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are you happy with neverwinter



  • temjiutemjiu Member Posts: 92 Arc User
    unhappy. I first left the game early in it's release, as I saw many issues that would come to fold with their systems as they had developed it. I enjoyed many things about the game, which is why i stuck around for as long as I did.

    I came back, only to find that they never changed those things that I felt would kill the game...and now they are. And to top it off, they heaped on top of them instead of changing the critical mechanics that needed changing. It's not surprising...and the lack of communication at a forum level is disturbing as well. effective communication is a first sign of effective change...I rarely see a company that doesn't communicate that can make a game survive for long.

    All in all, it's a sad state to see a game that had so much potential go to <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font>. Oh well...we can see what happens in the next mod. Goodness knows they won't make any positive changes till then (so it seems).
  • soditalloversoditallover Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 88 Arc User
    we need a list of thing that make us unhappy thats clear and to the points.

    i know not long after i started playing a few people said the game was too easy ok some of it was and they made some harder content ok good we played and it got easyer ok so we asked for more and what they did was not make new content they re scalled the old and said it was new and then went way way too far.

    they needed to think of the new players ok so you have the story line to 60 gd gd but then you hit the wall they should have kept all the old content as was and just gave the lvl 70s new content.

    also why does it take soo long to come up with new maps for pvp/pve they have had the same old maps for ever let the comunity build them in tfc/tf2 the best maps in the game where fan built to the point that they even made them part of it if you cant get the right staff to create the maps let us do it.

    and stop with the next big mod ..... try and intruduce new content as its ready and have lots of smaller changes rather then trying to intruduce too much for them to create.

    and it feels as if the game has got smaller and smaller more areas are just not worth it anymore

    so my personal list so far

    1) return the pre mod 6 content
    A) old boons areas shar and dred for the boons
    B) ice wind dale back to 60
    C) return the dungeons and scale to lvl
    D) and the rest
    2) decrease the hardness for mobs and lower dps and hp in-line with the average players
    3) drop the needed exp to level back to 250k~300K at lvl 70
    4) raise the drop rates on all items
    5) make all invoke items Bound to account not toon
    6) bring back the gateway leadership
    7) target ingame bots and gold spammers
    8) give us new content not reheated leftover
    9) dont tell me that you have heard what i say then think i will forget
    10) let me take as many potions at once as i like as long as they arent the same ones i only carry two types now no reason for the rest.

    after the head of S.T.O. took over he said that he had heard our crys and was working on it and gave us one weekend of double exp.... ok good start now how about the change several months on still no change exp needed 700k exp rewards for tasks 1.5k where was the increase in the amount of exp didnt happen and as if we never wanted it to.....

    i used to run all the dailes shar dread and iwd and a few other side ones and get a chance at a power point now it takes weeks and no luck so no reward for the grind bleh no insentive.

    ive read alot about the dragon hoard being nerfed and after they made the items BoP this sounds like they want me to buy blood rubes well i would if it didnt even make a dent in the needed rp
  • hustin1hustin1 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,382 Arc User
    Unhappy -- very much so. The difficulty is still absurdly high for characters that aren't BiS, and it seems like the developers just don't care. I don't play nearly as much as I used to since it's more frustrating than fun.
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  • l3thin4thl3thin4th Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 198 Arc User
    Uncertain for the future
    kreatyve wrote: »
    I voted for happy. While there are some issues that clearly need to be addressed, to me, the game is still fun every time I log on. The game is supposed to be fun, and if you don't take everything so seriously all the time, it still can be. So you are upset with one or 2 things? Do something different in the game. You don't like a certain zone while leveling up? Level using Foundry quests or PvP or running some of the leveling dungeons. Bored with doing the same thing over and over? Do something else. It's only repetitive if you make it that way.

    I voted uncertain.
    It is true that if I am unhappy with one or two things I can do something else (that's the reason I don't care too much about the recent changes and I am waiting for stronghold)
    At the same time, you can see it from another point if view: I was doing that one or two things, and now I can't anymore and have to do something else (even though what I am doing now is less enjoyable than what I was doing before). Which means that my gameplay is being forced in a direction.

    This is what makes me uncertain. Forcing the gameplay is a good thing if you start from the beginning to do so.
    If you change philosophy midway, that can be risky. Because there will be a portion of community that will leave you and you are not sure if it will be replaced with a new one.

    At the same time, I am not seeing a dramatic decrease in players online. That makes me hope for the future.

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  • theycallmetomutheycallmetomu Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,861 Arc User
    We have something like 1/3 as many players as there were back in December.
  • ucanthandleucanthandle Member Posts: 211 Arc User
    Unhappy for sure.

    The game was fun. Then they removed half the dungeons, and made the others so that the only way people play them is buy glitching them. Mods should always add content, never remove it unless its being replaced with something different. DK and FC were fun because they were fast.

    Also for a few days I was rather busy and just logged in once a day to do my professions. After 3 days of this a thought came to me. I progress and pretty much the same speed on my character by just doing professions as playing. Sure i could get that extra 8-10k ad from tasks from playing, but thats still like 2 months just to get enough AD to buy GMOPs for one artifact to upgrade it. There needs to be a feel of progression while playing.
  • subnoctesubnocte Member Posts: 341 Arc User
    I think one of the big mistakes of mod 6, that has only been made worse by the exp nerf and other changes, is that nothing is really achievable any more even by grinding. You can spend ages grinding away to refine one artifact to epic, knowing that you still have 15 enchantments to do and at least a few more artifacts. Zen costs are so high that it's too expensive to make any big difference for a normal person willing to spend say $15/month.

    The devs have made the refinement grind insurmountable so that the only way around it is to buy from bots on AH (bots which have never been removed).

    With so many of the legitimate ways to earn AD removed from the game, there's no way to progress any more. The game's balance is awful, it's ridiculously difficult at level cap if you don't already have BiS type gear, and there's no way to get there.

    It's no surprise population is plummeting and so many people who are still playing are unhappy.
  • kirimuffinkirimuffin Member Posts: 392 Arc User
    I recently came back to Neverwinter after not playing for about seven months (I had a level 60 GF previously). And now I remember why I stayed away -- only now, it's even worse in a lot of ways.
    • It's still next to impossible to get anywhere as a free player, thanks to the utterly wrecked economy and the scarcity of ways to legitimately make AD. The removal of Leadership functionality basically kills any chance I have of ever getting items I want.
    • Campaigns are boring and repetitive. And 60-70 leveling is just another boring, repetitive campaign. (Also, I hate that campaigns are now level 70, so I can't even flit between them to alleviate boredom like I used to; instead, I just have to focus on the level grind.)
    • The whole companion system is messed up. Upgrading an old companion costs more than getting a new, higher-quality one -- and even the latter can be cost-prohibitive for a free player.
    • Spammers and botters freaking everywhere.
    • Fighting basic mobs is now next to impossible. At first I was all, "oh, cool, some real challenge". But there's challenge, and then there's just frustration for the sake of it. These mobs are the latter. (And this is after a patch that was supposed to "fix" them; I can't even imagine what they must have been like before!)
    • I see now that Cryptic is requiring lockbox gambling to unlock races?? WTF??

    At this point, the only thing this game still has going for it is the Foundry. The Foundry authors in this game are as passionate and talented as I remember, and I have the most fun in this game just going through Foundry quests/campaigns I haven't played yet. Maybe I'll just do that instead of bothering with the Elemental Evil quests, lol.

    That is, of course, if I don't just quit this game entirely. Which is what I'm leaning towards doing.
  • ckotoc666ckotoc666 Member Posts: 63 Arc User
    With the last xpac and the raise of the difficulty for solo players i lost my interest to max lvl my characters and now i play something else.I like to lvl up all classes on every mmo i play and now i cant even lvl up my main.Mobs one shot me quests are too grindy and repetetive and i got bored.Even the ingame rewards are not enough to change my mind.If they dont change things there is nothings for me to do in this game atm.
  • wentriswentris Member Posts: 542 Arc User
    At the beginning of mod 6 I was happy because of challenge (happy). I got bored shortly after because of no rewards, small number of dungeons, constant eCC exploit that made people unwilling to do anything else (Uncertain for the future). Then I read that mod 7 is going to be mostly about PvP, with PvE reduced to heroics and lost interest about the game (Unhappy). I started playing something else, but I still liked the combat system of Neverwinter, so I started to play it as a "mini-game" - logging in once a day, or at least 3-4 times in a week, when I want to take a break from my other game, complete either eLoL, or VT, or eSoT, or maybe even eCC - without expecting any rewards, just for the joy of the still excellent combat system - log off, back to other game. This way Neverwinter still brings me a lot of fun - not as "main" MMO game, but as a mini-game, short break from main games. Yeah, it has been "demoted" from main game status, but now Im happy when I play it.
  • soditalloversoditallover Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 88 Arc User
    wentris wrote: »
    but now Im happy when I play it.
    i got the i like a new challenge bit however they should have never changed the old end game content in the way they did making it all but impossible to achive for a new player, they should have given us new lvl70 dungeons to pit are skills against.

    from my point of view i read that you are mostly unhappy with the current and future content and only play a bit part time but i might be wrong.
  • avengingangel93avengingangel93 Member Posts: 192 Arc User
    Uncertain for the future
    I voted uncertain, simply because mod 7 is make or break time for me.
  • urlord283urlord283 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,079 Arc User
    I voted happy but should really say "Happy(ish)"

    Things are better for me.... but still need work.

    Some of the issues many Rage about don't seem to effect me as much.... and my main issue Epic DDs and "two queues for PVP" don't seem to be going anywhere.

  • GranDGranD Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    Uncertain for the future
    Currently i don't really play the Game,
    I don't even invoking simply because, i don't see a reason "why i should.

    I didn't run Dungeons/skirmishes since months.
    I don't do Daily Quests anymore

    If i log in, i do 2-3 PvP Runs and that's it.

    I'm not sure if Stronghold will really Help neverwinter,
    There's some strongest MMO coming this fall, which i definitely will take a look.
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  • theycallmetomutheycallmetomu Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,861 Arc User
    Well, it's certainly true that NWO doesn't reflect the "soul" of D&D, but then again, it never did.

    Heck, it launched when 4E was still the primary edition, and lots of people complained about how 4E didn't reflect the soul of D&D either.

    But, to be frank, I don't think that an MMO is really a good choice for reflecting the soul of D&D to begin with, unless you're just going for trademarked creatures (Beholders out the ying yang!), rather than the play experience of dungeon delves.
  • theycallmetomutheycallmetomu Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,861 Arc User
    You know, it's a shame. Conceptually, mod 6 had a lot of ways it *could have* succeeded. After all, there were a number of new micro-dungeons for players to run through, and even if the maps weren't exactly new, there were still new areas to explore. But the implementation was trash, and the response to the player response was even worse. It's kind of a tragedy.
  • loosetacloosetac Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    before mod 6 this game was great but the ramping difficulty has made it practicly unplayable. Time plus work should equal reward not frustration!
  • theycallmetomutheycallmetomu Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,861 Arc User
    Eh, if you actually look at the player count, they started hemorrhaging players even before Mod 6 launched.
  • beckylunaticbeckylunatic Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 14,231 Arc User
    Eh, if you actually look at the player count, they started hemorrhaging players even before Mod 6 launched.

    Most of my guild quit in 2014. Did not enjoy boon grind, did not feel engaged by the promise of more of the same.

    Ironically, if Strongholds had been in the works for Module 3, I think a lot of them would have stuck around for the sake of a group goal.
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  • reiwulfreiwulf Member Posts: 2,687 Arc User
    exactly, the foundry can reflect the DnD experience much closer, and that's one of the reasons it was featured as one of the fundamental pillars of the game, and why it bothers meso much that it becomes more and more ignores with each new module.
    It's like they have this chicken of the golden eggs in a jail and refuse to use to its full potential.
  • roller300roller300 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 54 Arc User
    amidst all the constant changes (especially closed dungeons), i still find stuff to do + i enjoy doing most if it.

    maybe its because i have found a decent circle of adventurers who are relaxed enough to let me join them when things get over my head. maybe its because i did not / do not / never will have "bis", yet i seek it. maybe its the chance to feast on all the lore the forgotten realms has to offer. maybe its the scenery, where theres always 1 more fence to be stomped. maybe its the mimics + cubes.

    ...but when it comes down to the big picture? the needs of the many? -_-
  • rollingonitrollingonit Member Posts: 1,322 Arc User
    edited July 2015
    Uncertain for the future
    Uncertain. Ive seen MMORPGs stabilize after drastic changes (Tera, SWTOR). Ive also seen them tank (Allods, Wildstar). But they usually always stabilize (they remain financially operable) after a certain amount of bleeding/tanking.

    The game will be here, but what itll look like may be nothing like it originally did (release-mod3) or what the devs thought itd look like. (a la GW2 manifesto)
    We can pretend.
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  • theycallmetomutheycallmetomu Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,861 Arc User
    edited July 2015
    Oh, I knew even back in beta that Neverwinter wasn't going anywhere. It's a fun romp, but it doesn't really have anything that wows me, so it doesn't have much in the way of comparative advantage over similar MMOs in the market.

    If they had exercised the brand name better that might not be the case, but that would require a completely different game at this point-Neverwinter doesn't feel like part of the Neverwinter franchise (eg Neverwinter nights), and since it's part of 4E's timeline, it's practically being retconned with 5E's changes to the continuity.
  • henry404henry404 Member Posts: 690 Arc User
    People always expect GWF to be the damage dealer...

    It's not unreasonable to expect a toon that uses a MAHOOSIVE two-handed sword to be a damage dealer.
  • indro100indro100 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 67 Arc User
    I did Unhappy, they take too much away from us, even the things we payed for, item level of 600 gone and that happened several weeks ago, gave tickets, bug reports and still didn't get it back and more ppl have that, spend money on that and it's just gone now, pvp how can you match lvl 61 with lvl 69 ?? Enchantments get nerfed, classes get nerfed but the real stuff that needs to get nerfed they don't do, way too strong classes in pvp, HR's, TR's and Palladin's, the loot drop is just terrible poor, the grinding is way too much, but hey we just players, right ?
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