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Feedback Needed: Top Issues Currently in Neverwinter PC



  • highlyunstablehighlyunstable Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 343 Arc User
    edited May 2019

    I just started playing this game again after like 2 years. My highest level was like 45...

    after everything I have heard about mod16... I don’t think I want to keep on playing...it sounds like it would be a complete waste of time...

    Happy I only spent 20 bucks so far I guess...

    Any indication of it getting better in the future?

    I think, as one who has played this game since Mod 2, things will get better. Everyone thought Mod 6 was the Death Nail for NWO INCLUDING ME, but they fixed what they broke (for the most part) and we eventually became accustom to the game again. Adapt and Overcome as they say.

    Scaling is here to stay as the Lead Designer stated but only in areas that are considered "Scaling Level Areas" such as BlackLake Dist., Rothe' Valley, Leveling Dungeons, etc. and supposedly not scaled as bad as it is now.

    They have put things in place so that Players like me, would could never do any quest in Storm King, Chult, or Ravenloft due to not having a Character strong enough, can still get the needed items to get the boons, but not have to actually ENTER those areas. So... Time will tell if it is a game for you or not. I will not put any money into this game in the foreseeable future, but....maybe by mod 20-21, I may have a different opinion.
  • wylonuswylonus Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,376 Arc User
    they would do again, Mod 6 version 3.0
  • mcfobmcfob Member Posts: 76 Arc User
    Please put bolster category and defense/offense/utility category on pets, visible before you purchase. Please remove account binding on trade in enchants and runestones at least for a few months while we sort out our rebuilds. Please add more pet gear options at the new 882 item level.
  • petalsword#1138 petalsword Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    There are still many bugs and things to fix in the game for sure. What bothers me most though..

    1. Tiamat, it's still wrongly scaled bc even the 25 ppl won't be enough to get through the devils to even get to the dragons.

    2. River District, has been really laggy for days when other places are fine. Doesn't even matter how many ppl are there.

    3. Ravenloft, apparently also too much downscaling, also heard there's bad bugs that make it now impossible. Not the only dungeon with bugs, also Temple of Nine Gods.

    Otherwise, thank you for the great game :D I wish you bring Tiamat back, used to be my favourite.
  • mythrionnmythrionn Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    I agree with the Tiamat bug. No way to protect the 3 priests. (RIP)

  • tikamage#2445 tikamage Member Posts: 96 Arc User
    Well reading a lot of the 1st page was Educational. From game Experience I have this to say, One Level 80 that Was in that Boon of EXP sure, leveled and got pretty ok, but then Bang, where did my Skills go. My Skill Tree is now a Bush at best. Skills are The SAME now not player ability. We are all Different in how we play not the same, some of us have Poor game play some of us have some of the best as we Learned how to make the Characters and Skills work, the less Educated are Ruining this and many other games, really Put Back Crafting how it was this shop thing is tedious and useless as you have to go back to Protectors and Go into the shop a Time waster when the other way you pressed n and Did all the Crafting right there. Other things the Skill tree if you call whats there a Skill Tree it's not, and can never be as its the SAME for Everyone. Again WE ALL Play Differently and have Different ways to make the Characters work, with this its just Do nothing don't think and be the same as everyone else. My 3 Cents as I have to add more maybe nah its just to have it.
  • tikamage#2445 tikamage Member Posts: 96 Arc User
    Other thoughts, EA and Anthem. 10 years of Dedicated Development and a Bugged Game and this has become the Game Model for many Devs now. Limited Program ability and lots of oh I can't remember, has been going around. Please take time to MAKE the Game a Game not a Dance Studio. This Game has been around a long time, I have been playing for a while once on my Gmail account and had two really nice Characters with all the fun Trees and builds and seems the game had a good balance, then one day the GAME got an Update and Then the Crashes started and then Major changes came and then game became more a Play Toy from Play School and not a Game for Adults. Again Put all the Tress Crafting and Abilities for us Adults and Stop pandering to Children better suited for Play School toys.
  • phay1phay1 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    You guys still need to fix the god awful lag, loot drops, que systems. and the 1 billion bugs you made since mod 16. ie HP boons don't even work.....its like you have people programming in crayons!
  • highlyunstablehighlyunstable Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 343 Arc User
    Feedback... Nerf the HELL out of lvl 80 content, but please return the level 5- 70 areas to previous levels. MAKE IT FUN AND PLAYABLE again is all I'm asking.
  • wylonuswylonus Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,376 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    my new feedback, remove all "bounds" from insignas, i just want unified stacks, i hate to sort 3 stacks of BiC, BoA, and non-bounds. i am looking at 7 assorted "Illuminated", and that is 24 slots of just green and also 24 slots of blues of same names.
    it is insane to created non-playable mules to carry all that trash waiting for 8 green, 4 blue and epic to get a legendary.

    devs, DO the math! this is nuts and you robbing our slots, why stuffing with extra junks when some main characters are already filled with runic bags. when we buy a bag and you flooded it.

    same for those gems, marks, and refine stones, oh yeah those preservation wards too!
    we want consolidated stack. please end that inventory nightmare once and for all!

    edit for omitted.
    it would reduce 'overpriced' on AH market, if they already have extras, let them sell and start undercut price war. those greedy sell wont get much if too many and they cant gather that many to corner with markups and they lose so much as overpriced not being sold.
    once they see how cheap and availablity, then some players would decide to use up for refining.
  • zlijaguarzlijaguar Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 12 Arc User
    Hi, i have suggestion and its important for many ppl who are not lucky with farming, give us alabaster set in tarmalune trade bar store as it was on preview, for some of us its impossible to get it trough farming.
  • dionchidionchi Member Posts: 912 Arc User
    Patch Notes:

    Level Scaling
    • Barovia's instances are no longer affected by item level scaling.
    • Castle Never: The Abyssal Tears encounter can once again properly be completed.
    • Tomb of the Nine Gods: Ras Nsi's damage output should now be more manageable.
    Castle Never
    • Zombies in Castle Never now have less health.
    Enemies and Encounters
    • Castle Never should now be significantly less difficult.
    • Demogorgon: This fight should now be significantly less difficult.
    • Malabog's Castle: Redcap Giantsouls and Redcap Thorns in this area now deal ~45% less damage and have ~50% less health.
    • Tomb of the Nine Gods: Ras Nsi should now be more completeable, and Withers' health has been reduced.
    • The following {Several} queues have had their minimum item level and their scaling item level increased by 1000, which should make queued players more powerful...
    Clearly somebody is listening, some scaled areas have had their scaling effects modified - some scaled areas have had the scaling effect removed because players have complained those areas are too difficult or unplayable as they were and slowly some areas are getting a little attention to make those areas more playable...

    Now it appears the only question is: Will interest in the game survive and will the player population thrive until everything that needs to be addressed is taken care of?

    I really hope so ~
  • sooty#4663 sooty Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    Is there going to be a refund for all of the retraining tokens we have wasted on figuring out which boons actually work in your product release with mod 16? Your company released a product/system that was broken to a point that we players used items (retraining tokens) that cost real life money to figure out what was broken. The boon page for example. Many boons not working as intended or at all. What is Cryptic/PWE doing to rectify the situation of effectively scamming its player base out of real life money? Retraining tokens are only earned through transactions that real money was involved in. We spend them on a product you release to find out the bugs you released with it...refund all the retraining token spent so far into this mod and make retraining FREE until you fix your character sheet bugs! Period. Its the ONLY logical step to take as a company that isn't actively trying to scam its customers.
  • yumalithianyumalithian Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Im sure how to word this. From the view of a Paladin.

    I don't feel like a hero. I charge into the fray and immediately get beat down. I had to hit level 73 before I could even do Chult. I feel like my skills are pretty bland. Threat generation is a non-existant mechanic. The leveling speed from 70-73 is a bit too long for a game that sells extra character slots.

    Players take so much damage during a fight that a healer has to spam their AOE heals. You cant target a player when they are moving so quickly. Heals also dont heal for very much given the amount of damage everyone is taking. Paladin 'shields' are pretty lame. The amount of bonus hitpoints should be greater than it is now. Healing paladins should be able to heal the party while dealing damage to the enemy. As it stands in fights where you need everyone doing damage, the paladin needs to choose.

    Stamina needs to auto regenerate. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesnt. Divine power needs to regenerate faster.

    Patch 16 was not a good change for paladins the game. That might change in the future, but we'll see.
  • rawpowerzrawpowerz Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    I am return player after mod16. I have over decade experience of playing RPG.
    First let me establish concept of p2w vs esport type of games. In p2w games you require more power to beat content, in esports you require skill to beat the content. Neither of them are good or bad (no, calling game p2w isn't bad, it's just a system of endgame it works on).

    Now the PvP is a joke in p2w obviously because of huge power gaps, where you might deal no dmg to players and get oneshot by their <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font>.
    What I experienced in PvE so far. Low level dungs due to scaling as new player you don't even get to hit the mob before it dies because of higher lvl players and scaling allows them to oneshot everything. Not a good thing to hook new players.

    In epic dungs then however, players struggling due to this oneshot no longer being a thing and you have to actually pay attention what kind of attack is enemy executing, so you can react appropriately. Now this creates a problem where players complain about scaling due to their inability to react adequately in regards to enemy attacks (yes literally every dung multiple players I see standing in that big red circle, not to mention there are avoidable attacks not indicated by red zone). Then this "scaling mindset" already preventing you from trying to figure out how to beat it, since you already given up using that excuse (always look for solution rather than excuse, that's how winner is done).

    Now I am used to big scaling (in WoW I do play m+ at about 300% scale to enemy damage and HP, which is far higher than what you get to experience in mod16). But currently, entering epic dung with full party at their lowest possible ilvl(13k), can be compared in terms of difficulty, to the highest endgame content, demanding particularly high skill. And people in p2w games are just not used to it at all, that's not how p2w games usually work after all.

    To put it in numbers my best guess would be. 13k - highest skill, 15k - good skill, 17k - mediocore, 19k - pleb?
    This is for some avg epic dung requiring 13k ilvl to enter and from what I experienced so far across multiple dungs and runs (I was checking everyones ilvl to see how much it impact their performance and overall group success).
    About 4/5 epic dungs que end up with completely incompetent group, especially in terms of tank and healer, their skillset is far to important for just how difficult will the run be.

    I would recommend to increase ilvl requirement adequately. Two things will happen, people gain more experience during the time pursuing the higher ilvl, the mistakes in dealing with mechanics will not be as punishing.
  • wylonuswylonus Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,376 Arc User
    raw, that because they took away our speed, to make us as punching bag sitting ducks, no way to outrun red effect areas that about to be hit. before mod 16 we can roll away, now we cant, too slow even with fighters raise a shield and hope the cleric near you to heal.
    but the healers cant do much once you are down and need for revive or get group wipes.
    problem is, the mobs are too fast and no cooldown chain castings while we are suffering and wait for next recast due to longer cooldown penalities on players.
    so then players are "yelling" no fun, devs call it "good", but too much frustration and soon seeking better games that not totally butchered as neverwinter that did twice.
  • yumalithianyumalithian Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    wylonus said:

    raw, that because they took away our speed, to make us as punching bag sitting ducks, no way to outrun red effect areas that about to be hit. before mod 16 we can roll away, now we cant, too slow even with fighters raise a shield and hope the cleric near you to heal.
    but the healers cant do much once you are down and need for revive or get group wipes.
    problem is, the mobs are too fast and no cooldown chain castings while we are suffering and wait for next recast due to longer cooldown penalities on players.
    so then players are "yelling" no fun, devs call it "good", but too much frustration and soon seeking better games that not totally butchered as neverwinter that did twice.

    You are correct!
  • dionchidionchi Member Posts: 912 Arc User
    The facts as I see them are players have fewer abilities and choices for the most part making them less effective than they did prior to Mod16.

    Foes have greater abilities than they did prior to Mod changes making them more effective so consequently the game is more difficult than it was prior to the Mod16 changes.

    None of that bothers me that much because change happen and people either adapt or they don't.

    Speaking for myself the major thing that does bother me is what appears to be the new increased "cost" of playing the game.

    Neverwinter the “free to play” game has now effectively become a “pay to play” game, unless anyone’s idea of 'playing' constitutes repeatedly dying and spending lots of idle time at healing campfires during most instances of game play because as a rule players cannot pick up enough coin during play to reimburse them for the costs of healing potions, injury kits, skill kits, enhancement potions and the recently new expense associated with professions.
  • lioness#0566 lioness Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    So, I have been playing for about a year and a half. Fortunately, I have encountered very few bugs. Until today. I completed a heroic and when I went to collect it I got a message telling me that I already had all the items in the package. So, I continued to play adding 4 or more heroics to the collection. I can't collect any of them nor can I figure out what I already have. I also can't get rid of the offending reward.

    Any chance this can be fixed easily or will I not be able to collect any more rewards?

  • dionchidionchi Member Posts: 912 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    From CTA Orc Assault; There are quite a few drops that wind up being duplicates of items already picked up which isn't a problem necessarily except those items are bound to character and unable to be donated to shared guild bank accounts, another player, a character on the same player account.

    Some of those items, like the Alliance Battle Horn for instance, cannot be sold on the Auction House, sold to a merchant or even converted to Refinement Points subsequently making all pickups of those items after the first one, worthless to players…

    At best items like the Alliance Battle Horn should be unbound so players who already have one can donate them to the guild’s shared bank, given to another player or auctioned on the Auction House. Barring that those items should be Bound to Account (BtA) instead or Bound to Character (BtC) so players can give them to other characters on their account or at least a player should be able to sell the item to a game merchant or drop for a few refinement points or at the very least able to donate those items to the guild coffers as “Surplus Equipment” because after all if the definition of an item a player picks up and cannot sell, trade, auction, gift or convert to refinement points Isn’t “Surplus Equipment” I don’t know what would be.

    My 2¢

  • mpv1brmpv1br Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1 Arc User
    I play neverwinter before it even becomes an online game. After years of playing I felt compelled to write here in the forum. This game has never been so unbalanced. How long will it take before we can really have fun playing this game again?
    No old DG makes sense now. Unbalanced and some almost impossible. The new DG was very fast, with just a few news, just new scenarios.
    The constant updates are not solving the problems most requested by the players.
    I hope to be able to have fun again soon in this game because, at the moment, this is impossible and very frustrating.
  • wylonuswylonus Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,376 Arc User
    CTA are poorly planned, as Dionchi said, what good when we cant use it anymore, and cant even feed mimic.

    when neverwinter launched, it was successful, and some decent good and "acceptable bads" until Mod 6, then after that, it gotten okay in a month or 2, and then since mod 10, it went all bad all the way to mod 16 except barovia/ravenloft campaign, it was great, love the hunt concept until some players abused.
    players been seeing nerfs since mod 9 with no end of stopping the nerfages, still going nerfing last week, when the devs said they are fixing but i still seeing nerf bat swinging left and right.
    i am not only player that invested and growth of my characters so they can survive better, then Bam! re-experiencing another mod 6 that i hate to go thru again.
    this game was and used to be ROLE PLAYING and now i see more and more like casino effect. we dont log on to play slot machine with RNG!!!!
    when it was launched, it was more fun, healthy, and some bugs that was tolerated when we find work-arounds, and it allows "50 levels" to come back to catch up to get some missing achievements we forgot years before it was raised to 60.70 and now 80. all that older content just had become poisoned and hateful due to wrongfully scaled created by that team.
    i just found out he work with for 15 years, wondering where did that come from, what went wrong completely in 6 years later, why break that isnt broken?

    what are the priority? anti-bots? break the gold farmers? or to kill the "Fun"? we the players come to entertain ourselves, but now we came and got frustrated so bad. was he reaching point of burnout?

    Recap giantsouls are completely insane too fast, no way avoid, i had telfling teleported and it keep staight beelined and spiining faster than pre-mod 15.
    OMG! unbelieveable way too fast, those scaling are 100% so wrong, and it doesnt follow the rules from 4th and 5th D&D editions. who ever designed scaling and broke that rules.
    old contents shouldnt be that extremely deadly as our character grow stronger, and that was taken away and made us weaker as Mod 6.
    my advice, TREAD LIGHTLY when you repeat mod 6 for 3rd time, unless you forget and repeat same mistakes.

    let me explain, we were given to grow a character tree, as we grown branches and stronger over the time, you pruned the limbs one by one, starting with gateway, foundery got trimmed off, and mod 16 by killing off boons from campiagns, butchered the skills when you said months ago that we get "more specialized", but end up getting cookie cutters, made companions and mounts generic, and lost of dark enchant's speed buffs. and then you said it is all good, and i look around, wondering where was a character tree go, all i see a tight "Streamlined" utility pole where the tree was.
  • bobdredds#9435 bobdredds Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    Loving the new mod and pleased to see many of the early issues fixed. Combat is more fun under the new system. I have one issue I would like to see fixed. The change appearance isn't working on many of the undermountain equipment and I want to keep my image intact. Please fix this.
  • darkmushashugyo#6389 darkmushashugyo Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Hi and thanks for this thread, I would really like to put forward a request for controller compatibility to be made available for this game. The PS4 version has a really good layout allowing you to use all of the functions and I'd really like to see this here as well, Thank you
  • elsungaelsunga Member Posts: 51 Arc User
    Not a top issue, but lower requirements to restore Runed Apprentice Armor. The stats are so small upgrade and the grind/price of this set is absurd.
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