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TR in stelth mode, GF DPS - what can be done???

boolibooliboolibooli Member Posts: 19 Arc User
edited July 2013 in The Library
Hi guys,
i am a DPS CW 8800GS, doing pretty well in PVP.

but there are two cases when i usually tend to die:
1) TR just entered stealth mode, i am not sure where is he (so i may teleporting to the wrong direction) and he stars to spam cloud of still and impact shoot(i think).
so in this state the TR can take 10-18k dmg before even going out of stealth .

2) GF comes neer you, knocs you with bull strike,launging strike, fortline - dead before even getting of from the ground.

i wanted to hear what do you do in order to avoid this situations or come out as victors.

Thanks guys!
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  • cleanorcleanor Member Posts: 40
    edited July 2013
    1. The perma-stealth TR is currently the toughest opponent we CWs face, and most other classes. If he is a true 100% permanent stealth build, you are going to have a very hard time. Best you can do is try to escape, but that is difficult. You can also cast an AoE like Steal Time and hope it hits him (if he takes damage it will mess up his stealth rotation and he will eventually become visible), but most of us don't waste an encounter slot on ST in PVP. Sometimes you can get a glimpse of him for a split second (orange name flashes), and you can try to get something off. Best advice I can give is to get somewhere on the map that he has to get close to you to use his Cloud of Steal, then hit Icy Storm daily and kill him. Perma TRs give up a good bit of relative damage to stay cloaked, so you might survive long enough to counter him. Also most don't carry Impossible to Catch, so if he does turn visible you should be able to CC him

    Fortunately there not that many 100% builds, and fewer that have the skill to be stealthed 100% of the time. Most of what you will encounter are hybrids, or TRs that can't quite stay perma all the time. As soon as you see one appear, hit it with Repel, Entangling, RoE, Chill Strike followed by Ray of Frost (Ice Knife of course if it is up). While they are stealthed, circle strafe and try and "time" your teleports (timing this is one part experience, one part luck) so that their stealth wears off. Once you see him finish him.

    One other tip, if they use Bait and Switch, and that's part of the 100% stealth build, you know exactly where they are, even if for just a split second (about 20 or so feet behind the dummy).

    2. GFs are fortunately a bit easier. Fights against them are won with distance. Your goal is to create space between the two of you and wear down his block meter, then kill him. Never let him get close enough to knock you down, but should one get the jump on you , spam teleport in the 10 or 2 o'clock directions, or if Repel is up, spam that button - this is your best chance of survival.

    Once you have a bit of space, keep it. His charge distance is pretty small. Keep moving backwards away from any walls, and only teleport when you need to, don't panic and blow them all at once. Now one of two things will happen: he will either walk at you with block up, in which case you hit him with MM wearing his block meter down, or he will run at you without block up, in which case you Repel him, Entangle him, then DPS him down. Ice Knife is very useful on GFs not only for the damage, but for knocking them prone. Once you have distance on GF, you should win every encounter with a bit of practice.

    Tip: Ray of Enfeeblement debuff seems to work on GFs even with their block up.

    For both enemies, a Soulforged enchantment on your armor can be a life saver.
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