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  • Description and Goal: Make the enchants bound to slot and not bound to equip. This is a need because different paths lead to different needs. For example Devout Cleric needs more crit than Arbiter (wich needs more arpen, acuraccy, etc). So my companion gear needs to be different in each path. In the current state my devout…
  • When I first downloaded the game (pt-BR) thought I had the wrong file cause news were completely outdated. Then I started play and saw that new itens were in english and the description didn't match the portuguese ones. Changed to english as i have no problems and saw encounters were completely different from what was…
  • If you can't change this behavior cause of performance at last reduce the time to change instances for 30s. It's so annoying and with the slowness to spawn BHEs for legacy campaigns and no timer to indicate when it will spawn sometimes we can't even get before it finishes. I already pointed multiple times that BHEs should…
  • I'm late on feedback, but regarding this considerations I wish to ask some that are not there: - Make enchants bound to slot and not on equip (like the bonding runestones) cause with the prices of press wards is almost impossible to have two perfect builds on the same char. - Conect some paths on old maps like south areas…
  • For me what I always suffer on cleric is sacred flame as I use in Arbiter and Devout. This attack always feels clunky, slow to start cast making a hell when you have to dodge and the animation and sound feels that don't match with the attack.
  • 1 - Sometimes Arcturia "jumps'' the cacooned person and even with full life if you not heal again kills everyone near; 2 - Fire on ground gives to much damage everywhere (Mad Wizards Lair, River District, Master Spellplague Cavern); 3 - Prophecy of Madness is still bad scaled, almost impossible to get gold unless you have…