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  • dragon#4638
    Could you please verify my finding that the Siege Master combat power is still broken. I've tested it with wooden weapons the same as I test all the powers I'd like to use, and this one has been broken for way over a year now. I'd love for this one to be fixed as it could be a game changer. Thx !
    May 4
    • dragon#4638
      This is on ps4 I'm talking about. I just noticed this is pc forum link your tech support sent me.
  • fuxion#7775
    Hi There

    Im not sure if and when you read these discussions and what gets sent to the management team to address BUT i will tell you now im done with this game like so many in the past ,because serious matters that affect what we love best and that is PVP has not been addressed

    The mirage set has brought PVP matches to a whole new lvl of astonishment and in a very negative way

    This is disgusting tbh ... you cannot target the enemy player when there are a crowd of adds on the node from the mirage set !

    This is not how pvp should be

    Because with 5 players all equipping mirage set there are a crowd of 20 targets on the node facing you .. impossible to target the enemy .... Like does anyone realise how cancerous this is to pvp - really time to quit this HAMSTER for good find another game where players opinions may count for something , everyone agrees this is NOT RIGHT why hasn't anything been done ??

    it defeats and have broken PVP !!!!

    cant believe it has come to this ... really
    April 8