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  • Hopefully you lose interest in the game soon. One less person to post about wanting nerfs.
  • I've done an FBI duo with my CW and a DC
  • > gabrieldourden said: But you are right in saying that low gear runs are pretty much the only challenging thing left in the game. Thats because you have reached the end game where there really ISN'T anything to do so you do speedruns. That's a challenge. Struggling is one thing, peak performance is another.
  • I wish I knew who it was that cried about the amount of mobs in dungeons. "GET RID OF THE MOBS! WE DONT WANT MOBS!" And look at everyone now.... "Content isnt hard enough.. Everything is 'trivialized'" Stop crying. No one cares about your salty tears. You want something, you get it and then cry about getting what you…
  • > @defiantone99 said: > I mean the game does not require much skill when everything is so stupidly overpowered in comparison to enemies. Everyone please read the above very carefully MULTIPLE TIMES. Stop crying for nerfs, BUFF HEALTH & DAMAGE on enemy mobs to match the player's power/skill/item level in TIERED CONTENT. 3K…
  • For some reason, NO ONE has mentioned the bugged Plague Tower quest, maybe not bugged, but missing 4 mobs to continue. Everyone I know is stuck at 21/25 to continue the quest. Edit: Disregard, its in bug reports.
  • Whether this is a bug or not, whether the moderators knew or not, whether you lied or not, the players DO NOT want this change. We're giving feedback, and its BLATANTLY obvious we do not want this change. So what you're saying is, no matter what we say, no matter the feedback, you're STILL gonna go through with "fixing"…
  • How can one apply?
  • This is a terrible idea but what are we gonna do? people keep crying about it CCryptic will give them what they want. Theres nothing left to test. I had an Ancient Fugitive's Necklace of Revolt - 154 PWR 154 CRIT 154 REC So I tested how much I'd get for salvaging it... Guess how much... 6,000 AD, for one of the best neck…
  • You're lucky your sorry *** is even coming back you exploiting *****. Stop crying.
  • Dude stop crying like a little *****, people like you constantly cry, always unhappy no matter what they get. WTF did you expect, a box full of EPIC GEAR? GTFO you geek, stop crying and deal with it. At least they gave you SOMETHING, they didn't have to give you ****. They didn't even have to apologize, they just could've…
  • A: We took the Neverwinter OBT down for emergency maintenance, found the bug, corrected it and tested it. In order to fix the damage this exploit caused to the in-game economy, we implemented a necessary rollback of our servers to 5:20 AM PDT the morning of May 19, 2013. This means that characters have been reverted to the…
  • Same thing happened to me except i sold something for 4,500,000 it said it sold and nothing was in the mail.