useful for difficult dungeons or PVP. However, although I do not deny the usefulness of having a phys defense necklace, belt, and rings, I wanted to suggest the idea of getting two sets of gears.

I feel like this is something that lots of endgame clerics do not take advantage of: Having a set of gears dedicated for channeling/damage, and another set of gears dedicated for survivability. For example, if you are fighting a boss with high magic damage aoe, and you cannot BB, you may find it useful to switch your gears into a channeling setup temporarily, so you can quickly cast your chromatic healing beams. If you are tanking a magic boss, you may also find it useful to have lots of channeling and DDing as opposed to a phys neck/belt/rings.

Another tip I do want to give is to pay attention to the channeling/DD and defense/HP tradeoff ratio. I listed below the 2 sets of gears I use, in order from lowest to highest defense to channeling/DD tradeoff ratio.

general's badge/sky cover+10 (the other ring is the r9 ring, but r8 and sky cover interchange)
Jones Blessing/O'Malley Blessing (having both is non-negotiable)
-12% chan necklace/puzzle cube vain+10
-12% chan belt/r9r belt
LG robe with citrines/matchless wings with jades
r8 chest/r9r chest

The above is just an example, and the 2 sets I use. I calculated the damage/channeling to defense/HP ratios myself, and this is the order I came up with. In other words, if I am using my defense set (on the right), and I needed more DDing, the first thing I would switch is my ring. Then if I need more, Id switch blessings, then necklace, then belt, and then cape, in that order. I only switch chestpieces when damage doesn't matter, but I just need a ton of channeling, such as a quick rez or buff, or when gathering chi. Your sets may, and probably will, look different from mine, and if you are full r9r or r9rr, you may not want to switch off that belt so quickly or you would lose your complect bonus. The sets are completely up to you, as long as you calculate your own tradeoff ratios to determine the order they come in. If you are an endgame cleric, at least have 2 sets of capes, necklaces, blessings, and rings.

Make sure you put the gears onto your quick-access bar. I have attached a picture that shows my own quick-access bar.


Go ahead and create your own two sets of gears, and you will enjoy how useful it is to switch back and forth depending on what you are doing.
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  • sinithskysinithsky Posts: 31 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    As someone with a cleric as a main i understand where you are coming from and that you're trying to be helpful, but keep in mind that all the gear you suggest is pretty much ultimate endgame gear requiring hundreds of millions of coin and a ton of gold, also the -12% channeling peices are really rare and not easy to make either as the stats obtrained if made are based on being lucky.
    So a few cheaper alternatives for some of the gear for those who cant afford your suggestions
    for those looking at these cheaper options, i would suggest refining if your budget allows it


    Neck/ Sky Demon's Pearl/ TT99 Archangle's pendent

    Belt/ Anger of Beast's Soul or the Level 40 Eye of the Jungle/ TT99 Archangel's sash

    Rings/ band from heaven's jail or Ring of heavenly lord*/ FF gold Auspcious Ring Order or Lunar gold rings

    *Note for new players on the defense rings. Rings must be refined to gain defensive values
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  • elinshoeelinshoe Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    Yes, sorry, that is what I meant. I was just using a set as an example, and personally I find that the closer you are towards, endgame, the more likely you are to use two sets of gear, because you will find yourself PVP/NW/TWing more (hence need defense and HP), and you may also find yourself being able to survive with channeling gear on in certain PVE cases (therefore, not as much defense is necessary), so it becomes useful to be able to switch between the two.

    @sinithsky, the gears you suggested are very a good example and quite attainable. The one thing from my set that I suggested everyone have was both the Jones and the O'Malley blessing. If possible, then it is good to have both a phys defense and a channeling necklace/belt. If you have a little bit more money, then you may consider getting a channeling cape with cape of elite leather/cloudcharger. If you aren't endgame, I suggest you hold off on getting a phys ring, because phys rings only become really useful with high refines.

    Basically, I think we agree that it doesn't matter what the exact items are, so long as they create versatility for the player to perform all sorts of roles.
    For men, waking up is the second hardest thing in the morning.
  • Satyrion - SanctuarySatyrion - Sanctuary Posts: 255 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    Im sitting on -57% channelling with my r999 cleric for PvE, I think o.o
    I made a -9% necklace when I was farming chi stones, had an old cape from TM69 with -6% channelling, and the -3% helm is pretty cheap now. Then my r9 ring comes with channelling of course, and I use my r8 ring also with -6% channelling.
    It's actually not so much for the channelling I use all this gear, but because I'm lazy to account stash my gear every day back and worth between my main and my cleric. b:chuckle
    I suppose I were lucky to get the max channelling (-10%) on my r999 glaive, while my pants are just -5%, but thats good too I guess.
    Having r999 full refined to +8 and all incomparable shards from weekly, I feel she is more than enough tanky for PvE. My Wings of Ascension, Star Destiny and the NW necklace... Yea that's a bit overpowered if just for PvE. I'm only stashing it over if I want to do any PvP related things on her.
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  • Deliylah - MoraiDeliylah - Morai Posts: 34 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    Well it does sound like a good idea and I saw clerics that use channeling setup, but its just not my cup of tea.
    I think that most of cleric skills already have good channel/cast time, and when u combine that with average channeling u get these days and possible sage magic shell buff... Im happy with that! b:laugh

    But ya, thats just my personal preference, but I do give thumbs up for idea!
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