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  • that must be it i'll level it up a bit and try on a new one thanks!
  • I can't believe I have spent well over 50 hours grinding for enchants etc(50 hrs grinding only) when auction house is just getting loaded with enchants people got by using bots.It's a huge kick in the grapes.I was shocked to see all those rank 3,4 and 5 99 stacks everywhere I wasn't even aware it was from using bots.I…
  • Thanks I appreciate it :)
  • Gateway?Where are you talking about? The auction house is just dreadful and the game's been much worse ever since this last add on.It changed all my settings and even though I set everything back it's still way worse.I just tried to bid on something with well over a minute left and I couldn't.That doesn't make me mad,it…
  • I would much rather it back the other way now that I have played for a few days with it.It's just more stuff to spend money on and I was ignorant thinking anything otherwise.There's a few pro's more con's.I'll adjust to the change and find the new system tolerable but i'm not going to look forward to anything or believe…
  • not sure where to put this but i'll just dump it here since I already did some leg work :) thanks for all the hard work Node (or whatever you call the chests) is there but not accessible
  • so basically it's pretty worthless to put anything on your lillends offense slots?They are healer's why in the world did they put offense slots on them instead of defense?
  • Thanks guy's this was very helpful!
  • Every single time I do this someone drops out right away or soon after then everyone does.It's an absolute waste of time.I love this game but it needs so much work and the community in general seem like little kids with dollar signs in their eyes only.I know there's plenty of great members but there's always a bad apple in…
  • I'm not sure were talking about the same problem.We hit sort and stuff stays all over the place with spaces everywhere(reversing the same mess when sort is hit).I have to literally put everything in order manually if I want it correct or filling up spaces in order.Or maybe you're concurring with the problem i'm not really…
  • This is what I came on here to try to figure out =/ no answers huh ......c'mon guy's help us out pleeease!Any time would be much appreciated and thanks in advance.