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  • (Quote) Exactly this. That sort of thing used to matter to more people back in the day. These days not so much. Not that that's a bad thing - I've very much enjoyed my many options on occasion. It's just not the direction I would have wanted ba…
  • (Quote) Neither of those are paramilitary organizations but okay.
  • (Quote) First, the animation in the video I linked and shown in another video on the same page is only realistic if you're a runway model. The animation we had between that one and whatever they've put in now was pretty okay, albeit not perfect - …
  • (Quote) Are we watching the same video? Nobody throws their hips out like that walking normally. Then there's the bounce in her step, again exaggerated. As far as the "absurd" portion of the exact same complaints I had back in roughly …
  • (Quote) What exactly is that supposed to mean?
  • (Quote) Oh my god, what did they do to the animations that that over-sexed absurb walk animation is looked back upon fondly? They dropped that animation like a hot potato for good reason.
  • Now, bearing in mind I haven't played any meaningful amount in months and don't know from experience if there was some sort of recent issue... To the best of my recollection, gold spammers in chat haven't been a major inconvenience in years. I hav…
    in XMPP Sunset Comment by jexsamx August 21
  • I'm sorry to interrupt the defeatist circle-jerk, but if a T6 Vor'cha can get made, so can a T6 Nova.
  • (Quote) I could not possibly be less surprised that you of all people would still be looking forward to it.
  • People still care about that scumbag's movie?
  • I think what's happening here is people are reading my "if you buy X, you get X" line, and they aren't understanding what I mean or why I use it. The assumption being made, I think, is people think I'm claiming Cryptic have advertised thi…
  • (Quote) Last time I checked, they weren't selling alcohol to children. There's no ID check for a lootbox.
  • (Quote) I literally just explained to you in clear terms why these are different and you either don't understand or are choosing to ignore it. I'm not sure how else to approach it at this point. I honestly don't know how else to illustrate the di…
  • (Quote) No, you can't. If you go out and buy a TV, you get a TV. You don't get a box that might contain a TV, but definitely contains peanuts you can spend on a slightly different TV if you collect enough. Advertising takes advantage of some psy…
  • ethical and fun No matter how you look at it, no matter what spin you want to try to put on it, the simple fact is thus: lootboxes are predatory. Now, it's been said that technically, legally, Cryptic's implementation doesn't count as ga…
  • (Off topic derailing comments moderated out. - BMR)
  • (Quote) Are you sure you're not the one who's new? I mean, sure, the quantity of new missions dropped off pretty steadily as years went on, and Legacy of Romulus is still pretty high up there in terms of the quality of its writing. But are you re…
  • (Quote) Well you're in luck, the Kelvin Timeline lockbox is years behind us and not a prize option from the R&D packs anyway. Instead, this time they're adding a really good looking one!
  • I don't get the fuss over the console slots but it does seem pretty weird that it doesn't at least get a universal Lt. Cmdr slot that you could use as Tactical if you wanted.
  • I'm one of those weird people who actually kind of likes Coliseum. The math problems starting out are tedious, certainly. But back before they kept messing with the mobs, the arena fight section was pretty fun, and the music they bothered to licen…
  • (Quote) There's arguments to be made for several specializations for the Nova, although none are particularly concrete insofar as looking at it and being able to say "yes, this is the best fit". Temporal is justifiable by virtue of the R…
  • I'm excited and nervous at the prospect of a T6 Nova. What if they don't make it a Pilot ship in the vein of the T6 Miranda? Will all my waiting have been for naught? Yet if it never comes, how can it have a chance to be a Pilot ship at all? As …
  • (Response to moderated comments removed. - BMR)
  • Not since the torn TOS shirt have I been so motivated to acquire something in STO.
  • (Off topic comments moderated out. - BMR)
  • Nova needs to be Pilot. Other than that, everything else looks fine to me.
  • My guess would be it's just too messy. Having Foundry content remain but making no effort at all to fix anything could result in exploits, as it has in the past. Then there's the general breakage we get from any given major update that would rende…
  • Wow, what a terrible idea. Not to say I don't understand. If the folks who knew how to run it are all gone and for whatever reason didn't bother to leave behind any meaningful documentation or train anyone on how to use it, then that's just that a…
  • (Quote) It's not unheard of for tusks to grow out of odd places here on Earth. Take the babirusa, a type of boar and perhaps the most directly relevant example when comparing to Tellarites. The bits growing out of the top of its skull are inverte…
  • Oh don't worry, this isn't my first rodeo. Learned my lesson the hard way during LoR when I ended up buying most of the pack piecemeal anyway like an idiot. Though in my defence, I was jobless at the time, and I bought the ships over the course of…