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  • Couldn't find your guild in game.
  • just completed the tutorial and none of the kills i did on the undead gave credit for that achivement
  • ye i didnt read it in the patch notes either
  • Frozen Heart is actually hard because you need to move and dodge things, The Karrundax fight is about 6-7 minutes with only a rouge attacking the boss and everyone else standing completely still in the double astral shields... obviously you have the option to put more than one rogue on the boss aslong as you stand in the…
  • it only copies stats, not hp or anything else. eldrich runestones works perfect in defensive slots and gives more bonuses at a late level than an offense slot (right?)
  • just because its your opinion that you only need one tr it doesnt mean gf's or gwf's needs to be "fixed". you can manage any dungeon with 4 or 5 trs, same with gwfss and definately with gf's. gf's seem very good right now, they do a lot of damage and they can mitigate a lot and have very high survivability. if you give…
  • TRs and CWs are getting kicked from dungeons aswell, it's the clerics astral shields or that people feel they need clerics in general that is the problem; The problem for public groups. The balance should be made depending on what game content there is, at this point the shield stacking and the knockbacks to instant death…
  • yes ur doing it wrong, ive seen plenty of ppl doing a lot of damage as gwfs
  • theres absolutely nothing wrong with gwf, they do more damage than a rogue in aoe and less in single target. they come out pretty much the same after dungeons. you just have to do it right. however the concern right now should be what tools in terms of nondmg the gwf brings, atm the meta of this game is dominated by 2x…
  • everything but the dungeons and epic dungeons are designed as singleplayer content, that doesn't exclude the possibility of using clever tactics and strategies to beat the dungeons alone. you might want to get some help if you're going to face some of those bosses
  • Tibia had no endgame, but that was a full on world pvp game.
    in End-game Comment by tomasvet May 2013
  • The Cat will wear a belt and the Ioun Stone of Allure (blue) will use an icon. The Max HP isn't transfered from the belt making the icon better. I've yet to see what stats the companions provide at level 25 but judging from the items the stone is superior. The cat only gains recovery and crit but in higher values while the…
  • the launcher stated the patching was due for tomorrow the 13th
  • You're talking about arena pvp where the only objective is to kill eachother. Neverwinter doesn't have that. There's actually an objective and it is to control domination points and that's the only thing that matters. If you want to discuss arena pvp do it elsewhere.
  • I only paid like 10 dollar for 1000 zen or something, 15 euro seemed expensive :S Either way they should be giving out free character talent changes once you reach level 60, you level way to fast and theres room for to many mistakes on your way to 60
  • What about Harvey Dent.., can we trust him?
  • I canceled my wowraid to play tonight! On a serious note though can we ever expect patching or any other form of downtime to occur at other times of the day? Obviously it's rather inconvenient for European players as of now
  • "You will make good slaves for the Great Mother"
  • Yes I had problems on my very first attempt at which point the entire group went furth onto the encounter without any strategy, I wasted my 50 pots and then died at around 50% health left on the dragon. Once we had a strategy for our second attempt I didn't even have to use a single pot as a trickster rogue. The mechanics…
  • Obviously you can't be banned for making a guide, unless the guide is how to exploit a game weakness or some sort of bug, anything that's unintended.
  • Thinking about it I suppose it's pretty neat when gold is hard to obtain, making the sense of accomplishment much greater once you've gathered a set sum of money rather than reaching a certain level and receiving a reward in form of a eg) mount. However, is there any quest or event where the main focus is to reward gold…
  • Yes of course, I forgot to mention you recieve those tokens but temporarely items aren't my favourite kind of items. I suppose I will actually be able to gather some more gold while I'm using temporarely mounts. I found some blue quality equipment in the big market that I could spend some silvers on. Which was especially…