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Foundry Author Directory

zebularzebular Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 15,270 Community Moderator
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Listings A - Z (in order of Author)
Author In-Game Handle: Chili1179
Author Forum Nickname: chili1179
Foundry Projects:
• Crypts of Carnage - ???
• Dungeons of Dread - ???
• Labyrinth of Lunacy - ???
• Necropolis of Nightmare - ???
• Where there's Smoke - ???
Author In-Game Handle: ???
Author Forum Nickname: guitarzan698
Foundry Projects:
The Last Outpost - NW-DA8J8WDJF
Author In-Game Handle: howitzer29
Author Forum Nickname: howitzer29
Foundry Projects:
False Idols - Rezade and the Ruins - NWS-DA6ZOP3V3
Author In-Game Handle: ???
Author Forum Nickname: iandarksword
Foundry Projects:
Harper Chronicles: Blacklake - NW-DCPA4W2Q5
• Whispers of an Ancient Evil [v2] - NW-DQWRKPLJO
Author In-Game Handle: ???
Author Forum Nickname: mittensofdoom
Foundry Projects:
City of the Lost - NW-DQ9YEIZIW
Tired of being eaten - NW-DM3BQ5GS3
Gods of Fury - NW-DK8PLT4Y8
Labyrinth of Teshyll - NW-DT55QRB3Z
(RP) Fortress of Darkness - NW-DRYN3WSO3
(RP) Elven House - NW-DFZRM387U
(RP) The Calim Desert - NW-DE8GXETIV
(RP) Gilda's Store - NW-DNVDCHFYZ
Fey Castle (RP) - NW-DITKHEI4H
(RP) The Treasury - NW-DN3ITZSPQ
Fae Canopy Cottage (RP) - NW-DGF46N3YO
Author In-Game Handle: rezuron
Author Forum Nickname: rezuron#1946
Foundry Projects:
• [Campaign] Let's See How Gravity Works - ???
• [Campaign Quest] Let's See How Gravity Works, P1 - NW-DP4FUWC79
• [Campaign Quest] Part 2: Who is in charge here? - ???
Pie Baking Guide - NW-DK3M5UDO5
Author In-Game Handle: ???
Author Forum Nickname: simplyshawn
Foundry Projects:
"An Old Battle" - ???
Author In-Game Handle: ???
Author Forum Nickname: torontodave
Foundry Projects:
To Infinity, and Beyond! - NW-DSQ39N5SJ
The Black Pearl - NW-DC9R4J5EH
Author In-Game Handle: Valcontar73
Author Forum Nickname: valcontar73
Foundry Projects:
• [Campaign] Angeline von Stein - NWS-DLXTNXRF2
• [Campaign Quest] The Wildcross Bride - NW-DT3221YUY
• [Campaign] The Lost Seneschal - NWS-DOVA9JIJV
• [Campaign Quest] The Lost Seneschal, Act 1 - NW-DFK8X6A57
• [Campaign Quest] The Lost Seneschal, Act 2 - NW-DIG5784G9
• [Campaign Quest] The Lost Seneschal, Act 3 - NW-DE2XRW5S7
Author In-Game Handle: ???
Author Forum Nickname: waryur
Foundry Projects:
It's Just a Flesh Wound Pt. 1 - NW-DM8GHAME2
It's Just a Flesh Wound Pt. 2 - NW-DFADOS4EX
Author In-Game Handle: zebular
Author Forum Nickname: zebular
Foundry Projects:
[Campaign] The Dweomerkeepers - NWS-DKPPXGRS7
• [Campaign Quest] The Dweomerkeepers, Act I: A Discovery in Neverwinter Wood - NW-DIPI9V93T
• [Campaign Quest] The Dweomerkeepers, Act II: Off the High Road - NW-DPLLC58A9
• [Campaign Quest] The Dweomerkeepers, Act III: Dweomerkeep Temple - NW-DUWQF9IXO
• [Campaign Quest] The Dweomerkeepers, Act IV: A Weave in Time - NW-DDJNKTXJP
The Gallery (For Screenshots) - NW-DPFKSHFYQ

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