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M25 General Feedback Thread

nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,495 Cryptic Developer
Greetings Adventurers!

The upcoming module (M25) is now on the NeverwinterPreview shard! We will be creating specific feature feedback threads for players to discuss the different areas of the new module but you can leave your general thoughts on this thread.

Additional Information & Known Issues
  • Players will notice updates to some companions on Preview - an in-depth Dev forum post covering these changes will be posted in the coming days.
  • Mount updates covering new insignias will also be discussed in an upcoming Dev forum post.
  • We are aware that Mirage weapons are doing significantly less damage than they should. This is being worked on.
Please note that everything on Preview is not necessarily final and is subject to change. We look forward to your feedback!

Formatting Your Feedback and Bugs

For posting feedback and bugs, please follow the following format to ensure your feedback and bugs are seen clearly and processed in a timely manner, thank you!

Type: Bug/Feedback (Please only choose one)
If you are listing a bug please have this text in RED, if you are posting an opinion or feedback please use CYAN. If you are replying to another user's post, or just engaging in general discussion, please do not color your posts, general discussion is welcome and we will read all of it, regardless of color! You can use BBCode to color your text:
<font color=cyan>This text will display in cyan.</font>
<font color=red>This text will display in red.</font>

Bug: Mimics breakdancing when the fight starts makes them get stuck in floor.
Feedback: Mimics breakdancing is visually distracting from the other fight mechanics.

*These examples are made up and not related to in-game content.


  • deadmano#4272 deadmano Member Posts: 73 Arc User
    Feedback: PLEASE add gear loadouts! I LOVE the variety of items you guys have added for module 25, with the unique equip bonuses, but so many of them are situational and the headache of having to keep switching pieces takes fun away from just playing the game, not to mention inventory management. I want to "set and forget" a build, not have to micromanage entire loadouts, and then still have to manually swap out gear pieces, only to forget swapping something when getting ninja-invited to help out with a trial.

    If you added gear loadouts where we could name a loadout and give it specific gear pieces, we could easily switch gear across all other main loadouts. This would be a massive quality of life and allow many of us the ability to enjoy the unique bonuses without having to switch out pieces manually. Please, consider what a few clicks over the course of a thousand could do for our fingies and mice.
  • divectoredivectore Member Posts: 190 Arc User
    edited March 2023
    Bug: it's been two years and Flourish encounter power from bard still doesn't work with Dancing Lights (in healer mode it works, so you getting there) and Contre as well, same with Ballad of the Witch being single target, Songward class feature cancels itself when leaving TAB and Loremaster (the feat) still doesn't work with dancing lights.
    Currently, the bard is the worst performing DPS, this class barely gets invited to content because of Mystifying Strikes, which is a luck dependent class feature. Making the powers do what they are supposed to do would help at least for a bit.
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  • liadan1984#8734 liadan1984 Member Posts: 315 Arc User

    One of the first quests in The Braeryn District, "Compassion and Cause", requires you to "Save harassed commoners in the Braeryn District". (6 in total).

    As this is one of the first in quests picked up, there is going to be a LOT of people running this quest when this drops to live.

    And, this quest if someone else nearby, who is not in party, interacts with the commoner before you get the opportunity to, even if you are standing RIGHT NEXT TO THEM, you do not get credit for the quest. The commoner and the group harassing them take approximately 4 minutes to respawn.

    This sort of thing happens with this sort of quest EVERY SINGLE MOD. And when you have classes who get stuck in combat for a few seconds, it means that they are likely to have other people swoop in for that interaction while they are unable to interact after clearing the group out.
    Co-Guild Leader
    Ghost Templars L20
    Alliance: Tyrs Paladium
    Main: Cleric (Heals|DPS)
    Alt: Warlock
  • carloswartune#5709 carloswartune Member Posts: 265 Arc User
    No soulweaver changes?
  • quetzal437#6171 quetzal437 Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    New enchantments, new Insignias, new gear, new time-gated & limited cap currencies to obtain these items and as I read it, continued devaluation of our current hard fought, earned and purchased items are yet again the next move. Just the state of the game so it appears. Yet tank scroll lock, portal outside combat with healer mark lock, loadout lockouts, pathetic loot tables, stronghold neglect, workshop stagnation, Zen, trade bar and bazaar store item obsolescence, boon relevance, class balance and sucker-bet feat choices and class features to just start off this ridiculous list goes unresolved. Yet again counting on the unaware fool and even bigger, financially pot-commited fool like myself, to dump more time and money just to get back to an even standing pre mod. Yeah, I get it. Welcome to MMO reality, player. Welcome to MMO reality, video game enthusiast. Welcome to MMO reality, consumer. Welcome to MMO reality - *trusted source of publisher and developer income*. And now that the reality point of view has been aligned correctly, as a trusted source of publisher and developer income, I humbly ask that the bug list that my listed examples by no means even scratch the surface of the complete list gets rectification priority before the release of this next root canal of a currency grind goes live. Maybe then I, along with many others I think might feel the same, might consider dropping another 20.00 for the next gut punch.
  • melzie#3799 melzie Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    The enchantment change feels like a cash grab. I don't mind the new equipment every mod, but to us players who cannot afford to do anything other than grind for gear, we just get caught up, and then are placed at the bottom of the ranks again since we cannot afford the pay to play that this game is becoming. I've been playing since shortly after Caturday and I'm about ready to walk away at this point. You are alienating your long term players.
  • tancrediivtancrediiv Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    <font color=cyan> Please do a complete loot critter table review of all lockbox. I just opened 25 older boxes to get the Stalwart Lion companion and trade bars. I got a useless epic box of companion that can't be opened or traded at the vendor, outdated artisan packs and many ancient X enchantments. There is no way to know what is still valid to open. Do not tell me buyer beware. Too much risk for too little reward.

    Player and forumite formerly known as FEELTHETHUNDER

    Expatriot Might Characters in EXILE
  • mayorofartamayorofarta Member Posts: 57 Arc User
    The one responsible for rewards in this game seems to do a very bad job for years now. It's apparent replacement must be made. In addition, new insignias are introduced and dust is insanely expensive for years. ENOUGH! This needs to be addressed NOW.

    Suggestion: Make a guaranteed epic insignia drop after 2 re-rolls in dungeon/trial chests. Bottle-necked progress with keys AND dust gain by playing the game and not mindlessly farming whisker ingredients.

    Not doing anything for years shows you want to keep insignias whale/market exclusive. In stream, you mentioned you are looking for ways to make it drop or lower requirement, but still we see nothing. You know it's a mess, because you have already discussed it.
  • maverick809maverick809 Member Posts: 27 Arc User
    edited February 2023
    Hey It is Maverick AKA Tahldeth. I have been playing about 3 years and a bit and the constant enchantment reworks are too much. Because there is no way I am going to spend another 32 or so coal motes to upgrade new 9 new enchantments. Please focus on more storylines! Content and cinematics! And above all else fun. Please reconsider the item level and treat your player base the way they should be. I do however like the idea of new weapon enchantments amd we never should have lost lightning in the first place! Also consider maybe buffing more summoned companions to create choices instead of nerfing everything all the time.
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  • mparcher#3106 mparcher Member Posts: 192 Arc User
    Woot! Better enchants, ty. The current enchant system has been stale for quite some time so these are nice additions. Would be nice if we could add debuff enchants again though. That way the tanks and healers can contribute more.
  • trace#7852 trace Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    Oh great, another job farming stupid campaign currency, to replace everything that I have worked so hard to achieve. Oh great, another trial that I will never be able to do. I promise you, that if some form of exchange isn't available for my old enchantments then I am done with this drag of a game. As it is, im only playing to chat with my friends but that will only get you so far. My alliance is still doing MToS training runs, why should I have to spend hundreds of hours learning to run content, because it is so damned difficult? No thank you. I do not find 2 hours of my life wasted banging my head against a brick wall...fun.
    This new enchantment system will be my final straw, as well as many more people that I know. VoS was a fun dungeon to have to "learn" to get through. But after watching every video ever made, after trying 50-60 times, 2-4 hours each...we still cannot beat the first MToS boss, not even close. Who thinks this garbage is "fun"? And now we get another trial that I won't ever get to complete, just like CoK and MToS. What a shame to take a potentially fun game and ruin it for 99% of people.
  • mparcher#3106 mparcher Member Posts: 192 Arc User
    > @trace#7852 said:
    > Woot? You think starting over from scratch is somehow fun? I guess some people get off getting slapped in the face, but most normal people do not.

    Say what? Not sure what you mean from starting from scratch. But this is great. We've been sitting on the same enchants for a year now. It's overdue to let us have more. Not sure why anyone would need to start over if they don't want to. Nobody needs the 900 item level. It's a luxury for the super sweaty which is the vast minority in the game. Plus, if you want these, you can just sell the current ones you have to help fund the new ones. Not a big deal.
  • liadan1984#8734 liadan1984 Member Posts: 315 Arc User

    Woot! Better enchants, ty. The current enchant system has been stale for quite some time so these are nice additions. Would be nice if we could add debuff enchants again though. That way the tanks and healers can contribute more.

    Woot? You think starting over from scratch is somehow fun? I guess some people get off getting slapped in the face, but most normal people do not.
    It's not starting over from scratch. They are literally just adding in three new enchants. Your old enchants will still be valid. Stop panicking over nothing.
    Co-Guild Leader
    Ghost Templars L20
    Alliance: Tyrs Paladium
    Main: Cleric (Heals|DPS)
    Alt: Warlock
  • evileyes#3572 evileyes Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited February 2023
    i have played this game since day one and been through all the changes ENOUGH!!!!!! why on earth would you think making people start over is a good thing NOT or are you going to pull the same rubbish as last time(exchanging mythics for tokens for blue enchants) there is nothing wrong with the enchants so there is no reason to change it come on guys FIX THE STUFF THAT'S CURRENTLY BROKEN and stop changing stuff that don't need to be changed this is just another way to get people to spend money.......try increasing the old gear and give us access to farm it all again
  • quetzal437#6171 quetzal437 Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    At least there is a bright side to the new mod. We can give thanks that Dragonborn hairstyle choice packs weren't mentioned as one of the new purchase options. I can hear the collective sigh of relief for that since the Dragonborn appearance display errors that would result would undeniably get top fix priority on the expected post-update next-day patch release. But no worries, at least the dragons will still go invisible, and the camera frame of view will allow me to do an eardrum inspection of my character when it stands next to a wall blinding me to whatever is killing me on the screen anyway.
  • micky1p00micky1p00 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,594 Arc User
    edited February 2023

    "Decrease threat generated by -4%"

    Decrease by negative value ( -4% ) if to interpret directly is the same as increasing by 4%. Which I'm sure it isn't what it does.
    Removing the minus sign should make it less ambiguous.
  • dangerousdqqdangerousdqq Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    As someone who has supported the game with a significant amount of real money over the last two years I am glad I did not spend a single penny/dime <insert currency here> during this current 20% bonus Zen event, I was going to but decided to wait. Now you are not getting anything else from me.
    The updates planned for Module 25 are nothing short of a major kick where it hurts for anyone who has invested time and money. The nerfing of all the top AOE companions, buffing companions that didn't need buffing (paranoid delusion) the increase in IL of all the new enchantments. The new content looks boring. Where are the interesting places to visit (dragonbone vale is an amazing map...we want more like this). Looks like the game will die even faster if this Mod releases in this state.
  • Adding new enchants of the same rank as existing ones, but with a higher TIL and amount of stats is an imbalance and devaluation of existing enchants. Instead, you should just add new enchants to the Sage's Shop and, if you want to make players farm the new campaign, make it possible to upgrade all enchants in the new campaign store for campaign currency.

    Your argument that dual-stat enchants are less appealing than single-stat ones is weak. We already have single-stat and double-stat companion gear in the game, both give us the same amount of stats and TIL. The choice depends on the player's build. Some are better with single-stat companion gear, and some are better with the double-stat one. The same should be for enchants. A player with, say, 2 single-stat combat advantage enchants and 2 single-stat crit strike enchants in their attack slots should get the same TIL and the same amount of stats as a player who has 4 double-stat enchants that grant combat advantage and critical strike.
    If you leave it the way you suggest, then in the future no one will use single-stat enchants. It would make more sense for new players who haven't bought or upgraded any enchants to farm for the new ones, because new enchants grant more stats and more TIL when at maximum. Getting new enchants will be easy for all players, since in the first few weeks after release the campaign is not limited by the TIL and is available to everyone. Why bother buying and upgrading something for temporary use?
    And for older players, minmaxers in particular, and especially those who have bound enchants to their accounts, it's a slap in the face. They've spent so many resources to maximize their enchants, and instead of providing a way for further upgrading what they already have, you suggest just stop using what they've been farming for so long and start from scratch.

    The best option, as I see it, would be to add new enchants to the Sage's Shop, make them equal to the single-stat enchants in terms of TIL and the amount of stats they grant, as well as provide a way to upgrade all enchants (for instance, up to 1600 TIL and slightly increased amount of stats) for new campaign currency.

    P.S. The post keeps getting deleted when I try to edit it for typos. Is this a bug?
  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 1,798 Arc User
    edited February 2023
    micky1p00 said:

    "Decrease threat generated by -4%"

    Decrease by negative value ( -4% ) if to interpret directly is the same as increasing by 4%. Which I'm sure it isn't what it does.
    Removing the minus sign should make it less ambiguous.

    They are saying a double negative here, and why it's so confusing. Technically when you use two negatives, each cancel the other out.

    Decrease Threat by 4% is the correct way to state it, or Applies a Threat -4% bonus. :+1:
    Post edited by strathkin on
  • sekosek#5740 sekosek Member Posts: 120 Arc User
    Reconsider about the new healer combat enchant "Refulgent Fortification"s bonus. Decreasing threat generation on a healer is completely useless. Healers don't even generate threat remotely close to tanks and dps. Make it something like 10% outgoing healing(which would be multiplicative to your total healing, just like dps enchants being multiplicative damage bonus) or maybe 10% divinity/soulstorm/performance regen(again, multiplicative). If this enchants stay as it is, I see no real healers using it, they would be better of using Soulforged or Flash Freeze.

    And keep new normal enchantment item levels same as existing ones. No need to create an imbalance, especially on a system you just reworked 1 mod ago.

  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 1,798 Arc User
    edited February 2023

    Reconsider about the new healer combat enchant "Refulgent Fortification"s bonus... Make it something like 10% outgoing healing(which would be multiplicative to your total healing, just like dps enchants being multiplicative damage bonus) or maybe 10% divinity/soulstorm/performance regen(again, multiplicative).

    I'd say it be far wiser to split the bonus to "Threat applied -2%" & "Healing +1%" as an example; then it offer something different. Since Healers & Tanks supposed to be a team, so that kind of makes sense... likely why it's secondary benefit is mostly single target heals. This would provide more flexibility, as the heal bonus would apply to all. I didn't think they should change it too damage reduction like the earlier suggestion, as Nature, Soul Shield, and Freeze offer this already, if they want the -10% damage reduction. So a few new Enchantments that split the bonus, similar to "new" enchantments should be considered; especially at same Item Level & bonus of 'focused' ones--not higher as other said above.

    Feedback: Remove the increased item level from the new enchantments so that they are in-line with the existing ones.

    My point is Healer's can take threat quicker (at times) & "sometimes" represent a bigger threat to the enemy failure. Which is why you'd think even Cryptic would agree: "Threat applied -2%" & "Healing +1%" not to take all pressure off, yet some. Though I do agree with boosting the secondary bonus to 1.5% per stack, yet it should stay a Single Target Bonus; as the +1% Healing bonus applies to all.
    Post edited by strathkin on
  • plasticbatplasticbat Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 12,206 Arc User
    edited February 2023
    Once upon of time, good healer was the aggro magnet from the mob. The tank might take aggro of the boss but the mob went to the healer. I don't know if this is still the case or the healers does not heal like they used to be.
    *** The game can read your mind. If you want it, you won't get it. If you don't expect to get it, you will. ***
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