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  • The methodology used to get to that list of companions and suggested damage decreases is, to be nice about it, a little flawed. By introducing the full companion boost package, including things that may or may not be used/procced 100% consistently across different testing runs. And by using Haruman's Hill clear (which does…
  • It was public knowledge? I must have missed the news or forum post in which this and the trade in pricing for these specific items was mentioned. Could you provide a link? I did in fact look for those, but it is totally possible I missed it, in which case I will totally supply a suitably apologetic piece of prose. However,…
  • Ah, I was already wondering why some people kept buying those, according to the publicly available info, soon to be utterly useless items off the auction house. But it's the, by now traditional, reward scheme for the favored incrowd. Good to know :)
  • As things are looking right now, stats do NOT contribute equally to DPS. There seems to be a clear priority in stat allocation for maximum damage. While i get it, you want diversity, given the emerging difference in contribution to actual damage you are creating significant advantages for some classes by the secondary…
  • Its unfortunate that no amount of being right or righteous can ever compensate for perpetuating the clickbait principle. Else I might have actually read what you are on about..
  • Too bad there is so little organisation to the collective Healers of Neverwinter.. it may be time for an endgame strike...
  • By now, regardless of arguments and their validity, giving in to the "demands" for additional, tradeable, loot would be perceived as pandering by a significant part of the playerbase. Not sure that with the state of the game that is something that can be afforded. But I guess we will find out.. I for one am already…
  • So, just to check. We will still be getting unusable transmutes from the Bel reward boxes, right? Cause if that is also fixed it would warrant a mention? I hope? And while I am here. There is still some old issue with a Twitch rewards box that some people got to use? Did we ever get a resolution on that? I may have missed…
  • Not really, this being the internet, it is enough for them to simply FEEL victimized :) Any type of strong response on the internet has a, as near to for the difference to be inconsequential, 100% chance to step on someones toes. Fact of online life..
  • Newton's third law? At a guess..
  • Heh, I am not asking for handouts. I am asking to mitigate the investment loss. And if this was a huge bit of work for Cryptic I would not even bother, but the basic mechanism for it is in place already, so why not. And yeah, I know people are overreacting and I also know some people will be gouging the people that cannot…
  • They may be, but that does not change the principle nor does it change the market.. There is a reason the bottom is dropping out of Tacticals on live. I am fine with people making yet more AD, but in this particular case there is an option available to lower the impact that would, seem to, not require a lot of work..
  • Yeah, and it is totally fair to expect people that have AOE to not use it....they are likely legitimately trying to get to 20% as well.. Not saying there won't be idiots, its guaranteed there will be, but few people will be outright trying to ruin your day, Its the setup that makes it so that everyone is in everyone's way.…
  • While you say "and certain instances will be able to contribute to the meter". That does not seem to be the case anymore. All instance either have no portal to the insurgencies or of there is a portal, there are no actual devil's to fight in the area.. In short and without mincing words. Current status is FUBAR.
  • @nitocris83 Thank you for the update regardless. Guess we will hang on to those decorations for now....as much as I look forward to watching those arcs of POWERRRR :)
  • I hate people saying "well but it works for me" as much as the next person, but... Warlock certainly still has issues, but I fail to see where it is "not viable" anywhere at the moment. Its a lot of work compared to other classes to squeeze out the DPS, but warlocks are putting up very respectable numbers in IC for sure.…
  • Any chance we will get an answer to this issue? Or did they already state somewhere they would not be addressing this?
  • I for one am good with this approach. I need the higher FoV to not suffer dizziness/headaches on my monitor. While I certainly like having a lot of overview, this is not critical and I understand the argument of it being an advantage, So more FoV, less zoom works for me. Heck it worked for me before I even used the Zoom…
  • In D&D, both demons and devils are fiends. While I did not test the effects of the change, it is absolutely possible this is intended as a clarity issues or even a buff.
  • This is simply a horrible change. The headache I have right not just contemplating it will be mild when compared to having to play at 70 FoV.
  • Wait.. Let me see if I got this right.. Other people lack the willpower to not set their FoV to numbers not suited for them, and as a result I, and anyone else that is using a FoV higher than the frankly ridiculous 70, will now have to have to suffer the motion sickness that a low FoV gives me? Not to mention the lack of…
  • Reading your summary I feel the need to restate what I actually meant to propose :) 1) Improve scoping of CDP's. This does not have to mean making them smaller, but a clearer statement on the boundaries may suffice in increasing ideation focus. 2) Along with a no debate phase 1, implement a no debate/no explanation top 3…
  • Presenting ideas improves with knowledge of ones audience. In the CDPs up till now, most are writing for themselves or likeminded people. So the detail oriented write fully fleshed out designs detailed to the smallest cog. Others shoot off a few terse sentences, and everything in between. What seems to be going on here is…
  • Ah CDP. I love the idea, I even love the practice..but it can surely be one heck of a bear-garden. I mostly see issues with Method/Scoping and the Medium. Most of those issues have already been mentioned, so will try to be short and appologize for threading on grass that someone else already mowed. :) Method/Scoping Right…
  • Not asking for it to only drop once. Just asking for it to not enter my inventory. Unless I am very mistaken there is a built in mechanic for that already.
  • While I realize the history is there and that that is likely to spawn fear, uncertainty and doubt concerning the timely resolution of this issue, I will nevertheless report it for the bug it is. For the time being I would like to, naively, believe that this is an unfortunate oversight.
  • Reported as bug in https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter/#/discussion/comment/13142730 Really hoping it is not intentional as that would display a criminal level of misunderstanding...of a class they designed..
  • I have given thought to it. Requires just a simple statement by someone official to say this is so. Of course after such a statement I will likely react in a way that could only be called unfavorable as the effect on warlocks is rather sizeable and all negative.
  • Cool, not as if the european mainland wanted to play or anything..:) (I understand, it is what it is.. but still disappointing )