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  • All I want, and it's easy for them to do, is for the Eidolon store to go live where we can buy the Eidolon secondaries/costumes/devices with Qliphotic Essences and/or GCR/SCR.
  • Yes, it's a CHOICE. All of your suggestions (all of which I've done except the RPing - because yawn) can be done SOLO. The Cosmics and Endgame Lairs are team/raid based and require enough people, enough specific roles, and enough cooperation to complete successfully. It's a choice to do all of them but only if OTHERS…
  • Yeah, I agree it would be great if people had a broader spectrum of characters to fill the needed roles for some of the content. That being said it's not a solution because people prefer playing what they enjoy and are less likely to create and gear out characters they don't like. One step the Devs could take would be to…
  • CO itself has partially addressed the RNG problem with Distinguished/Virtuous gear by allowing the players to gather the resources to purchase the pieces they want. I am sure it's the most common type of endgame equipment compared to Justice. The only real hinderance there is the waiting for groups to complete the tasks…
  • Here's the build I use on my two PA characters (Revenger and Battlesaurus Wrecks, although I use Double Wrist Rockets, MiniGun and Chest Laser). They are both fully Justice geared and have OV gear for secondaries (Sniper gloves for group stuff and defender for soloing) and have absolutely 0 energy issues due to End SS and…
  • BUG (Maybe?): Gloves of the Sniper begins doing its damage BEFORE the damage from Hand Canon and Shoulder Launcher. I'm not sure if this has been reported or if it's WAI. One of the advantages of using Hand Canon and/or Shoulder Launcher is as a massive first strike before the NPCs have an opportunity to react. With Gloves…
  • So this OV respawn change... Since the change was made, there are too many players killing the Defenders and leaving the rest of the spawn. Two days in a row I have found the ENTIRE MC map in EVERY instance cleared of defenders with the rest of the spawn left alone. This change has turned a "daily" into a…
  • I mainly only use tanks for rampages and I have found the build below to be quite effective. A little tailoring and I sure you'll find something you like. This build is a 100% dodge build using Lead Tempest/Tread Softly and Thundering Kicks/rank 3 + Lightning Reflexes. You are going to have those two second windows every…
  • I can tell you micro-munitions+avalanche+stormbringer as your passive will kill not just trash but anything fast.
  • That's not entirely true about tank damage in CoX. Some of the best farming builds were tanks (ie: able to take a pounding but also able to dish out great damage) and that's not counting brutes.
  • This> "(Note: Gravitar's Questionite is not doubled.)" has since been added to the description of what qualifies for double Q. It was NOT there originally.
  • Gravitar X 3 and no double Q. Looks like Kevin Poe is going to take a beating instead. GG Cryptic.
  • Just completed Gravitar Number 2. Still no double Q reward.
  • Just completed Gravitar, the Q reward is not double the usual amount.
  • Thanks for the replies guys (gals)!