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  • Duuuuuuuuude.... now I NEED a t-shirt of it lol. Not to mention a full sized poster, cause this is gonna look amazing when it's all finished!!!
  • Dude. Just Wow. Seeing more characters in this pic makes me giddy. I'm telling you, this is a piece of Champs history. As a colorist for fun I cannot wait to see when you start adding your colors! And props to mother nature for allowing you to get more work done lol
  • So real life called me away to keep up with daily updates, but I'd like to just say... *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* This is looking amazing! And Bunni looks perfect! I'm seriously gonna want to print out a legit poster if this to frame. If Cryptic knew what was good for them this would should be part of the official…
  • So totally in on this... paid and would like Bunni B.O.T. in the look below. Her iconic travel power is super jump, and any pose that a flirty merc would use is fine by me!! And for size reference she's just shy of 6' in height (not counting the ears lol)
  • Oh nevermind, you go here
  • An idea I just had while talking to friends about the tailor costs/token situation... in the week of the live release could the tailor cost be temporarily removed for every player for say a weeks time? This would allow unlimited tailor changes regardless of the number of costume slots/characters/accounts, thus appeasing…
  • I'm all for streamlining the lesser used or redundant categories in the tailor, I've even made a few suggestions in the past on the matter. It's a little dated, but I think most of the stuff on it haven't been implemented as of yet. Even as a heavy costumer (Most of the vets know I've got a "slight" obsession with how many…
  • let's hear it for new hamsters!!
  • Thanks for the AdBlock tip there Smacky. I don't have epileptic tendencies, but my eye was starting to twitch with the strobe effects of that image. These pages are such a mess visually and with poor setup that I'm kinda deterred from checking up on it like the morning news... I miss the Unread messages list, it was so…
    in Oh snap! Comment by jerax1011 June 2015
  • Meant to post this a while ago, but I caught proof of Caliga's ego being so large that it now appears as a separate entity... and it likes to dance :P
  • I know next to nothing about coding or what it really takes to run a game aside from observations and acquiring some knowledge from others that DO know what they are talking about. That being said, I think that communication is a must. Otherwise we are left with our own thoughts and assumptions about what's going on, and…
  • I think it would be amusing to have Foxbat succeed in kidnapping her, so we can then go on a wacky series of missions to rescue her and to attempt to save the concert. Then at the end, we get her on stage, but turns out she lost her voice from screaming at Foxbat and can't sing after all. ...and a happy Champs anniversary…
  • Also that neck only cowl?? NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!! I'm tired of having awesome emblems and tights patterns ruined by the excessive cowl length of the two existing options we have, and using partial face masks eliminates the other face pattern choices.
  • New forums, yay? Let me keep my custom title and I'll get used to it like each time they've made a change before. On the other hand it's still uh... interesting... that we don't get communication about changes within the same time frame as the other Cryptic games. I mean even LT could pop over here and say "Hey guys and…
  • I get the concept for it's visual gag, but I think it would have been as effective at a banner size, allowing more space for the comic, which is what the readers are really after. That being said, the company got what they paid for, and that's their product being talked about.
  • I agree that the messy hair should be tweaked. The skirt that's there IS the medium length for females in game. So it's either that or down to her ankles. I do agree that the boots look out of place for a teacher/head of the school. As a semi side note, Cryptic REALLY needs to ask the players for assistance in character…
  • The costumes on the left are two existing ones on my main. The casual one features varying shades of purple for her clothing and accessories, while the cyberpunk like one is a mix of purples, greys and black. (Even the energy fields generated for the look are purple :P) The one on the right I made in the challenge of…
  • That was a good and entertaining read; definitely a flashback to my first forays into this game 4 years ago. I have to agree with his overall take on the tutorial, and understand a bit more about why certain changes were made. That being said I think I may actually take a look on the PTS (something I haven't touched in…
  • So after looking over your build themes a few concepts of your characters stuck with me: Cybernetic/Future Assassin Heavy Hitter From Beyond the Grave Elemental/Magic User and Femme Fatale So I guess that'll be my top five :P
  • A quick google search reveals the older wiki as a source for Villain and Hero names. Hope that helps!
  • Wait..... he stopped?!
  • I've always wondered, why does the word purple look so weird?
  • I think an ice cream party sounds like fun today!! With ALL the toppings!
  • It's ok Stellar, Defender will help them penetrate the other side :P
  • The links for Imaginary Bow and Imaginary Pistol are broken on my end. Otherwise things look good to me. Keep up the awesome work!
  • One, Cryptic doesn't realistically have the resources to alter coding on an individual level like that. Using the most recent costume set on the PTS as an example, I don't imagine the amount of coding involved would be implemented smoothly, let alone if it could. Two, decorum is correct in that someone who feels the need…
  • So, had the coloring itch today and... Tada!
  • There can only be one Bunni BOT :P Now there also happens to be Bunny NOT and Bunni BIT, but that's different haha
  • Jon... I've had a few random SNRs personally, but it's disheartening that so many people have had long standing issues with lag and DCs. This instability for our already smaller community is not a good thing. I won't hold my breath, but try to remain optimistic that Cryptic can fix this.
  • Unity could be something that looks like a police badge, I think that would be more simplified over a building. The first thing that I think of for a nem, is an imposing silhouette with a evil grin. Subscriptions could be like comic books, cause, ya know like a magazine subscription? (that's the first thing I thought of…
  • Sounds interesting! I'd like to add Ellie B.O.T.@Aleatha1011 to the list.
  • It works here just as fine, hope things get fixed with your PC asap! Otherwise, get some fresh air and beware that bright glowing orb in the sky called the sun.
  • That poor cupcake... Please accept my condolences to your fallen dessert with a special batch of RIP cupcakes.
  • It won't complete as there are no Seismic Ping Pong Balls or Bubblegum Guns that are collectable by players.
  • WOOOOOOOOOO! Loved the event last year, and I'm ready for my chance to stock up on trout again :P A couple of thoughts though... with the proposed squirrel tail for the gold monthly piece being released at that time, could we get a costume set to acquire that is themed to match? It could include things like squirrel ears…
  • There is actually no set value for a micro-transaction. The definition is simply a purchase that is made in game or in conjunction to a game that benefits the player in some way. It ranges from fluff items to cosmetic parts to whole DLC content packs. The original intent of a micro-transaction or micro-payment for a game…
  • I vote for any of B Movie Director's Movie posters to be implemented! They not only are amazingly creative, they include lots of player characters!
  • It's a waste of company resources to solve a limited problem, especially when there are already measures in place for players to be social while in a "private" area. How is that not a valid enough reason? If you choose to ignore other's responses or dismiss them as not good enough then that's on you.
  • This pretty much sums up my feelings about it, selective hearing works wonders in RL, and it's not too difficult to do the same in game. You wouldn't want business to build their own private rooms/buildings in normal public venues just so you could be undisturbed right? That's about what you are suggesting happen now.
  • Having spent several years as a gold, then a year as a silver and now as an LTS, I have to say that a purchasable cap unlock is a fantastic idea, it's not giving the silvers anything that they wouldn't have to pay for. The overall bonus cap increase I don't see being something to be worried about from a free standpoint,…
  • Pretty sure most folks know me and my main, Bunni B.O.T. Too many looks to narrow down one pic, but my avatar works well enough for a that :P Other notable characters that I use for CCs (and the occasional PvE stuff) are Aurore Trifoni, Aeryn, Ellie B.O.T., Bunny N.O.T, and Interplanet Janet.
  • Thanks for the contest and congrats to the winners! I had some good chuckles with the other entries :)
  • Those topics sound good to me!
  • The perfect stocking stuffer? I'll let you all decide!!
  • On my main alone.... Bunni B.O.T. has brought justice for 133 days, 22 hours, 39 minutes, 15 seconds. I'd have to add up the others lol but it's nothing in comparison heh
  • true but it was all I could think of for twelve :P
  • I can't really give specific advice on what effect you like, but when I'm looking into learning new techniques or refining others I look up tutorials in several places. Youtube is good if you are familiar with the program they are using, so be specific in looking up tutorials for photoshop. You'll have to pause and rewatch…