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  • Trolls, hydras, wyverns, nagas can be found there.
  • Ah-hah! I finally got one (and at a very good price too :D). I've uploaded the preview of the tunic and pants to the wiki. I won't be buying the hat tho, but from the pics I've seen it looks very similar to the females. I'll link the wiki page here: http://neverwinter.gamepedia.com/Jester%27s_Garb
  • Ohh, I get it. Tho, I'm not sure who would be willing to do that. 250kAD per piece sounds reasonable, and I just need the tunic, however finding someone to trust I'll pay once they part with their bars might be more difficult. I'll consider the idea if all else fails, thanks. Heh, my character is a guy, and I was thinking…
  • Aren't tradebars untradeable? And the jester stuff in my server are usually priced at 390-490kAD which is way over my budget of what I can afford.
  • Well I am sorta annoyed. I was waiting 4 days on a jester tunic that was around my AD price range. I was tracking it like a hawk for the last 4 days cause I really wanted it. Someone was always trying to outbid me, so I decided to wait the 7 or so hours left so I could bid as close as possible to the end. One minute left…
  • Ah, thanks as well for this picture :) I managed to win the bid on some jester pants, and took a screenie of it here http://oi44.tinypic.com/2cpayxv.jpg I think personally the male jester outfit looks alright. The pants with the mis-patching patterns and goofy bell shoes seems to portray what I'd think to be a jester in…
  • Tho it actually doesn't look half bad (least I think). It's a lot better than what i expected it to look like. XD Thank you got sharing this picture with us. Even though it's not the best picture, it still gives a lot of us a good idea on what it looks like. Thank you very much for taking a snapshot of this man. :D
  • I'm currently bidding on some jester stuff in the auction house. If I win, I will take screenshots and post them here of what they look like.
  • Well the choice is really up to you. I won't try to force you if you don't want to, but what you can do is after you purchase it, just right click it and preview the armor without wearing it. Then that way if it's ugly, you can put it up in the auction hall and still get something out of the pieces. I myself am nowhere…
  • ugh double post, sorry
  • Yeah, I'm looking for a pic of this too. If anyone spots a male runnin around with this gear, I'd be forever grateful if you could take a screenie of him and post it.
  • Doesn't anyone have picture or video of this outfit on a male? Even the wiki is lacking a picture, so any pics showing this would be greatly beneficial.
  • Yeah, sure I don't see why not. I'm happy with my class I choose, but it gives the players more re-customization if they wish to change their race. As for those who don't like it, can simply not use it. Plain and simple.
  • Very nice layouts. I haven't bothered to edit my HUD at all either, but seeing your guy's gives me ideas and motivation to possibly try my own.
  • If you haven't already checked out the sticky that the Admins have provided, please be sure to do so. Here's the link http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?291871-Please-Read-if-you-are-Stuck-Frozen-at-the-Loading-Screen If the issue persists, unfortunately all you can do is submit the issue and wait.
  • The two major festivals that are observed throughout Turmish, are the Feast of the Moon (also known as the Festival of Lovers) and the Reign of Misrule.
  • ^What this man said. I'd very much like to see a picture of a male jester outfit, since it seems the female counterparts for these costumes seem quite different. I've looked everywhere, and I was unable to find a picture of someone wearing this. Any help would be appreciated, so more people don't have to waste money on the…