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  • @terramak is there any update on this release to live? Still waiting to see Ravenloft changes. Please advise
  • Great change! As I brought up in a previous post, It would be awesome if we could also remove the missing target hit points mechanic from Killing flames. Right now our hardest hitting ST encounter is bottle necked by the target's missing HP. This encounter should hit for 700 or 750 magnitude regardless of our target's…
  • Fiery Bolt - As @tempus86 has stated please remove the half penalty as this is one of the few viable AOE options we have. Arms of Hadar - Please look into reworking this one Dreadtheft - Please consider reworking.. The damage done just not justify the 6 second channeling. Killing Flames - Remove target's missing hit points…
  • If it makes you feel any better I've been following along lol
  • Bat swarm - Color darkens when summoning this mount now - Was this change intended ? Infernal Spheres - Not working properly with Power of the Nine Hells Feedback - Right now you are holding onto spheres for the intial 5% damage increase. Would it be possible to have an initial hit when first activating this ability ? If…
  • I would only run solo until this is fixed.
  • At the end of the day, the Barb, DC, and GF were not up to par with the CW, HR, and TR. So I understand player frustrations which is acceptable. The SW is stuck in the middle of this so I do have some concern what will happen in the future. Either way I have invested to much time and resources into this class so I will…
  • Between me and my friend we ran 5 characters x3 and still no drops between me and him as well as our party. I have a feeling we are being watchered again..
  • Thanks for sharing. I really hope they included the choke chain in the drops or this will be all for naught. I honestly think they just included the Pearl ring of the companion since it came from the expeditions in the campaign quests.
  • 5 Characters x3Mes and not one companion equipment drop.
  • I wonder if the companion drops are from quest turn in from daily MEs or boss drops too ..?
  • Are there plans to address companion gear for those who did not get the reward at the launch of MOD 16? Maybe we could have a vendor to buy companion gear with under mountain seals.