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  • fritz#8093 fritz Member Posts: 325 Arc User
    edited October 2021
    nibs#8955 said:

    Im probably a minority here, but as much as there are items (mainly gear) that i want, i don't think too much gear should be able to be unbound, it takes away the grind, which at first sounds great, but once you don't have to do anything to get gear it will only be a matter of time before you get bored and stop playing, it will take away the need to actually run content to get what you need, not long before newbies start joining end game dungeons with high end gear but 1) haven't got a clue about the mechanics of the dungeon, and 2) lack skill where they just bought up all the gear and had no real experience on team play or the game etc.

    I think for this, the most recent mods gear shouldn't be able to be unbounded until the next 2 mod release. This means players will still have an incentive to try and get that gear they want, and when they get it they will feel a a sense of achievement. I still haven't got the Rib Cage, i don;t want it just handed to me, at least let me help out in a hunt or have the hunt lures etc to earn it, but 2 mods down the line, sure, i'll take it if i still need it, but by then i may have a better option from the newer mods released.

    No. Unbind Tokens are great because they offer different avenues to rewards in a game that does an absolute terrible job at giving players choices. Every grind is tied to very specific repetitive activities that you have to do for weeks and months to get anywhere. Having the option to skip content and still get rewards through other means is exactly what this game needs. In a perfect world you should be able to freely choose your favorite niche of the game (pve, pvp, solo, crafting, etc.) and still be able to get most rewards.
  • alquimistgg#0914 alquimistgg Member Posts: 133 Arc User
    I have many concerns about what has been said above by some.
    1-Rich players will not need to play the game to get strong. (something that already happens indirectly today)

    2- Some items stay linked to the account even after unlinking. Nibs' ideas were good, restricting the use of these toekns on items from the last 2 modules released can avoid major problems, and restricting the use of module equipment to only after your campaign is completed is a great choice for the game regardless of this system. of unlink, but please delete campaign completion tokens from the game, they will only be available for accounts that have already done campaigns like me a main character, put these completion tokens in place of the patronage tokens for a higher value of AD for confection.

    3 - eliminate the BTC from the game once and for all, this type of link is quite annoying, make items equipped if you only link the account, and from there work on the unlink tokens with these restrictions mentioned.

    4 - Collecting these tokens to be sold in Wonders Bazzar can be a good option to collect AD, not to mention that the moment you add items for sale in zen and bazaar at the same time, you create a market trend in your favor, as an example, imagine if presevation wards were added to the Bazzar at 10k each, players would stop buying them in zen to sell them at 18k each, even if you have rarer ones for limited times like event periods. So put these unlink tokens to sell in the bazzar as common resources please.

    5 - Cost of tokens, a coalescent ward will cost 80 tokens which will give you 800 of zen, it's practically the price of buying a new coalescent in the zen market, does that make sense to you? What about other rarer items like mythic items? how much will it cost? 200 tokens? 2000 from zen to unbind it? this seems to me well above acceptable, if it is put for sale by AD in the bazaar this would be equivalent to 1.5kk just to unveil an item. AND

    Still on costs, what will define the value? the rarity? since we know that refining an artifact to legendary consumes far more resources than a legendary necklace, or even taking something recent, a mythic halaster scepter is much more valuable than the new demongorgon items that already drop into mythic. Working based on rarity doesn't seem like a good choice. unveiling a rank 14 arming enchantment cannot be the same cost as unveiling a rank 14 radiant even though they are both of the same rarity and rank we know how different they are in value. How do you intend to balance these costs that already seem very high to me when using the coalescent parameter brought by you. These are the points that concern me the most.

    In fact I agree with the colleague who said that you are using a game problem to benefit, and particularly you are already used to it, I know that in part it is necessary for the game to remain standing, but at least do things right for Please solve the unnecessary linking issues especially the BTC that needs to be eliminated from the game and then work on monetizing the game. I love Neverwinter so much and I've already had a big hit after I saw the way the profession system is going. So think about it fondly @noworries#8859 , I think about it as a big Neverwinter fan and as a player who has spent more than 8,000 hours on this game and some good cash values, with the greatest pleasure, as for me it has always been an investment for the game I love.
  • shivawolvesshivawolves Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    I think the Tokens to Unbind items is a GREAT Idea.... However, I think they should be used to unbind Character items to ACCT. . Not completely Unbinding.. I wouldn't mind Unbinding my Reroll keys to Acct. to move them to Characters I actually play an that could use rerolls.. unbinding potions of healing from Character to acct... Companions that are bound to character to acct bound. see where i'm going with this? unbind items that is beneficial to my acct. not what I can flood the AH with.. If ur trying to kill the Zax or AH by all means continue to do so.... (Sense that has been working out beautifully so far.. my apologies for my sarcasim) Your idea of unbinding coalwards? 10tokens for 100zen... 80tokens to unbind a coalward.. I mean isn't a coalward from AH can be bought for 800zen.?? (coupon) that is unbound. LOL
    so why would I bother to unbind 1 acct bound. just to sell it on the AH? .. umm I use my coalwards I don't recall ever selling on the AH .. an if I did it was probably 1 time only... Remember? Back when the Coalwards were on the wondrous Bazaar (I never took advantage) .. Others bought so many an flooded the AH.. which was why they were taken out of the WB .. I've always said.. they should've been ACCT. Bound. stupid mistake by whomevers idea back then..

    Other ppls Ideas of the VOS rings.. to be unbound like Tomm rings.. No thanks, keep them bound to acct. There is plenty of ppl capable of running VOS an grinding for the rings. (the RNG is terrible, that I will agree on..)
    Avernus Gear unbound .. NO thanks again.. keep acct bound as well.. not character when equip'd? umm sure ok... but completely unbinding.. NO..
    My reason: I run into players with High IL 50k+,60k+ an yet they have no clue how to play their class.. "You can buy a Ferrari, Don't mean u know how to drive 1" Soon VOS will be listed on the RADQ.. these ppl who have the IL .. Tomm rings, weapons.. Zariel weapons.. an HC VOS 1st mini boss gear, Avernus gear.. an yet they can't get thru TIC,CR,LOMM or even Normal VOS.. . I do love challenges :D and enjoy pugging RADQs.. I think certain Items we win in Dungeons we run should be unbound an "IF" we can actually win stuff..

    So why again unbind tokens , to help benefit our characters on our acct. ?? yes pls.. oh .. just to make money.. not to actually play the game cause it's fun.. what is fun again??
  • stop#0613 stop Member Posts: 2 Arc User

    Transmutes from old zen packs, like Bahamut's Champion Booster Pack transmutes and old class packs like Barbarian Booster Pack. So people who had no chance to buy these packs in the past, can buy those from other players who had purhased before, with unbinding.

    You recently added companions from these old class packs back in the game, it would be really cool if you could bring these kinds of transmutes in the game aswell, either through adding them back, or making them unbindable so we can buy/trade with other players.

    Up up up up
  • sergey235711sergey235711 Member Posts: 157 Arc User
    Question: could I unbind items with "Binds on pickup" in new system?

    I want to give to my bard many items, which removed from the game in M21 because of some bugs (already reported in bug thread). So if you don't want to fix ways to obtain them, could you add option to unbind these items?
  • vixazarahvvixazarahv Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 71 Arc User
    All Class Specific Gear that is Bind On Pickup.
    ESPECIALLY Gear that can be bought from a vendor.

    I don't even know why it would be an option to buy gear for a different class that was Bound to Character Upon Pickup.
  • armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,952 Arc User
    Valuing the tokens at 80% of the Zen price when a person can buy the item from the Zen store with a voucher will make it the same price.

    Is that what you guys are going for? I don't think people actually want them for wards anyway, it's more like bound enchantments and equipment like rings, transmutes, maybe even artifacts to move them between toons.

    Also, I hope you guys aren't planning on increasing the number of bound items to boost sales of these tokens.
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  • lego#7279 lego Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    armour which is up to 800 general subject level,
    and the decoupling will be from the account of these items?
  • pherrowpherrow Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 413 Arc User
    Although I am a fan of throwing shade at the changes the team makes, I will say that I can get behind this if enough items in a few different categories can be unbound.

    I can't say I've thought about it enough to predict the full implications of such a change but on its face...I like it. Rare but I like it.
  • trick2g#7100 trick2g Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Really enjoying game!
  • madmartigan#1315 madmartigan Member Posts: 32 Arc User
    if we can unbind too much stuff completely it isnt only going to throw the ah into dissarray, its going to promote botting and hacking/stealing. i love the idea of making my char bound stuff acc bound, because hand-me-downs rock. but unbinding stuff completely? this is a bad, bad idea.
  • frenchfryfun#1013 frenchfryfun Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Please allow these new tokens to unbind Reward Reroll Tokens from BtC , to become BtA, with a very small # of tokens/expense.
    I have VIP, generating stacks of useless reroll tokens on alts that will never open high-level chests (where a Reroll is worthwhile). When my main runs out of Vip & Reroll tokens, I might stop playing the game, but if I can bring in Reroll tokens from alts, I will still be inspired to keep playing.
  • olocancom#0595 olocancom Member Posts: 94 Arc User
    edited October 2021
    Please add the normal VoS rings to the list. I've have been running that dungeon consistently since it launched and I have yet to get the 1 ring I want for my main character. I have a bank full of rings for classes I don't play and I would love to be able to trade one for the +ranged damage ring.

    Alternatively, add a currency like the scrolls from tomm so that I can buy my ring. I don't care if I need 200 of the things. I'm just really sick of being screwed over by RNG run after run. I know there have been several forum posts on this topic and we've never seen it addressed by the developers. I assure you, my ring not dropping does not encourage me to play or spend money.

  • froger#9967 froger Member Posts: 604 Arc User
    edited October 2021
    @noworries#8859 Thanks for the feedback/explanation/rationale. Sadly, regardless of what is done there will be upset players and elated players. Good luck finding the right balance.

    A question I have: Will something unbound with tokens remain permanently unbound regardless of future equip status?

    For example: I unbind an artifact, move it to another character, and equip it. Will it remain unbound?
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  • organius#4038 organius Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    I like to see this items sooner:
    1. All weapons.
    2. All equipment (hunt's gear too) - helmets,armors,bracers,boots,necklaces,rings,belts,shirts and pants.
    3. All weapons and armors enchantments.
    4. Enchantments.
    5. All artifacts and artifact equipment.From uncommon to mythic (stronghold artifacts too).
    6. Companion equipment.
    7. Transmutes.
    8. Reroll tokens.
    Put them in the Zen store and Bazaar.
    Items requires a particular amount of unbind tokens which depend on the rarity.
    • Uncommon - 30 unbind tokens (150 Zen) (300 000 Ad)
    • Rare - 50 unbind tokens (250 Zen) (500 000 Ad)
    • Epic - 70 unbind tokens (350 Zen) (700 000 Ad)
    • Legendary - 100 unbind tokens (500 Zen) (1 000 000 Ad)
    • Mythic - 130 unbind tokens (650 Zen) (1 300 000 Ad)
    10 Unbind Tokens need to cost 50 Zen in the zen store and 100 000 Ad in bazaar. Example:Coal wards can be unbound for 50 tokens (50 tokens=250 ZEN).
    100 Zen price is too much for 10 unbind tokens,considering that 10 wards cost 100 Zen.If the price will 50 Zen for 10 tokens (1:5),then everyone will buy it and buy it often.In the meantime, your company will make a good profit for a long run.
    It makes no sense to spend 800 Zen to only unbind it,when you can buy a coal wards for 1000 Zen.

  • kalina311kalina311 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,082 Arc User
    edited October 2021
    These changes should stabilize the zen exchange / auction house market prices nicely :D...not
  • polysatyr81polysatyr81 Member Posts: 154 Arc User
    Since we're talking about bindings some things that should never be BTC BUT at least BTA Transmutes where you can get a different classes, transmutes where you can get doubles (Vallenhas stuff is top of my list here) the stuff you can get from Starlight Bags (I always get that and parcels confused) and then if we want to pay to get those unbound from account with the tokens so be it.
  • hamkethamket Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Just off the top of my head:

    Vanity pets
    Vallenhas transmutes
    All hunt gear
    Items from Juma bags and Zok boxes
    Breunor's Helm
    Makos's Signet
  • mparcher#3106 mparcher Member Posts: 175 Arc User
    Not 1 single thing negative to say about this subject. Apply to all items in the game and implement ASAP.
  • hexngone#5489 hexngone Member Posts: 370 Arc User
    edited October 2021
    Three observations:

    1) When I began buying gear with seals, I worked until I acquired a full set of Primal gear. I then added two alts to the account and was able to pass the gear down to the alts as they advanced to level 70 and needed the gear to do the quests. The hand-me-down approach of BtA works very well for equipment, artifacts, bags, and consumables. It also scales well as new, higher level items are added to the game.

    2) When a patch in 2020 forced all Runic Bags in inventory to be bound as if they had been equipped, the dev team struggled with how to reverse the action. My impression is that the proposed unbind tokens are a means to resolve the occasional side effects of unexpected events triggered by patches in the future. One of the most tedious parts of resolving the issue seemed to be vetting all the logs to determine who had what in what state prior to the patch - give them an unbind token, they can fix it themselves? Maybe I'm wrong, but that is my observation.

    3) Based on @noworries#8859 comments above, this will only help with future items. Sadly, that avoids the bulk of the problem with items (as noted by posts above) that should have had their binding set differently than they were. Fixing that problem as a priority would solve many of the situations cited here. That goes with the 'fix what is broken before adding new functionality' approach which I also support. I should not have to pay (read: Buy Tokens) for implementation errors not caused by my actions.
  • mparcher#3106 mparcher Member Posts: 175 Arc User
    Ty in advance for adding them to the Astral Lockboxes. The PS and Xbox zen backlog would appreciate this.
  • theraxin#5169 theraxin Member Posts: 368 Arc User
    edited October 2021

    Some questions/topics that have been brought up:

    "Is this an excuse to make more things bound and then make people pay to unbind them"

    The game has been steadily making fewer things bound to character instead of account. And even making more things account wide reclaims. So that doesn't match up with what has already been happening and this feature doesn't change any designs on what is bound or unbound in the future.

    This is also one of the most requested features over the years. We held off implementing it for a long time as it has risks to the game economy (concerns players have raised in this very thread). But then we came up with a good solution that allows us to limit the number of items that can be turned unbound as well as a system that helps retain the value of items in the game.

    Thanks for the relatively quick answer, but I want to specify that currently the playerbase has no discreet idea for why an item is BtC, BtA or unbound and I'm not even sure if there are rules for that. Even you mention that it's really will go case-by-case, which just means, it's arbitrary. But that's -at least for me- the whole issue, we are getting arbitrarily asked to pay with (as the current state of ZAX goes) in-game unobtainable currency for bind statuses that make no sense, like the Bruenor helm or the Makos ring.

    I agree that currently the game moves very swiftly for a more alt-friendly approach, but it also went swiftly and in huge steps away when bolsters and IL become identifying of progression, making alts hard to even solo with. And without transparent and understandable rules "this is how we do it currently" does not give me confidence, neither it should.

    I think there is a ton of example for things that make currently zero sense to be BtC and it was made like that, so I don't need to describe malice into it to be suspicious if it really means anything for the future. Like I'm 99% sure that Vallenhas transmutes which I almost always get just for other classes, BtC for unfathomable reasons and I absolutely can see how a later copy of that system would do exactly the same. And I don't want a way to buy out of it, I just want the system to either be explained better (like, "transmutes for other classes are the Abyssal chickens of insurgency boxes") or just be better (BtA, which is really not a big ask). And seriously, why is Bruenor's helm BtC?
  • irene#2829 irene Member Posts: 109 Arc User
    edited October 2021
    Initially I wish for a vos ring (simple one with +crit stats) unbind because I've already ran vos at 61,000 ilevel a hundred times but it doesn't drop. I felt discouraged and decide to pay the more lucky player to save my time. However, I manage to get the ring l wanted last night. Now I wish for it to stay bind because I feel it's hard effort to earn and new players should not equip it immediately.

    Perhaps Cryptic can add in 1 more layer of innovation - Players can equip unbind item only if they have cleared the content for over 50 times.
    Item tooltip example : Equip requirement : boss name killed 0/50.

    Unbind token is the same concept as "scissors of karma" in MapleStory. The players mostly used for high level items.
    - The item can only be traded once.
    - They have different versions of it : Silver / Gold / Platinum

    Suggestions for unbind tokens
    - Bags and quest rewards
    - On equip : Boss kill prerequisite
    - Hunt Lures : Monster kill prerequisite
    - Small pets (to collect all)
    - Tarot cards (from player to player tradable to bind and unbind tradable)
    - Shards of greater empowerment - From low chance drop, to moderate chance drop but bind to player.

    Side topic : In Maplestory, other than scissors they have 5 more systems to profit from players. I hope it doesn't come to Neverwinter. :p
    1) Buying a forge hammer to unlock additional stats improvement with a chance.
    2) Buying potential unlock cubes to get a random stats improvement
    (The secret selling point is to have a 1/100 chance to gain a percentage % increase in stats. Players cube their items for thousands of times to get 5% stats increase instead of +200 stats increase.)
    3) Buying random chance cores to improve skill damage by a little (sometimes not getting the skill upgrade you want)
    4) 30 day pets - the pets will help to pick up loot. Pet upgrades - pick up loot at greater distance
    5) Improvement scrolls - those have low chance to upgrade equipment and has a chance to destroy them.
  • admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 580 Arc User
    I'm a stickler for the "bind" removal idea, but it was more specific to artifacts. I have a collection of Artifacts in my main character that I don't use, and I'll probably never use them again. For me it would be interesting to put in a secondary character, since everything was my effort. To sell I find this interesting because it would help to reduce the price of PW on AH, but being only artifacts. I don't agree that items such as VoS hc rings are untied, because those who have them, struggled to get them, and those who don't have to suffer as the others suffered or simply accept that those items are an unattainable goal.

    My suggestion is that only items that use PW or Coal are salable, and for that the tokens would do and that all other items are accountable. For example, I have a Ribcage on my GWF dps that could also be used on my DC healer, but because it's character bound only my DC healer will never get out of the PE bonfire, but if this was bound acc, maybe I'd be interested. in playing with him.

    Of the ideas I've read, that it restricts the items from the last 2 modules, it's definitely the most interesting.
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