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  • HV full set for PVP.
  • Simple answer, he hit more targets than you did with his Steal Time and Shield blasts, that explains the difference you write about for those skills. For overall damage, his using Ice Storm (and you likely Sing) will make a massive difference in DPS over a long run like CN.
  • I'm not referring to any such cheating threads. There are many of us that feel CWs are great in PVP, and some experienced players have taken their time recently to give feedback on the things that make them successful.
  • Hardly, read some of the recent pvp threads for help.
  • If I am reading this correctly, after you get 1900 Armor Penetration, more DPS is added by increasing power instead? We have a lot of people saying 2350 is the magic ArP number, but this is likely just for T2 bosses, and your analysis seems to average in add and boss encounters both?
  • His point is not that there isn't benefit to having 6k recovery over 3k, it's the opportunity cost of giving up other stats to get from 3k to 6k that he is talking about. In other words, a CW with 3k recovery and 2.5k ARP will be generally more effective than 6k recovery and 250 ARP.
  • I refresh as soon as CD is over. The important lesson is that if a red circle/cone appears under you mid-refresh, tele out of it and restart. It's always better to move and interrupt if you are in danger.
  • The top most post is called Master List of Class Builds. It has six CW builds listed. Read them all and then ask more questions.
  • 1. The perma-stealth TR is currently the toughest opponent we CWs face, and most other classes. If he is a true 100% permanent stealth build, you are going to have a very hard time. Best you can do is try to escape, but that is difficult. You can also cast an AoE like Steal Time and hope it hits him (if he takes damage it…
  • Pick any of the excellent builds already posted and follow them for feat and power allocations - all can AoE. Put Chill Strike in your tab slot and off you go, then experiment with all of your powers to get an understanding of how each works.
  • Go full High Vizier, very worth it.
  • Great post. From the perspective of hardest to fight (given your criteria of 12K+ GS, and assuming top player skill), I find the order to be: Perma stealth TR >>> CW > GWF > GF > TR > DC.
  • Gaunt PVP t2 orb is nice as well.
  • Power does not appear to have diminishing returns, just doesn't do a whole lot compared to say increasing the raw damage of your weapon.
  • People often forget the game is point control, not who kills the most. Repel can let you control a point against 1-2 enemies. I have used Icy Rays many times, but repel is superior for PVP as it stands now.
  • Repel in my opinion is one of the most under rated powers we have for PVP. It creates space (crucial when fighting melee opponents), interrupts casting if timed right, pushes opponents off of ledges and walk ways. Repel has won me more one on ones than any other power I could swap in its place, and is a lifesaver for…
  • I agree with the other posters, CW feels pretty strong to me in PVP still. Be mobile, time your teleports, debuff, and use repel to create distance. Read up on other the classes and you have a huge advantage.
  • I just switched from full PVP set to full HV. Nothing scientific, but it feels like I can take down opponents faster with the HV set.
  • To be 100% clear: I respecced all powers, hit complete. I respecced all feats, hit complete. I looked at my GS, it was X. I +1-ed my stats, meaning I added to them. I looked at my GS again, it was x minus about 100. Adding to Int and Cha DECREASED my gear score. No one else has noticed this?
  • I had already completed the feats and powers. I had not redone my stats, it was the last thing I did. I changed no gear during the respec, not did I log out. After redoing my stats, meaning I added to them, I lost 100 GS. Like I said, I don't care about GS, but I do care if there is some reverse bug with our primary and/or…
  • I put in an email ticket and have heard nothing back yet, they said 3-4 business days so waiting now. I spent some more time thinking about this issue, and while I am very disappointed with complete lack of recourse we as paying customers have, meaning zero support on the PWE side, I do care about this game's success. I…
  • Purchased it on the 6th.
  • Visa. I got an email from PWE saying the transaction went through and that they have debited my money.
  • Most will say TR, especially in the lower levels.
  • Yes I sure do. What we all are experiencing is that no history of any transaction is showing up. It says there is 0 Zen in our wallets, therefore we cannot transfer anything.
  • http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?133921-50-Trickster-Rogue-Infiltrator-Skill-Guide-and-mini-review and http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?141091-Post-your-TR-Build-(powers-and-feats) are both good primers for TRs. Dungeon queuing can sometimes take up to 15 minutes, but usually much less.
  • Can you elaborate? You had no problem immediately receiving Zen you purchased? No problem talking to Billing Customer Service? When did you buy your Zen?
  • Yes I made one of those posts warning other people to be careful when buying Zen, and it got a lot of "Hey that happened to me too!" replies. The post was shut down and locked, which is fine. This one is more about bringing a serious issue to their attention while there is still time.
  • You're not getting the point. The issue is not whether Zen is good or bad. PWE has chosen this to be their method of making the game financially viable, right or wrong. The issue is that there is not a proper system in place for those of us that choose to buy Zen (they take our money but do not deliver their product), then…
  • There is no history of any transaction, and total Zen = 0 even after PWE has sent email acknowlegding my purchase, therefore no Zen to be moved.