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  • A new game has a tutorial. Furthermore returning players have their characters designed around a specific way and not even a respec is going to fix their enchantments being wrong or their gear choices being wrong and then don't even get me started with the fact that I have zero guidance on where to go. Sgt Knox just…
  • Did they do something with the Lore at the start of Castle Never?
  • I couldn't get past my respec and playing around in Ravenloft/Dread ring just to test builds. The game just isn't fun to play now. My DC and Paladins are so badly changed I just don't get the vision they were going for. They should have made a sequel instead of such a dramatic change.
  • I have played atleast 5 months out of every year of Neverwinter. Over the years I have always come back and caught right back up and have enjoyed all the changes and the seasonal events and new modules. I say all this cause I recently tried to return again as I always do and the complete class overhauls and level increase…
  • You need to add sword coast tea leaves to the profession resource vendor as its the only resource in that bracket missing from the vendor and really makes that one profession that uses it during the worn-steel era really rough as you have to gather that one resource.
  • Well if you were an avid DnD player you'd have seen this coming for almost 7 months since neverwinter is required to follow Wizards rollouts and currently neverwinter is the only platform that is months behind in release schedules. Tabletop and the other games got undermountain last October and it was celebrated at the DnD…
  • 49 of 50 applicants yesterday and today have been alchemists for me. 9 chose alchemy at the start of the tutorial and 1 chose blacksmith. The 1 non alchemist was an adventurer. If not for legacy stuff I would not be able to craft anything but alchemy. If you go to the retainer and say ask questions. You can ask how to hire…
  • Instead, they just removed it all, QM bags just give enchants now. making them severely useless. Folks are gonna be pissed when they realize this on double stone days.
  • The new profession system in a nutshell: The ingredients to make crates of gold with alchemy to donate to the guild coffer costs more gold to make than the value you donate and if you try to utilize stronger artisans and tools somehow it gets even worse costwise. This system was designed backwards without any thought of…
  • I made a living as a master alchemist making enhanced potions, potions of stamina, potions of power, and distilled healing potions. It was worth while and fun. The enhanced potions have 4 ingredients that all have to be gathered and theres only 3 gathering slots now. Potions of stamina, potency, and power are extinct.…
  • There are tasks that are gold per 20 minutes. The whole system is just scaled wrong in the extreme. Its as if they designed the whole system to account for people sitting on thousands of gold not realizing it needs to be scaled on gold earned per hour or something. Nobody can sustain this, its just a matter of time before…
  • This won't work, because at the end of the day it is too god damned expensive for a basic player to pay artisans to do anything. The commission costs starting at level 70 and up are RIDICULOUS. For alchemy you have to pay 7 gold an hour online and off per characters workshop to do anything. Thats 7 gold...an hour for one…
  • There is a reformed cultist speaking nonstop all his lines on loop in front of the companion store by PE bank but there is no reformed cultist on display. He's also on loop so its probably causing some performance hits to your server side hardware.
  • In the general discussion forum at the very top there is an ongoing thread explaining why there are extended maintenances scheduled the end of October. These maintenance days are because they are swapping data centers for their various services.
  • I just step inside a dread ring lair to pop them, theres always that starting area before the lair starts that has nothing lol. I just pop em all there on each alt as I do my daily dread ring lair.
  • I noticed in there you decided to fix some options not resetting, don't suppose you could go in there again and make sound devices a real option instead of superficial? If players have more than 1 sound device and desire to play neverwinter with a device that is not windows default sound device like oh say...a gamers…
  • This is because there is an effect that is pushing the fireballs, I think its the crown of undead. Its moving the image of the fireball but the location to put the chain to burn it stays at the original spot.
  • Coalescent ward chances are never a bad thing. pray and instead of salvage, just run a leveling dungeon once. The first random queue of the day is 9200 and you get just under 4k bonus rad from praying.
  • The launcher had said that the maintenance was going to be 5am to 10am PST, so that means the servers will come up in about 18 minutes from right now. The patcher times out so I assume they might be swapping out hardware in this downtime.
  • Create a custom bind for toggling target lock, it makes playing a DC and Tank very easy. As a DO/DC its even more comical as when you clear trash in lairs with Hammer of fate/PoD or with your sigil of devoted going, your hammer will autofire on everything around you as each hammer kills something as the target lock snaps…
  • Do NOT change brand the sun locking you in divinity mode!!!!!!! Break the spirit's casting animation screws up ingame if you rapidly cast 4 of it. Just try to do it you will see what I mean. The only way to stop this is either brand the sun or pop a daily after spamming the button. I highly doubt there is a single DC out…
  • I get your point with people who are playing unorthodox but typically those tend to just be DC's and GF's who refuse to read their party makeup and want to play their own way. Before it was sorta selfish, but now with loadouts its blatantly selfish. As for healing on your DC. Healing is an afterthought. Its not the main…
  • I want them to make the 6 rings account bound not character bound. I think only Makos' Signet is character bound, every other ring we see in the game is account bound or tradeable.
  • Lets hope they realize its the rings we all want account bound....like every other purple ring we have access to. Not to mention the fact that the rings aren't even BIS. The BIS is account bound.
  • How bout salvage fix for seals vendor? Specifically the rings so we can share salvage again?
  • I'm glad the devs looked into and found the issue just hope the patch next week fixes it. DC's are going to be nerfed until they fix Prophecy. Last line of today's patch notes. I think you will find a significant amount of buffs that suffer from the same problem as Prophecy of Doom. They work for others but not the caster.…
  • The large dudes in the Gyrion HE's and in MSP also have an ae that is not telegrphing on the ground on preview. The one where they rain down upon everyone around them.
  • On saturday I decided to spin up preview on my 11k item level main and tried to do my dailies there. It took me twice as long, and my typical damage output that I would expect was about 1/3 of live. I tried this guildless on both to make sure it wasn't my crappy low level guild boons causing this. The only difference is…