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  • haha not sure what happened their
  • Not at all. My Keyboard skills and gaming skills in general are top notch. In WoW and especially Rift My tank skills were paralleled only by a select few. Not to mention I'm a good enough gamer to win local CoD tourneys so my hands and twitch reflexes aren't the issues. It's the class in general.
  • I don't really have lag in PE but I does take more time then it should to get in and I'm running an i7 with an SSD drive so my hardware is not the issue. No need for the ban though in PE i think it can be fixed from PW end. However I will take that into consideration and leave my Cleric behind whenever I'm in the zone. If…
  • That's perfectly said and basically through all the rambling that's what i was getting at
  • I can really only comment on 4 since I have really just started playing this week as a GWF. But I agree, When I made my GWF in my head I thought my Barbarian Type Dwarf would be able to tear down foes with ease. My first few taste has me VERY disappointed and in 3 matches I have 2 kills and countless deaths.. We have all…
  • My observations as a new level 21 GWF is the following. As a melee there's just no point, I could make a character designed souly for pvp with increased movement speed and recovery but that would greatly hinder the PvE side because movement and recovery are usless in PvE and just take away from power and crit. You can't…