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Why is there a 5378 mystery patch today?



  • evrisaevrisa Posts: 40Member Arc User
    edited April 2018
    So yesterday, after a short log out, I ran into this same problem ... nearly 5G download. Freaking pita. Ok, fine. This morning, after having shut down the game last night, yeah same thing. Srsly? And it's only 8 am here. I am 2 hours away from downtime for the weekly patch. So, um, still more backend stuff being done? Totally confused.
  • agent0007#4162 agent0007 Posts: 1Member Arc User
    Yesterday, I received a large patch. Don't remember the size. My system became unstable and required a hard-boot (i.e. powercycle) to free up. I tried to get back in later and got another patch... maybe around 2GB... System is still unstable and required another hard-boot/powercycle. I did the check files option that was presented, went to bed and this morning after another ~500MB patch, I just can't get into the server. What gives? :(
  • nofuture4u3nofuture4u3 Posts: 5Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    dear support team, still no fix? I logged in today since i thought maybe today the issue will be resolved, i gave up yesterday at 50% from cca 5gb,,, what a surprise, today i get AGAIN to download 5,9gb, can You pls tell me what the hell i am downloading? or turn it off, so that production/live wonnt download this if its not relevant?
  • spookele1spookele1 Posts: 24Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Same here getting real P off now i cant patch it every single damn day for absolutely NOTHING!! THE PATCH NEVER ENDS !!!
    5G over and over WHAT THE Hell is going on ????
  • jaegernljaegernl Posts: 452Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Ah, yes, I'm getting treated to another 5GB patch. Splendid.
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  • bladez#8277 bladez Posts: 12Member Arc User
    Everytime I log in Even after forced verify the same patch??? Do you think everyone has free downloads? three days now? gaammon!!!
  • reg1981reg1981 Posts: 862Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    This is the patch that never ends.
    It just goes on and on my friends.
    Most people, started patching it not knowing what it was.
    And they'll continue patching it for ever just because.
    This is the patch that never ends.

  • nofuture4u3nofuture4u3 Posts: 5Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    as of today i do not get any further patch requests from the launcher... thx
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