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  • als3di222
    Hi i need help bought AD with zen but i didnt get

    It and my zen gone 3000 zen for ad to get nothing
    So i need check my problem and solve

    Xbox one gametag DarkSiderQ842
    March 14
  • vigor#8801
    look, I found a site selling neverwinter items for RL money. I was talking about this recently in a thread. The thread was kind of about the people who make AD by buying things on the zen market, selling for AD and then putting that AD right back into the zen/ad exchange. I said this is a very bad idea. Someone starts with 1 or a few accts and makes 36 million AD/yr not even counting interest or AH sales, then takes their profit to sell things for real money.


    I hate to say it but I told you so. (not you personally but the developers and anyone else who was reading the thread)
    March 12