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    LOL you shouldn't use words you don't understand. b:chuckle



    - a person who displays or exaggerates their discomfort or distress in order to obtain sympathy or admiration
    "she wanted to play martyr"
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    LOL you shouldn't use words you don't understand. b:chuckle
    ^ iq comparable to fried chicken
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    I don't necessarily disagree, but to be honest a mod posting this and stickying it is complete and utter BS.

    Hope the thread gets removed and - if - you had a legal contract when you got the position, I'd reread it, because I'm fairly sure you just broke it.

    Good luck in whatever you do.

    I find your statement, for lack of better wording to be the most stupid thing i have heard uttered. You obviously have not played this game long at all and should sit down and keep your back seat comments silent. I hope that as a final act fuzzy removes your posting ability for saying such utter stupid things...

    On a personal note: Well said Fuzzy, you have been one of the best and most active mod/staff that this game has ever seen. You truly have earned our respect and for saying the things that MANY PLAYERS not only CASH player but FREE players have been thinking and saying for a while now.

    As for PWI MAIN STAFF: May you see that NO LONGER will the players lay down and take this abuse and lack of order... SOMETHING is to be done or more players are going to start taking their money into other games. This has already begun on Lost City server where as the server population has already dropped over 50% because of the incompetence. So if all you care about is money thing about these last parting words.....

    Fix the game keep getting money, DONT and watch that cash flow drop more and more...

    Good day,
    Best of luck Fuzzy
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    If you started to play after the one year anniversary, then you never experienced this game at its best time....

    Never a truer statemnt posted on these forums! b:victory
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    If this doesn't wake up the powers that be, then they will never stir from their slumber, and this is the beginning of the end for pwi. Get off your arses and start to communicate with your playerbase, or lose them, and the money they throw into this game.
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    - a person who displays or exaggerates their discomfort or distress in order to obtain sympathy or admiration
    "she wanted to play martyr"

    Nope, that's just a person craving attention. Don't use words like martyr to describe an attention seeker.

    Most of us already know that fuzzy is a bit of a self-absorbed ****. We can see it in the way he writes. And that's why he stickied his thread in the first place.

    I have always found him annoying and still do, but I agree that communication within this community is gone. But I doubt that this will have any affect on anything because this thread won't live long. It'll either get deleted, depthed, or it will die.

    If anyone should be a martyr, it should be someone that people on forums actually like. b:chuckle
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    Im not surprised. All this laziness coming from PWI making Mod's to leave cuz they are too tired with protectin PWI's butts with answering on player's QQs. Fuzzy you got my sympathy, cuz u told the trouth and you're the one who will be noticed.

    Im wondering, why this thread is still here and noone swept it under the carpet... ^^
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    i wonder if fuzzyfuzzy still watching :3
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    I'm clearly a bit late to the party on this one, but let me throw out something that (to my knowledge) isn't being considered.

    See, you can't put all the blame on PWE and wanmei for the cancer of negativity that Fuzzy mentioned. We, the forumers, are the face of this community, not PWE/wanmei or even the mods/CM. And when people come in here and see thread after thread of cynicism and trolling, that's not doing much to help the situation.

    When I see threads by newbies asking if the game is any good, or old players asking if they should come back, and they're greeted with messages telling them to get out at all costs... this is a problem. It doesn't matter if that's (subjectively) true or not. There are ways to warn people of PWI's problems that actually give them a full picture of the situation. "Don't come back it sucks now" is not a constructive opinion. It is, rather, the opinion of someone who doesn't believe the game is salvageable. And if it's not salvageable, what's the point in complaining about it?

    PWE/wanmei may be at fault for our discontent, but we still need to deal with it constructively rather than just lashing out at the CM every time an expansion comes out. You have to put a method to your madness or it's only going to become so much useless noise.

    I'm legitimately sorry to see Fuzzy go. Not so much because I knew the guy very well, but because it just puts the cherry on top of the negativity sundae that people here seem to have been gorging themselves on for years.
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    To Fuzzy,

    Good bye & Good Luck; you will be missed :( I remember voting for you & I think you did a GREAT job; I don't know how you put up with it for as long as you did! I have never had a job being a forum mod & I would never want one; they'd replace me in a week because I'd tell all the whiny, stupid people that they were whiny & stupid.

    I can't believe the level of ignorance it takes for some people to be on these forums & in this thread posting saying that YOU are the crybaby & immature for making this post & expressing your frustration over the lack of involvement/caring for this game from its management & owners. It's perfectly ok for THEM & other players to get on here & post about all the things they dislike, but not you??? REALLY??!! Seriously??!! If anybody had/has a right to get on here & post something like this; I think it would be a mod or a CM or GM; at least they have some REAL knowledge of what does or doesn't go on with the game's management!! When's the last time any of y'all had any contact with any of the management team????

    And while I'm at it; have any of you never read through a thread made by players that get on here & QQ constantly about things THEY don't like or disagree with??? Most of them sound like they are two year olds having a temper tantrum because they missed a nap! I can't tell you the number of threads I've read where I felt like getting on & telling people that. I may not have a high post count because I don't like to waste my time arguing with stupid people that I don't even know. I'm a manager in real life & I spend enough of my real life time doing it; without doing it on a forum thread with people who I don't know & for the most part don't care to know. But some of these posts just made me see red & I just couldn't keep my mouth shut anymore in the presence of such blatant stupidity & ignorance.

    /end of rant @ stupid people *smh*

    And bye Fuzzy <3
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    Goodbye Fuzzy! You will be missed. b:thanks
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    I have not really played PWI for over a week now...not that many people care or that i care if they even notice. To get on the forums and see this post is truly disheartening. The very fact that a forum mod such as the well known Fuzzy finally has to speak out to the lack of care PWE has given PWI speaks very loudly. I hope that PWE takes heed of what you say and maybe learns a lesson but i will probably not be around much to care or notice. This game has become a treasure trove or pricks and morons....when i first started playing people were way nicer and actually helped each other out to at least some extent. Now it is almost impossible to get ANYTHING done unless you have good friends.

    When i first started playing a was a complete and utter was my first mmo and i had a completely random person i didnt even know run me thru the basics. Now when i see people asking for help it is sad....i will hear the same cries for help or guidance from a person i dont even know repeatedly before ANYONE bothers to care or notice, and you may ask why but the reason is clear. PWE has made this game such a power hungry game. If your not a huge player with good gear or you dont know people then you dont know anything. They give us new content and say good luck figuring out how to work it. They give us a plethora of glitches with every content update and take forever to fix them...if they ever do or they just remove what they dont wanna fix. People cant get anything done anymore unless they are already well set in the game. New players are few and far between....most of which leave shortly after trying to get into the game due to the lack of real care of the player base.

    This game needs a reboot. We need to go back to basics...while i understand it is free to play pay to win they need to take away some of the **** that makes this game such a power trip...its supposed to be a fun experience not a constant race to see who is the best as fast as possible. No one does anything anymore except hyper lvl to 100 and they learn NOTHING. While i may log on from time to time to say hi to my great friends i have made during my years playing pwi i will not be a regular anymore myself. I hope for you Fuzzy that wherever you go you thrive it is a sad day to see a player such as yourself go.
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    Bye Fuzzy.

    I disagree with anyone saying this was inappropriate. Fuzzy has balls, and preaches the truth like it's biblical. b:bye

    I'd quit too, but I just can't. I'm waiting for the right game to just carry me away off my feet from here.. Until then, I'm sticking around on this sinking boat.
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    Bye bye Fuzzy I wish you well.
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    bumping you good bye have fun and take care little fuzzyfur ball XD
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    Fuzzy, sad to see you leave dear friend!

    Have a wonderful 2014 and hope to meet you one day in RL and shake your hand!
    You are a great person, a well of knowledge and PWI community will miss you dearly!

    If someone hates you for no reason, then give that **** a reason!b:chuckle
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    Hi to be honest I don't really know you and don't really like the way you post either, not professional enough for a MOD, you say that MMO's should have communication from player base and they do, most of it its QQ'rs and to be honest this feeds more QQ and more drama.

    I feel that game is back on track and now we do have the right people again doing stuff they know how to do, its a game there's glitches, bugs and all that QQ'rs all the time that don't really help the community at all, just like this thread.

    Like I said i don't know you and just wish you the best and that you as ex MOD wouldn't had made such a thread, I would never ever had done it if I was on your shoes no matter the reasons, just more unnecessary QQ and shows your lack of skill for the task even when its to say goodbye.

    PS: Some games I have played in the past have forums just for players to talk among them and QQ about stuff, sure staff will filter info but that's it, your "job" was to moderate the forum I think.

    Seems to me you just want some attention(QQ) from the community that selected you to represent them(me) and its to us you are turning your back, even tho thanks for the time you spent helping us.
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    Aw Fuzzy you will be missed. I hate to say it but I totally understand where you are coming from. If PWI doesn't tighten things up, it is history.
    The reward of patience is patience b:heart
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    can I have ur stuff

    er ahem....

    cheetah thinks he would like all your stuff. woods is woods


    ok serious time.

    I don't like to think doom and gloom, but damn if it sure doesn't seem like everything is set up to pull the plug. just milk it until it starts only breaking even, then kill it.

    secondly, I believe that a load of full r9+12's hanging around for years is no good for the game, so they have to royally PO those top people periodically so they ragequit. PWI already got their money. get rid of them so they don't intimidate the lowbies anymore and then new people see the chance to sell their car for top gear

    rinse repeat. take their money, make them mad and leave, next...

    I wont commit to any particular end gear, because it isn't. it is until the next reshuffle end gear.
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    He has enough credit to do it...

    He wasn't supposed to do it as a MOD, but PWI also wasn't supposed to ignore the game like it is doing... so it was fair in my point of view.

    Thank you for caring about the player's community for all this time, take care Fuzzy !!!

    When I started they had only PWI... now they have 15 games and seems like they simply can't hold them. Good Job PWE go ahead with this planless money hunt ..............
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    To see this from a mod who has been a mod for the longest time is very discouraging and it tells us, the community, just how far PWI has fallen. I've been here since Dec. '08 and when I joined I thought this was the most beautiful game I had ever seen. The community then was very friendly, the GMs and CM didn't ignore us and it felt like a wonderful game and before I knew it I spent about 2.5k on this game. If I had known this game was going to fall this far I would have never put any money into this game.

    I think this should be back to a sticky, so whoever is looking at this forum from PWE can see just how much of a crappy job they are doing.

    I wish you the best of luck Fuzzy and Happy New Year.
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    what have us at rusty hearts done? O.O we sparked horror
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    I really havent been checking any other sections of forums so I happened to miss this post, but in response to your original posts fuzzy, I agree with everything you said, the way pwi has treated their player base, the people who allow the company to make a profit and even exist! The way pwi treats their playbase now is disgusting. You were a great mod and you will be missed Fuzzy, and good luck to all your future endeavours, but first, major props for going out with a bang like this.
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    still remember the day you solo'd fb29 for my wee little sin 3 years back for my weapon token quest. thanks for your work!
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    Fuzzy, I have always enjoyed your posts and will greatly miss them. And I totally agree with your views on lack of communication with this game. It is pretty sad that we as players have to post on a thread what changes we see in the game good/bad/ugly because Wamei wont, or cannot, tell us what the changes to the game are. This is greatly lacking in this game.

    For whatever reason I have seen the game deteriorate majorly since summer. We cannot have broken upon broken upon broken content with each update/expansion and nothing get fixed and expect the servers to remain stable. Patch notes used to at least give us at least some informaton as to the changes, but since summer, thats virtually non-existent. And lack of a full-time CM is another red flag for me.

    On another note, since Wamei has rehired the old dev team, I realize they will need time to fix things if that is part of their goal (instead of just creating new). And some things have been fixed (but not enough for me personally). I will continue the read the forums and see if this continues or not. BUT the communicaton has to improve also. I'm tired of seeing threads from players on the changes in the game when this info should be coming from Wamei. Yes there are worst games out there but there are also better ones, I'm currently playing two at the moment that do listen to their player base and patch notes are excellent. Wamei just doesnt seem to have any interests in their player base, well at least their US/EU player base.

    My personal opinion, and this is my opinion, is Wamei eventually wants to kill off the US/EU versions of the game and just focus on the China version. When the cash coming into the game dwindles down to where they are losing money on it, I expect them to shut the game down or leave it in a somewhat playable state with very little patch support. For the time being they will live off the hardcore cash shoppers. And reason why I say hardcore is because I have seen alot less people on the Archosaur server since the rollback.

    This would be a much more enjoyable game if more of the brokenness was fixed and players were listened to. They may even get more new players to come in. As it is now its mostly mains and their alts. Very few actual new players. This game could easily go another 5+ years if more previous broken stuff gets fixed. BUT I'm not holding my breath to see if this game survives.

    I used to be a moderate cash shopper until the rollback. I have changed from a daily player to a maybe once-a-week player and havent put a single cent into the game since. And I was half way into my R9 gear. Thats on hold and am cutting my losses for now. If I see more of the brokenness get fixed, I may play more again, but its a wait and see for me.
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    In honor of Fuzzy's long standing commitment to the PWI forums, I've let this thread continue for the goodbyes.

    I am now closing this thread.

    Farewell Fuzzy and the best to you in all your future endeavors.

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