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Just a quick question for devs or whatever people who are good with computer arts

vadersapprenticevadersapprentice Posts: 11Member Arc User
Ok, is there anyway cryptic or someone could make a wallpaper with demogorgon as the star. Its kind of a wierd request but for the past modules i have used the main baddies as my wallpaper and been quite happy, and im ready to turn my tiamat one in for the big bad boss in town. for more of an understanding on what i am kinda looking for ill post the last 2 i used. Thanks for any help or input, i really dont know where to post this so i just kinda dropped it into general.

This is my current one i have had since mod 5, mod 6 and 7 didnt really bring a new BIG boss like this

I think i used this pre-mod 5 as VALINDRA!!! but yeah those are the kinda things im looking for

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  • vadersapprenticevadersapprentice Posts: 11Member Arc User
    Thank you vary much this is a nice help to me, idk if i can close this as answered or something so thanks and thats all i was really looking for

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