The Maths of the new Random Queue System

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It occurred to me straight away that the change to Randoms; mandatory 1 tank , 1 healer and 3 DPS per run is a mathematical nightmare that cant be solved - DEVS please switch it back before we all go insane.

Lets look at some maths - lets assume there are zero players queuing for RLQ at my calculation start point.

Lets assume 5% healer toons, 20% tank toons and 75% dps toons.

So lets assume the first 15 to queue are all dps [double expected norm] then 2 tanks join the queue then another 5 dps then a healer joins.

Queue pops for 3 dps, 1 of the tanks and the healer who joined just now.

But hold on this only reduces the queue down to 17 dps and 1 tank and the cycle begins again, where there is NEVER going to be parity between the number of healers required and those queuing who are DPS. Because more DPS are joning the queue ALL THE TIME than healers or tanks - disproportionally.

For this to work there would need to be 20% healers, 20% tanks and 60% dps.

Mathematically this is a right forking mess. It really hasn't BEEN THOUGHT THROUGH. Oops sorry for caps.


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    RLQ is HAMSTER atm
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    to make it more scary , after the 5% healers done with their runs , what will happend with the 15% tank and the 70% dps
    Thats a Stevie Wonder
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    to make it more scary , after the 5% healers done with their runs , what will happend with the 15% tank and the 70% dps
    Thats a Stevie Wonder

    Those other 85%, when the pain of waiting becomes too great for them, will swallow their pride and queue as tank/heal if they have that option, or roll a new paladin toon. It's RLQ. It's okay to bring in a trash tank/heal as their not expected to contribute significant dps.
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    This is what you call a lose-lose.

    5 dps head into a skirm and fail. Come to forums and complain.
    Now you need 3 dps, 1 tank, 1 cleric. Now dps players are back complaining that the Q doesn't pop because, you guessed it, not enough support anymore.

    You can have quick Qs you fail at or long waits you succeed at.

    My win-win solution is simple. Never, I mean never ever never, random Q.

    Run with premades only and if no one's around I want to run with I use that time to catch up on other things. Win #1 - I don't have to deal with bad Qs. Win #2 - when I run, it's fast and completed every time so no missing out on chests/ad after wasting time and having to leave a Q.

    I don't really recall seeing people complain about failing skirmishes?

    Generally if I was ever in a group which got Merchant Prince Folly or Manycoins Bank Heist, I was happy to abandon skirmish if I could see it was going to fail, and take the 30 min timer hit and go and do something else. And rejoin the queue later. It was never a problem.
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    Though the complaints may not matter as we now know that the devs do have metrics and do look at them. The change was going to happen with or without the complaints.
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    Eventually people will adjust and start running their tanks and healers through. Until then, dps classes will just have to wait. I think this also pushes players to get up a healer/tank class so it might push for a better diversity in classes. I'm torn on the change since I think a better and more diverse group of classes in game is good for it while at the same time want players to get into content in a relatively nominal amount of time.
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    One could argue that it is better this way by enforcing the proper ratios between tank-heal-dps from the beginning, rather that having the player mass meet that wall once they get to RIQ.

    If people start running more tank-heal as a consequence of this, it might eventually shorten the queue times in RIQ and RAQ.

    That would be a good development.
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    Actually my impression from rlq is that those trial demo and tiamat are a nightmare in the sum, no way to join without tank heal and hdps...a average groups with low geared player inside are a waste of time
    Other dungeons are way to easy, no balance, but that's a known issue for many things in this game
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    Yup, that's why I suggested some reward like a runic etching (or whatever the thing for zok boxes is called) in the other thread as a possible role bonus reward and unify the role bonus for tanks and healers. Maybe a currency for successful runs while having the role bonus that can be exchanged for other items.

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    Scourge healer is the poor cousin of the heal classes. We need higher magnitude across the board. If you give me a less wonky, more effective Templock, I'll que your garbage, until then I'm LFG+ SW+ HDPS.