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  • Not sure if this is intended as information, or accusation? At any rate, one has to be wary about hard lines on equipment - that's why it's only mentioned for one build, the torpedo build, because the torpedo build is absolutely reliant on those items. Energy or mixed builds don't have the same pressure. Given that the…
  • @shaunster5 It's the underlined text in the article, and it points here: https://www.reddit.com/r/stobuilds/wiki/tenforward Listed in sequence, from top to bottom. Don't mind the numbers, the articles were written after the first Ten Forward stream, so they currently start at 2, not 1.
  • For the purpose of the articles, an entry level ship is one cobbled together from story rewards and drops, without any deeper thought as to how they fit together. A completely green player could be flying something like that, or even someone who has been in the game for years but never really gave any thought to their…
  • I'm here to have fun, and getting a DHC Vo'quv to dance about a map is pretty fun for me, haha. Nice looking crew! For me, the female armour is a bit too cocoon-y, and the neck clips badly with any collar piece. I've tried playing with the sliders (wider, flatter) but it just seems to be a feature at the current time. Me…
  • I've clearly failed to communicate the purpose then. That article is not for an entry level player, it's for an effective entry level torpboat. The optional steps are truly optional, all they will do is improve your torpboat (they're really listed as a means to encourage people to "grow" their build as they move through…
  • Hi everyone, Qthulhu here. I'm afraid I don't use the forums nearly as much as I use Reddit, and I'm glad to see more Borg players. Here's a repost of the information I shared there - As for the Bridge Officers, apparently BBCode tables don't work, so... Male Borg Science* Accolade/Omega rep * ALL factions FED/KDF Female…
  • I tried searching for this, but either I'm not wording it correctly, or it hasn't been reported here, or everyone knows and just doesn't mention it in case it gets fixed, but... There's a way to select colours on items with "hidden" colour "slots". For example, if you take "four slot" boots and change the last colour to…
  • Tried using other DX settings in game, but didn't resolve my flickering or my shadow issues that came with S11. AMD Radeon HD 7800, latest drivers
  • Just to add to this topic - 1) Enabling shadows also causes black splotches to obscure the Federation logo on all Federation ships. 2) In sector space, Fed ships appear almost metallic, like a chrome shader has been applied 3) Some set visuals have been altered. Borg shields seem to be an entirely different effect, at…
  • What item(s) went missing? Miscellaneous projectile consoles, some cannons. Possibly a DOff pack? Strangely some kit gear was unaffected and could be moved normally. What characters did this affect? Account bank, so all characters for @Qthulhu