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  • Oh, class imbalance in cash shop games... c'mon, it's an old tactic. One or two classes are godlike so you need to change to one of those classes. What happens if you need to reroll, and if you want to get to the top fast? You spend. Money. Lots of. Look at ANY cash shop centric game releasing a new class. It's…
  • So, random intermediate Q requires 14k. Do the devs realize what 14k means? Usually 3 out of 5 people are in absolutely terrible gear and just don't contribute in any way. Should i even bring 17k needed for advanced Q? You get 17k at lvl 80 with the giveaway quest gear. The rescaled dungeons are insanely hard for randoms.…
  • Well, isn't that the idea, to enjoy the many aspects of the game? For example, I bet that completing the daily heroic event quest in dread ring with all those random players and all the running around is more time consuming than running eToS. Why only one of those has rewards? Why not reward people who are playing the game…
  • I came back to the game less than a month ago, after a long hiatus (left after the dreaded mod 6). Wanted to give the game another go, since i've read that it went into a better direction, saw some nice changes on different forums etc. All good, leveling was fine, enjoyed a few different classes which range now from lvl…
  • Probably a good change for all the other stuff which scales you, except the dungeons. Why can't we be honest? The random dungeons / skirmishes are seen more as a chore necessary to get the AD's. People don't run them for "fun". That's why people speedrun them. Increasing the time it takes to get the rewards while killing…
  • Personally I wouldn't mind the daily cap (again, i fully understand the others that do). The first run bonus on only 1 character does not bother me much either, because running randoms on my 5 different characters is a nasty chore. But, if you take that away and force me to "run salvage", which equals to finding a group…
  • Oh, this might be it, i'll give it a try tomorrow guys and see how it goes and if it's fixed. Odd though, as I've did those quests before and it always was a question mark. I've spoken with only 3 people near the quest giver, might have missed a few. Thanks for the help :) * Mithral Mine was the quest for today
  • No other quests, my quest log was empty. Happened both today and yesterday, with different quests in different zones. I can do the quest as part of Common Cause, I just cannot take it separately :( and some people in my group said they had the same problem... was wondering if it is indeed a problem, if it is acknowledged…