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    Thank you
    do you have a link for this guide?
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    gaijin6 wrote: »

    Thank you
    do you have a link for this guide?

    Yes, click the red dot next to the players name to see the link. Anytime someone quotes something and it has a little dot, you can click that red dot to see the original source they quoted it from.


    Alternatively, you can click here:
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    I didn`t follow your build guide and I went with one level full magic and then the next 3 mag 1 vit and 1 str it worked pretty goodand you have helped me so muchb
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    Just started playing yesterday and this guide is FANTASTIC for some one new. Thank you! <3
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    After all these years, can we put this bit of misinformation to bed?

    + Highly offensive build. Very low survivability. High damage and healing power.
    - 9 MAG
    - 1 STR

    I grant you that a Pure MAG build leaves a cleric somewhat more susceptible to physical damage; contrariwise, it simultaneously makes a cleric more resilient to magical damage. Moreover, as a cleric's best defense is her ability to self heal, and that higher magic renders proportionally better heals, this build offsets the cleric's physical vulnerability in most situations.

    Like a lot of long-time players, I've leveled up numerous clerics with this build and have experienced no handicap whatsoever; indeed, most of us seem to agree this is the recommended build for a cleric. Furthermore, Pure Magic clerics can solo Magic and Physical bosses much earlier in the game than ANY other class, including venomancers, because of their powerful self-heals.

    Time to set aside the myth of clerics' squishiness. Aside from a Pure MAG, Herc-owning venomancer, no class is more self-sufficient at early and mid levels than a Pure MAG cleric. First-time clerics don't struggle at early levels because of squishiness, they die for lack of finesse, thinking they can go toe to toe with single and multiple mobs, while forgetting to heal themselves. Under these circumstances, adding a point or two of VIT or making an LA build makes them no less vulnerable, it only weakens their potential survivability.
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    That depends too much on player gear and skill. I did all my cleric's low level stuff solo including FBs, culti bosses, regular bosses, and so on. That doesn't mean the average cleric could have done the same.

    The fact is that if you aren't well geared and/or don't know precisely what you're doing, you will go splat as a pure mag cleric until you can gear up or get much better at playing. And skill can't save you from much if you're a 1-shot either way.
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    hi. recently made a cleric and when looking through these guides for a good build i saw that this one is from 2008. is this guide still relevant or is there another guide i should read instead?
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