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  • Could only buy 1 from WB after the patch! I did claim just 1 before patch maybe that's it
  • I also posted for this bug for my Vanguard Fighter and i'm not suppriced that it can happen on Paladins too! In my case the lost movement speed is from Azures,brutals and Guild SH speed boon! The exact sum of those sources is been lost when my vanguard uses shield or TAB and the "immune" indication pops up! After a while…
  • I tested in a loadout with no gear(just azures) and no insignia bonuses and it still happens. The bug with azures/brutals/sh speed boon occurs when my fighter goes in "immune" stage while shielding/pressing TAB. It can also happen in a Sentinel if he shields and walks. After you lose your azure speed, it can sometimes come…
  • Hellow @nitocris83 . A friend also tested on his Vanguard Fighter and he could recreate the bug! It's azure, Brutal ecnhants and the SH speed boon, bonuses that are being totaly lost when the bug happens! In combat after casting an encounter you usually get the "lost" speed back but this is not a fix,cause you immediately…
  • I know that changes needed to be made, in m16 and even now. But.. boy!! i do miss my tactician.. i do miss the conqueror path (that path could be played as tank too).. Playing a tank now feels boring and sad, taking a break from the game for 1-2 mods. The change to defence/deflect formula was the final hit on the tank role…
  • Maybe a stupid question guys, but. Is it worth it to add HP after the combat changes ? I mean HP is getting scaled in content, does the 16k HP from a companion power getting scaled too? What's the point having a radiant or a HP companion slotted when it gets scaled ? Same goes for Mount passive power etc. Or maybe all…
  • adds 30% defense == reduce damage by 30%, right ? I might be wrong, sry didn't test that. Edit. Just saw the preview patch notes, it stucks with defense.
  • Tank gear that provides 25% (total) in stats, even with procs to reach it. Will that ever happen? Every time you get hit for more than 15%(random number) of your total life (premitigated damage) get 2.5% deflect and 2.5% deflect severity, stacks up to X times You get +7.5%(number to be fixed) awareness when you fight only…
  • Why you guys ask only for 7,5% bonus to "other stats" for acc,crit. I will go ahead and ask/propose for 12,5 % and even in both stats!! I want my stats capped!!! Let us all capp everything to 90% in the first day of that patch!! @"noworries#8859" 1)if you guys decide to rework items and give them % acc , % crit, %def etc ,…
  • @wilbur626 After your proposal i jumped back into preview, and i have to say. My tank finaly takes damage even in eCC. Those are good changes and it seems like, tanks will be needed after all and a healer ofc. Didn't test with dps, not enough time. Cheers
  • Can we have a clear answer on this ? Are dungeons meant to be cleared even without a tank, after the combat changes ? Should a group with 4 DPS and 1 HEAL be able to clear FBI or CN? If this is the final goal, a clear answer will save us from wasting time, proposing things that can make tanks needed. All the above can aply…
  • Are you seriously asking for a kit nerf, when every time we get more ilvl make us need more stats ? You can also ask for nerf in the offhand weapon modification that grants 2.5k stats, it's too much.. Unbelievable.
  • So we will be able to exchange that vorpal right ?
  • So DEF stat is getting "nerfed" , no mention though to tank's HP( and %incoming Healing if i can ad, to Help Healers) getting a boost. Even Rainer in his proposal suggested that!
  • 1 Make indomi to be 1 per usage like tenebrous! 2 Remove the ability to stack multiple times insignia bonuses, it's a rly nice opportunity to get rid of this multi insignia bonus stacking with all these changes. * exchange those indomi runes like empowered ** keep the indomi as it is and make them %4-5 per r15 indomi Cheers
  • 1 Make indomi to be 1 per usage like tenebrous! 2 Remove the ability to stack multiple times insignia bonuses, it's a rly nice opportunity to get rid of this multi insignia bonus stacking with all these changes. * exchange those indomi runes like empowered ** keep the indomi as it is and make them %4-5 per r15 indomi Cheers
  • A good tank with the proper ilvl and well played rotations, should be able to do a decent amount of damage and even do more, than a bad geared DPS with wrong position and bad rotations. Just check other mmo's with a real pve gameplay, just check if a dps can run ahead and tank mobs in a dungeon without dying. It surely can…
  • Tanks need that % power for sure!! give us a (%4power at 5/5 ranks for tanks/healers only) boon and replace the 3 other boon slots for other stats.
  • Could you hold aggro against decent dps with those stats ? I agree that tanks will need balancing after those changes, maybe more sources of CA negation. Keep in mind that Barbarians will have Awareness as a Forte stat on next patch , and Paladins start with 8 more CHA in character selection(barb 10 vang 10 pal 18), so 8%…
  • In the next build, bosses will have perma CA, so we have to wait.
  • Yep people with 100m ad on stash will "panic" upgrade 10 companions in each alt for 1.5m AD each when they can do it using ZAX and cost them 2.5 times cheaper! ZAX will take a massive hit just wait and see folks
  • @"joccat#1817" I don't know.. is Rolling 25k zen on multi accounts and posting it on Discord to brag a "paying customer". Not talking about you ofc, don't know you and don't care about you actually. Since you care about me though, i'm a happy paying costumer ,buying my zen, buying my VIP, support charity and more! You are…
  • @nitocris83 Another solution is to make all those bondings bound and give a vendor to trade back 1x15 bonding for 1000tradebars!! Everyone will get his tradebars back this way!! Plz you guys have to take some action on this.. This will end up bigger than the past AD exploits!(although this cannot be considered exploit)…
  • Just make it 3-12 r15 bondings per account and the rest, echant/runestone packs. Or the price of r15 bondings exchange will go down. nvm people who abused that can easily tranfer to other accounts. I can't think anything that will help after this mess. EDIT just remove the AD exchange
  • So shielding a boss attack(i need to direclty face the attack for that) will make me take CA damage, just because the boss will have combat awareness all the time? Did i understand that correct?
  • What about mitigation and "less damage taken" from other sources beside DEF, let's say iron warrior on Vanguard. We will be able to have let's say 80%dr from gear and we will get the extra 20%mitigation from iron warrior as it is right now ?
  • People already spamming for T1,T2 invites just for favour(they still get remains though). I can see the "just favour" reward, as an option, if there is way to prevent afk/bot/leeching. Getting actual loot gear,etc will drive people away from farming t1,t2 trophies for sure.
  • @nitocris83 any chance you can forward this for investigation? Having this problem for several mods now.. Ty !
  • Did you find any fix on that ? Having the same problem here.. Vorpal Rank 13 enchant. If i leave my mount pressing shift or any encounter i lose the visual effect, however if press the "mount" button again to dismount i have the visual on.