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  • The point is that it's better to take longer to shoot for a random queue with a healer and a tank, and make it viable, than shoot faster with no healer/tank, resulting to a failure. Also lemme tell you, the majority of player base is very poor in skills/gear, that even in easier skirmishes like ToDG, IG or PoM I've seen…
  • I address an issue regarding the random queues system. As there aren't any life steal or decent self-heals, the new meta makes having a healer and a tank in any party the one and only way for viable playing. Given this, why the following dungeons such as manycoin bank, merchant's folly, IG, dread legion, master of the…
  • I found a drastic solution, which is unfortunately coping an other loadout to the stuck loadout (like deleting the broken one and replacing with a working one). Then you set it up the way you want BUT this requires a waste of tokens. (Thanks winter festival for a bunch of them I already had).
  • Elol: Scorpions have way more hp than they had at past or than the 1st and 3rd boss at current state. Elol: (bug) At final battle with Lostmauth, after the part where boss returns with 50%hp, you get 1-shotted by attacks with no red area all of a sudden. Even my tank who has 400k hp (pre-underscalled, ofc) had zero luck to…
  • Please fix it a.s.a.p. I'm stuck on healadin 3 days now.
  • Some simple solutions to save economy: -Move coals and p. wards from the zen store to the wondrous bazaar --> huge ad sink for anyone, just like it is now with high ranks of mark of potency. -Introduce new exotic zen items, like a new race (jeez, people have been asking this for centuries!), legendary mounts, new vip…
  • CN: at the initial phase where each player enters one of the portals, the mobs inside are too tough to solo/tank/kill. Remove scaling system and move all old 70lvl dungeons to 80lvl, so only 80 lvl players can participate (who have some experience with new class changes). Riq is now flooded with untrained 70-79 players who…
  • I don't care myself either, one way or another I will adjust I guess —if I still have interest for this game ofc. What troubles me is seeing guildies and friends being much disappointed and unmotivated to keep trying hard for a game that eventually takes away everything. Fewer people around, less fun for all. Agreed, we…
  • Too much forcing* and players will abandon the ship just like in mod6. *regular enchants/bondings to r15, new sets, weapon/armor enchants to r14, new legendary companions, legendary insignias, runestones to r15. Once runestones are introduced as the "new" stones for pet gear, we should have at least the option to trade old…
  • They already force players (who want to be bis ofc) to upgrade regular stones/bondings to r15 and weapon/armor enchantments to r14, upgrade from the scrap a bunch of companions to legendary and grind/upgrade the new arti sets. Not to mention the legendary insignias. Too much ad sink and work already. If you ask me, once…
  • The only true exploit would be exchanging the bound r6s-r7s that come from quartermaster's bags for unbound ones. In that case, yes, somebody could make "some" profit out of thin air. Even then, it's not a big deal imo. Anyway, this exploit could be avoided if the trader didn't accept bound stones or if only higher ranked…
  • I have to ask, why did you wait one whole month to let us know that the exchanged stuff will be bta? Was it intended from the start or you came to this decision later? And why is it so difficult to exclude (already) bound stuff from the trader? People have suggested solutions and you haven't yet responded.
  • True but to my logic bound gear never was and will be an investment, because it becomes obsolete quite early. Companions tend to deliver us through more modules and enchantments (non-bta ofc!) can be sold at some point.
  • As a tank you must focus on reaching the caps for defense/deflection and then go for hp. Awareness is mostly useless (bosses don't do ca) and critical resist is not worth it because now players and enemies have 50% max crit chance. So, no, you don;t need all stats. Best investment to get most of the desirable stats comes…
  • It would be a good idea for players with one or, roughly, two endgame toons, but not for others who play all classes. Also, there are a ton of accounts out there who were created years ago and can exploit the game in every way. So, they can exchange 25 moderate (or whatever) briartwine for barkshields, store them for a…
  • This covers it all imho.
  • True. A main character should be considered an active toon during a serious period of time (let's say 2 months minimum, with a minimum 2 logins per week and playtime 2 hours per week so to exclude toons that players used just to invoke).
  • This is why on a previous post of mine I suggested one of each armor/weapon per main character. There should be a way to calculate playing time on server (there is a command for it) so newly created chars and rusty chars would be out of the equation.
  • My previous comment was deleted (thanks for this) and I'm posting again my solutions for the bta changes (so exploits are prevented). 1. Make non-bta 1 armor and 1 weapon enchantment per main character. 2. Make non-bta 6-8 enchantments per main char. 3. Make bta low rank weapon/armor enchantments (lesser-moderate-greater).…
  • It is so dirty and, at least, unthoughtful of you devs that you announced the bta changes 3 (4? I don't remember) weeks after the 1st appearance of trade merchant, giving the majority of people the idea they could safely rearrange their hard earned ench, stones to mix/max for the new caps after the release. You should make…
  • This is very serious! I do hope it was not intended. The lack of patch notes this week makes me wonder for the opposite scenario though.
  • I don't disagree, but as it is right now on preview, you can only trade single stat for single stat, double stat for double stat, etc. What I reported is definitely a bug.
  • When you trade r14 single stat enchantments at the antiquities vendor in PE, you get a chest that has the choice for a triple stat enchantment like demonic, black ice etc.
  • Companion tooltips should mention whether a bonus is offence/defense/utility. I also can't understand why particular bonuses belong to a specific category. For example, red slaad at blue rank gives 2k accuracy and 1k arm. pen. and fits in defense slot. Why? Chultan tiger's bonus is stated as offence, but can only be…
  • In master expeditions: Sometimes mobs get stuck on the big mushrooms around (duergars, drakes etc) and you can't kill them. When there is a magic relic close by you can't interact with it because you are in combat mode.
  • Dancing shield still reduces 20% of the enemy's defense.
  • Relentless Slash At-Will doesn't perform its full animation when attacking multiple enemies and it continuously resets.
  • Blademaster: Encounter Bloodletter (paired with feat) does extremely high damage to you in some occasions and kills you instantly from full hp. [Combat (Self)] Your Bloodletter deals 435339 (465748) Physical Damage to you. I don't know if it's a bug but It's unusable at this point.
  • Update: I continued testing barbarian and copied also my gf (only 14.5k il on live, with r13 bondings, no legendary mount) and chose the dps paragon on him. I went to dread ring like I did on barbarian (18k on live, r14 bondings, tyr legendary mount) and things were smooth dps-wise with great survival (fighter's recovery,…
  • I copied my 18k GWF from live, set him up, went to dread ring and took me triple time to kill mobs (most of the times with below 50%hp) than I do with a 7k GWF toon at the live server (who has not companion at all). I feel determination is filling up very slowly and most of encounters are useless (mighty leap/punishing…