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  • > @silverkelt said: > Well jeepers, that does sound a bit out of whack.. why cannot they add these items into old legendary pack for us? I mean its probably not that worthwhile, but still, you know. > > Some players may want them. > > If it costs the same and we already purchased it, they should make it retroactive. Or…
  • Sorry I am not online I can't tell u the right name dragonborn Paket is the Paket with the dragonborn race .. An example Mcs sell u a lifetime vip card for unlimited big macs Two days later u best friend buy, the same card and gain lifetime unlimited softdrinks on top ... It's ok... It's a new version but than step two.…
  • The problem is the old Dragonborn pack cost 6000 zen. The new cost 6000zen have the same stuff + a epic dragon mount account wide and a epic dragon ioun stone account wide+ 1 time claimable 3 epic insignia choice packets + 25pres wards and a diamond 25.000rp . It's not about the value alone. It's about principle that how…
  • Yes this is a hidden change on pc Zen market .. U can't see the new packs when u have the old ones .. U see the packs when u look on a other account with the Paket... I saw this too on the account from my wife ... I don't know how cryptic wants to make amends ... I hope we will get an upgrade
  • I can't belive it .. Why cryptic why u do this? Are not we worth the old player?....
  • The new stats ​​are lower than the old ones? Why? I don´t need AC ... the new Armor loses 8k hp.... Loyalist Visage los 200 Power ... 200 ArP .... WHY? The new Gear was good for me ... and now ... its useless .... its so useless... please give us back the old Stats ... the old stats with AC its good but not the new…