M15: Great Weapon Fighter Class Changes



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    @jaime4312#3760 Hit me with a Longstrider's Shot and that's about the only support HR's give lol
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    @spidey#3367 That's a Guardian Fighter. Not a Great Weapon Fighter. Please do some slight research before complaining.

    I think you missunderstood my point here:
    I play a GWF and i am sick of all the complaints how OP the GWF is. This vid was a proofe that GWF isnt that OP as everybody says.Everyone is complaining about the GWF. Most of them got no clue at all about the class and the mechanics. Its just "Mimimi...i dont deal so much DPS as a GWF does...mimimi...i dont wanna try to play better...mimimimi....nerf GWF!..." But i cant find any vid from a GWF in mod 15 that deals that amount DPS in a 3 man group in TONG.

    Trust me. I did my research.