Cloaked Ascendancy Preview Patch Notes: NW.75.20170131a.3 (Edit 2/3 - SPC Master open)



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    Part of it too was that the person who made the party wanted to do some parkour stuff, just to see if places you could get in the old version of CN were still there.
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    drauks said:

    Ya, I do not think the game needs another 3.1k dungeon right now. It is very hard to get an invite to Svardborg or FBI unless you are 4k IL. I am sure the rest of the playerbase would like to run new content.

    There's been how many double refinements lately? I'm just gonna disagree, think that this is a fun addition, and that there are a lot more people which will be able to run this when it hits than when FBI and SVA did.

    Edit: Just wanted to clarify, I would love more new content to run, but I'm just not in line with thinking that this dungeon is going to gate too many people out of it as the community tended to do with FBI and SVA.
    I think it will. All you will see is LF2M Tank/AA DC 4k+ for SP.
    So, you are saying that all people are looking for are Tanks and Clerics? I would add MOF's in there as well. The 4K+ is just wishful thinking for the most part for these classes as there are so few 4K support toons in the game. I have run mSVA well over 300 times and did so with 3.2 to 3.5 K clerics and MOF's.. the tanks have been higher IL but that is because in our guild we are lucky enough to have few 4K tanks for PVP and a couple that are dedicated PVE. My main is a Paly that I changed to when I saw the need for him early in mod 10. I changed from my Rouge because, at this moment as you know, GWF's, SW's and CW's will get chosen before a Rouge in the need for DPS toons regardless of IL. There is not a day that goes by that I don't get invited to dungeon runs or skirmishes outside of my normal group that I run with. I would love to encourage everyone to level a viable support toon as an alt but that might mean less runs for me. Gosh with 7 legendary rings from mSVA alone... I kind of like being needed.. does that make an Elitist?
    You missed my whole point. The game does not need this elitism that Mod 10 and 10.5 has created. Sure, you can invite a tank or heal below 4k. But, I doubt you will be looking for 3.2k DPSers. 4k is the new entry point for content for DPS classes. All the elitists answer back with is telling people to gear up (cuz getting to 4k is so easy) or roll a tank or DC. It is absurd.
    I Saw something strange to be honest. IN channels suppose are poeple with knowledge. I see more often in lfg lf a dps than in a channel. IN a channel most of the times i see the highdps-4k.
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    An objectively questionable and IMO stupid move. This only widens the gap between people who use Avenger companion gear and people who don't, and it's worth noting that the only companion that has 3x rings/offense slots and a DoT (the Lillend) can't proc Protector's Camaraderie anyway.
    That leaves the things like the Con Artist and the Wisp, which need to attack things to build rising stacks (and which can potentially lose them on death or if the companion stops attacking for a while). Obviously that has its own pros and cons. Sudden rings have their own pros and cons.
    Overall this mainly affects diversity and player equality.

    I'm not even sure what the point of this change is. Underdark Rings were potentially superior simply because new players had no other option pre-Ascendancy, but the addition of the new companion gear had changed that. Had they remained, players would have had the option to pick between a reliable stat boost and a more gimmicky (but potentially more rewarding) stat boost.
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