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  • Something like this will not be unique to a single person and it is something people will notice and complain about. Unless there is some other supporting evidence, suggesting this just puts people on the wrong trail.
  • Ah, okay. Thanks for the info.
  • That happens all the time for various items, but those are intermittent and are just when someone sees an opportunity. Heck, I've done it before too. I'm referring to his suspicion of a guild propping up UES prices and keeping it artificially high (from 200k to 300k) for two straight months. That's quite different than…
  • BTW, any guild or person doing this (buying large quantities of UES not for use, but just to prop up prices), they are in for huge losses because as soon as they stop buying and start selling, the prices would plummet. It simply doesn't make sense for anyone to do this.
  • Release of mod 14 meant there is new content for people to do. Also, CR dungeon takes a lot longer to complete than CODG (especially the first couple of weeks when people were still learning). On top of that, based on my experience and others I run with, drop rates of UES in CR seems lower than CODG (just anecdotal…
  • I think you missed the "advantage OR loophole." The analogy is valid. Look, we had a good run with the alts (some more than others apparently since you have 56), but we have to be reasonable here.
  • This is like someone registering a business / opening an account in a different state or country to get some tax benefit and then, years later, that advantage or loophole is closed. They've benefited greatly already, but they still complain that they wasted money registering the business. In this case, they might not have…
  • If you used your alts for this purpose, you've already benefited immensely from it. You can spin it any way you want, but do you really think the devs intended people to make 50 alts to farm RQ? Even worse, people could choose to do only DL, MotH and IG. DL and MotH takes about 3 mins and IG could take even less if the…
  • For some people, as long as any change affects them negatively, they're upset. All objectivity is lost. Emotion takes over. Just because the rest of us are trying to be reasonable and rational about this doesn't mean you should write everyone else off as butt kissers or shills.
  • Well, I think the difference is between 15,000 or 8,750 for a GMOP, so not that small, but as plasticbat stated, it should be a common drop, so that makes it okay. Since you mentioned it, I had problems with the 50% off packs coupon. When I tried to buy the mod 14 or mod 13 hunter packs, it told me "Can not purchase at…
  • That could be it. Sometimes, I would open 30+ at a time, or even open as I picked them up, but didn't discard the seal coupon. But that's why this was bad. Just poorly implemented. You could also be buying the marks off AH without knowing about the coupons, especially during the first few hours of the Jubilee.
  • I did mostly the foreign merchant escort. Was that the wrong quest for it?
  • I got a number of 50% zen store coupons (packs, refinement, profession packs). Never got a blue or purple AD coupon, maybe not even a green. Did get a few Seal discounts (only green and blue). I opened over 300 (didn't check what I ended up at in the end), so I assumed it was very rare. I opened only about 75 on first day…