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  • Seconded. It's side holstered on the show but it's quite long in-game. I wouldn't mind wearing it on the back as a one handed long sword like the character below but the disco role players might want it at their side. Also: so many swords in this game and yet not one sheath to be found anywhere! Kirito?! Dressed in black,…
  • Perhaps a more accurate approach to the forgotten tier V Aquarius would be to re-script the Animation of the nacelles to extend when in combat and retract when out of combat. One can simply borrow the command line from any bird prey while preserving the same animations of the Aquarius. Another option would be to make it a…
  • And Vorgon Conclusion in Yeterdays War
  • The main reason I was looking forward to the whole re-engineering system was to add [EPG] to my consoles...Namely: Exotic Particle Field Exciters & Conductive RCS Accelerators. Would either of those be too overpowered? Keeping in mind the Nomad fleet star cruiser T5U has 5 eng, 4 sci & 2 tac slots. CDR & LTCDR eng Lt tac &…
  • I'd also like the ability to use the Vizier Promotional Command Assault Cruiser on more of my characters please
  • I'd like a visual slot for consoles such as the assimilated module so I don't have to split up a set
  • Please Don't shut down the gateway...I mean what does it take just to keep it running? And how else can I evaluate new fleet members and how much help they really need? What really frustrates me is when others don't realize when their hidden from it. Not everyone judges. Some just want to know how to better quip them. Some…
  • I doubled up on ranks II and III of engineering team, and extend shields with 2x shield transfer strength I AND 1x science team II on my star cruiser. I can use one of each of them to restore a friendly target on one pass. However on my science vessel: Shield transfer strength does share a cool down with feedback pulse But…