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  • It's not. Those are the vaulted zones: Blacklake District Tower District Blackdagger Ruins Helm's Hold Pirate's Skyhold Rothe Valley Mount Hotenow
  • It looks like completing insurgencies in dark glyphs doesn't counts toward Rage of Bel progress bar. Only normal (B)HE's does.
  • Few information that may help. https://youtu.be/Wr7ailrRTp8
  • When you 'bound' that mount to your character only this character can ride this mount and use his powers. Only account wide mounts are the one in zen store under mounts category, they got info "Reclaimable for each character not tradable".
  • Done some testing and it looks like the order is also important if you get 2 shared quests. 1st you need to talk with Festival Crier, Far Eastern Envoy and Far Easter Pyrobolist (here you need to accept the quest with dogs to have options to 'talk') only after this 3 positions are checked in your journal ('Year of the Rat'…
  • Day 15: 1st round: Got biggest enemies out there (Balor's, Nalfeshnee), some with cc powers (Glabrezu). 2nd round: After giving quest back got 3 brimstones and 1 token of flames. Good luck!
  • If they ever wanted to bring back Foundry and made it to live for long years to come, it would need to be integral part of the Neverwinter not some side server/app that would operate somewhere apart from main game. Last years of Foundry looked just like disconected from NWO. No rewards, no support, no nothin, only bounch…
  • Yesterday I was doing some achievements and this problem still remains. To access this area 1st I needed to drop all quests from River District and only than I could click on the square spot, that kvet has mention (thanks!), to transfer on a quest map. Could you just move the chapter 1 quest map icon next to icon with…
  • I seriously don't see any reason why we should be able to do that (also you didn't wrote any). But I see one big against it, if you let ppl upgrade all 100+ mounts to "Mythic Blue" (the what?), each should probably have combat power that is diffrent from another, unless you want another copy/paste thing wich would be…
  • I still haven't figured out why you keep persisting to scale each phase of ToO separatly and not just put same dificulty as stage 1. As far as I remember this was quite fun event where simply to increase dificulty in next stages was to take away our artifacts, increase cooldowns, makes our attack poisonous to us and…
  • I'm guessing it's Caer Konig, Hook, Line and Sinker tavern, above the fireplace, crate, deer antler, with a help of spacebar, been there, done that ^^
  • Hi! I like the refreshed version of your intro quest, but... - Makos is too powerful and smart to just rush on Valindra like a total newb, that was the Wilfred role and he should maintain it further (beside it's nice touch on Dread Ring to see him undead as a reminder of his failure, why to change that?) -Monsters lvl 6 on…
  • You need to go to Sinye and buy from her Orb. Complete quest Sphere of Influence and all should be normal from now on.
  • Indeed sad news. I remember, that the Foundry was thing, that convinced me to join Neverwinter ranks on the first place. You could find stories there superb in comparison to other quest in campaigns. Always hoped that devs would finally get it revitalised for wider audience. But now I'm under impression with last trully…
    in Sad News Comment by tecmyst March 2019
  • There is also temporary solution to that particular issue: I got few chat tabs and only in one the 'friend notify' option is checked, others doesn't have that feature, so I don't see @ handles come and go, no matter the visibility status of friends.
  • rAD rewards: 5/137 CW 6/140 TR 3/142 GWF 2/140 GF 2/138 DC 1/140 HR 0/144 SW 4/140 OP ~2% overall (23/1121)
  • Good idea! The time and work spend to get T3 Tyrant lure can be sometimes overwhelming. This movie show how many rare creatures I need to kill just to make one single lure, not sure if I was lucky or not compered to others, but still it feels disapointing, since I made it only to get this Tyrant Scale. Tyrant (hunt & scale…
  • @gripnir78 Yes, you're correct with this one, but I intentionally didn't mention Winterfest becouse: first of all it's timegated event, second it's kina a lottery to get bondings from it, there is no 100% chance for that, but it's quite high, especially if you got many alts, third thing, we could include, is the need for…
  • To be honest I wouldn't really mind small bonding nerf to get them more in pair with runestones, but the main problem here is that bondings were obtainable only via real money, how so? Bondings don't drop from any content, they're only comes in lockboxes and with companions from zen store. To get zen, someone need to put…
  • Small proposal for changing RQ Random Queues proposal
  • Foundry. Great stories made by gamers for gamers. Infinite content, that could defend himself, but it need more love! From the beginning, this was the main feature for people, that were in Neverwinter Nights/Baldur's Gate/Planescape Torment world, to tell epic stories as in these games or even beyond. But the tool is…
  • Great, entertaining story that is in fact holding grain of truth! ^^
  • OK brainstorming on! So taking no bots policy the rewards should be bta. The pointer can't give us clue about the chests origin. And the most interesting thing how much work it needs to be done by devs to program this feature. For now I can't find a solution how to implement this the easiest way possible. But going in to…
  • Got some time thanks to Elemental Evil delay, so I made better picture of the idea, hope you like it. Update in first post.
  • Thanks for the comments! @sockmunkey: like @magenubbie wrote, I also can't see problem here, but maybe you know something more :) @katbozejziemi: yes, I agree with you. And that's why I want to make it atractive to more people not only for lore seekers but also for stat seekers, that would like to become effective in…