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  • Maybe that could finally be fixed? Pretty please? That either the NPCs accept the +1 items as well or they can be converted? It is quite hard / expensive / time consuming to craft all those items for masterwork IV with a lot less than 100% proficie…
  • So was this a free gift today or what did I miss? (I do have twitch prime!) I haven't read anything about a claimable item from twitch lately. Or was it from long time ago? Or is the gift locked now for all the regular players because of the exploit…
  • I just tried it again and both have worked. Thanks for the information about the codes!
  • yes, I also got "internal error" with both codes. :'(
  • (Quote) Happened to me as well today. Light appeared one time only, Celeste was not talking after that and I had to defeat the dragon with damages ranging from ~10 to ~300 max plus ~3000 with every activation of the amulet. (Unfortunately I did not …
    in Bug list Comment by syrenui May 2019
  • Maybe the weapons are supposed to be adjusted to Mod 16 and that is why they don't show us the set bonus (yet). ;)
  • Personally I was very happy when I read that I would be able to re-visit a dungeon I had seen last years ago, but I was and still am very disappointed and sad that it was an event that turned out to be one I was not able to participate at all. :'( …
  • * Platform: PC * Location in-game: Yester Hill, Tyrant HE, King of Spines, Dragon HEs (Well of Dragons), Tiamat, Demonic Slaughter (with many players) * Date and time when this happened: Multiple times, day and night * How/when di…
  • So my second Char will get the title and bank slots, just because she needs the equip and power points? :'( I hope, there will be a chance to earn the title next year as well. ;)
  • First of all, thank you for the great event and gifts! For me a few questions remain: Do I have to complete the quest for the coins with the same character every time? Or can I use a different one for the 3rd year's coin (as my main does not really …
  • Yeah, mine has been down for a while now too... And I was considering to buy some Zen, use it in the Zen Market, and buy a few marks in the Wondrous Bazaar while the discount is still active... :'(